XBOX 360 – 60GB Edition

Well I have to admit I feel a little dirty making Linux my bread and butter and then buying a Microsoft XBOX 360. I also probably spent too much – after everything was said and done it was about $270 for the XBOX 360, plus a controller, plus two games, plus tax. On the bright side, they just took me at my word that the PS2 worked and took all my crap off my hands. Plus I signed up for the gamer card which got me another +10% on my trade ins, and 10% off my first purchase. Which means that the tax pretty much got paid for and then some. But, since my afternoons are wasted over Jon’s place playing Gears of War already, and since the used games on the system are plentiful due to new titles, and it has my beloved driving sim (Gran Turismo/Forza) and sandbox of death (Burnout: Paradise), I felt like it was a good buy.

At very least it takes the burden of Christmas and my Birthday off my wife. I told her not to get me anything. But if someone wanted to buy me Gears of War 2, Orange Box, or the Cabela’s games for wii I would take it as birthday/Christmas presents… (HINT FOR MY FOLKS).

My wife also got me the new Apocalyptica disc. I was so impressed when they were on the radio – I was even more impressed they have a release in the US now. Thanks hon.

Bushing Finds Way to Run Nonauthorized Discs on Wii

Community responds with pile of spam.

In case you didn’t know, he probably attacked the bootloader, but without the Magic Number to know the jump into memory for booting from the discs, it’s well above and beyond the casual person to do. However, my guess is that people like Pro Action Replay who had their discs shut out by Nintendo will come up with something in short order.

Read more at Bushing’s Blog.