Knob Creek #9 Tasting Notes

Wow a night for reconsideration. I happened to buy some Knob Creek #9 (aged nine years) on sale at the liquor store. Now I don’t get much on this side of the creek when it comes to liquor – I prefer scotch by the quart. Actually I like speyside scotch. Anything with peat is good stuff.

I originally considered returning the stuff.

Straight up: Particularly sort of terrible. It tasted like gasoline. Pure fire. This is what killed a lot of Indians it would seem. People talk about bourbon and they talk about fire waters and mixed drinks and lordy for the price it better be a higher caliber of stuff than mixed drink crap.

Rocks: Not much better. The rocks ended up diluting the stuff below the threshhold of interesting taste. I tried it again with a lot less rocks and got the same effect. Closer inspection revealed that the stuff is 50% abv – you could power a honda civic with it and I was thinking about retuning the MR2 to run on this bottle. Good lord, this stuff goes from brash to gross.

Lightly Sprinkled: Oh the light bulb went on now. I added just a splash of water to the stuff and it vastly, vastly improved. Now it’s woody to the nose, sweet on the front of the tongue, oaky in the middle to late pallete. Theres definitely a floral note in there when it’s in your mouth which is neat. Sort of a honey taste too. Here’s the cool part – rubbing the roof of my mouth with my tongue produces a golden apple flavor.

It’s still kentucky whiskey, which is to say it’s rocket fuel when it’s consumed improperly and lacks the refinement of scotch. However when you figure out how to drink it, it’s definitely got the marks of greatness. I wish I could enjoy more but with work tomorrow I will have to avoid the hangover juice.