Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

I’ve hated you since 1996 when I first cut my teeth on slackware when it was sold by walnut creek. Not that Slack was particularly easy to use but it was well organized for something insanely complex. Like a well designed engine, it had excellent performance and was easy to work on, which is good because I spent a lot of time working on it.

Now that you’ve decided to pretend you’re linux, I would like to point out something about Windows Powershell. Perl has excellent syntax for it’s casting. Java has excellent syntax for it’s prototyping. However to be “hip and open source” one does not take Perl’s typecasts and Java’s prototypes and try to pass them off as a legitimate scripting language to cover up whatever crap ass VB .Net exists under the hood. For the love of God if you want to be a visual operating system there’s a lot better methods you could have stolen rather than Perl/Java. In fact it makes little sense to try to “roll back” to these two on the command line when you don’t even have a command line mode anymore. If you run windows, you run the GUI. Stick to what you’re good at.

❤ Josh

The NSA Owns Your Windows

Crap like this scares me because it’s the government and it pisses me off because it’s something spammers and attackers can use against your box. Since my wife runs windows and I haven’t been able to talk her into a nice Linux desktop, we’re along for the ride. Hattip – Debs – How NSA Access is Built into Windows.