Have a Good Yule

I would say it’s been a good holiday, I gave my wife the locket and she really liked it. Jordan came over with a bottle of Six Grapes Port, and even their standard stuff is good. Their reserve port is almost as good as cream sherry, but oh my god does the standard stuff go down well and sneak up on you.

To add insult to injury, I had to take a half hour poop this morning when I rolled into the office.

Kelly got me two of my wishlist games – Mario Party 8 (which is fantastic fun – alcohol or not) and Raving Rabbids 2. Raving Rabbids 1 still gets occasional play time for some of it’s crazier games, and the second one looks awesome. Too bad I passed out before playing it. Which means – Guess what we’re doing tonight guys!

The chocolate stout I brewed also came out nicely. It needs something to support the middle but as a stout style, it’s spot on the guidelines. It starts out with a dark grain taste, which rides out to a subtle chocolate ending. I would say this one is a keeper.