Assassins Creed 2 DRM

UBISoft recently pissed me off by going the EA “You Must Be Online To Play” route. While marginally annoying for PC Gamers who usually are online, this is totally crap for those of us who just might be lugging our xboxes around. Case in point, I have to lose a saturday to disaster recovery activities here at work and I was looking for a game to play while there, and I figured I might pack up the XBOX and lug it along.

Turns out the game I was interested in – Assassins Creed 2 – doesn’t play without an internet connection. Since I know I’m going to be behind a firewall, I’m totally boned.

Now, to make a point about it, someone attacked the UBI Soft servers with the intention of breaking their authentication. They succeeded. Not only were legit copies locked out, but the pirated version was not. In fact, the pirated version is so popular (even among actual customers), that there’s a blog about it. You’ll need one of those if you want to play offline.