Whale Wars, Long Lines

Every time I watch whale wars I am reminded about just how stupid some members of the green movement are. The basic tenant of the show is a moral value equating the lives of people with the lives of animals. This isn’t the case. If there’s a baby caught in the BP oil slick and there’s 20 dolphins caught in the oil slick, I’m going to rescue the baby. Hands down. If the dolphins are lucky I’ll brain them so they go easy.

If the crew doesn’t kill themselves, I’ll be surprised. They’re hands down the most ill suited people for this kind of thing I’ve ever seen. From not being able to retrieve a zodiac with a simple crane to not wearing ear ptotection with the helo, they’re their own worst enemy. I really want to see what happens to the Ady Gil because I’ve been a fan of it since the biodiesel days, but each time I watch it I’m generally disheartened towards the crew. The bow and arrow crap? They have no idea how a bow and arrow works. You can’t just make “acid paste” taped to the head of the arrow and expect any type of accuracy. However it doesn’t matter about the accuracy, they’re fingering the bow and they can’t hit a bright orange floating target at 10 yards so I don’t expect them to hit a whale at 30 yards without setting the elevation pins. It’s pretty clear they should have started on dry land.

The worst is they’re uncaring while wearing this shroud of virtue. When the Ady came across the long line, the best thing they could have done was to take down the transponder number and report it. (Transponders are supposed to be registered). Or at very least run the line and cut the hooks. The animals will spit the hooks eventually. Cutting the float and dumping the transponder sends all the animals, live or not, endangered or not, to the bottom for that line segment. Did they accomplish anything? Nope. At worst they made it so that a fishery can’t account for the limit of endangered species of animals on their hooks. Hawaii, for instance, has a limit of 17 loggerhead turtles snared before closing the season. How many loggerheads were on that line? We’ll never know. More on the point it leaves the next segment up with no accountability, so not only will the hooks continue to catch but that things going to be floating forever until the hooks become so rancid the fish won’t bite the deadkill and the birds will start to get snagged on the dead floating fish. The worst part is they knew about it and said they needed to avoid the next part of the line with the Ady Gil. They knew how the line worked but didn’t discuss the floats. The worst part is that it’s food off someone’s plate.

Politics From the Bayside and Whale Wars

I really like the band RISE AGAINST. However, I hate their support of PETA, and since they’ve enjoined their music, and their profits to PETA, I’m glad I have the ability to not pay for their music via the magic of the internet while still enjoying it.

PROTIP to punk bands out there – also METALLICA – don’t make political statements and then cry foul when people download your music instead of supporting your politics with your money. LOL, CAPITOLISMS!

Speaking of PETA, I at least respect the guy on WHALE WARS. First time he runs across a Russian whaling ship though, expect him to catch an RPG with his face. The fact that he only attacks the Japanese speaks volumes. The worst part about it is he’s taking food off the Japs plates. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sympathetic to responsible management of wildlife, but they fail it quite badly. It’s not like you go to Black Market McDonalds over in Japland and buy a whale burger. This is a land where fishing is like farming to Americans, and the Sea Sheppards really are taking food off the plates of the Japanese.

Now, I do believe they have a point where they accuse the Japanese of writing “RESEARCH” on the side of their boats instead of WHALING. However, I take this as the Japanese meme of avoiding confrontation. On that note, the captain getting shot isn’t nearly as likely as one of their “stink grenades” going off and tagging him. The fact that he’s like “OH MAH BADGE SAVED ME” just lends credence to the idea.

Furthermore the show isn’t forthright with what munitions the Steve Irwin has on board. The crew has tried to create RPGs on their own (photo gallery of expended munitions) and failed. Which is more likely: The Japanese, who are forbidden from owning firearms, shot the captain and somehow missed, or the crew of the Steve Irwin, which is a revolving door of idiots, screwed up an improvised rocket?

More on the point – which is an inappropriate show of force? The Japanese use a “sound gun” against the Steve Irwin (also embarrassing Engrish) or the Steve Irwin uses rockets and hazardous material (acid) against the Japs?

So the next bit to consider is why doesn’t the program show the whales being processed? Why doesn’t it show the rockets? The program wants to perpetuate this myth that somehow “stink bombs” are going to foul up Japanese whaling. (I would speculate if this worked, there would be footage of the Japs dumping the fouled whale meat into the sea). However, you never see the rockets, nor do you ever see whales being processed. Why? Because whales are processed below deck. While it might be unpleasant to work on a whale that stinks, any episode of Dirty Jobs is going to convince you that all dead animals stink, and there’s not much more to be done about it. Since the skin of a whale is pressure cooked to get the oil out, it’s probably thoroughly washed in seawater. A stink bomb might slow them down, but it doesn’t really hurt the Japanese. Hence the rockets.

If you wanted to make the environmental protection argument, ask the crew of the Steve Irwin why they blew the engines (and all the fuel, and all the oil and killed a sailor) into the ocean back in 1997 when they attacked the Nisshin Maru.