Pennsylvania Hunting and Trapping Digest

The new presentation of the 2010/2011 PA Hunting and Trapping digest is tops.

It includes some new illustrations, the maps are now broken out in a much easier to read format and it has a grid of orange requirements per season per device per activity. The “handsome deer tine” illustration is still there. They still don’t explain what the difference is between a rabbit and a hare.

What’s lacking is the wording can still be goofy in places due to legalese and the hunting licenses are now 7 little thermal squares. The antlerless application still is printed on it but the paper is the glossy stuff that came out of old fax machines and thus it’s impossible to write on. To their credit, they broke out the seasons now so you have the standard “short season” listing, but later the season is in a color coded box and the box corresponds to the appropriately colored page of the digest. This makes it much easier to flip through in a hurry.

The big news for the state was that hogs are being regulated. Previously it was just hush hush over the whole thing and if you shot one you got a wink-wink-nudge-nudge pat on the back. While it’s been regulated to the back page right next to the elk permit, the green box says “yes we have a hog problem and it’s open season except where they’re being trapped”. Where are they being trapped? No-one knows! Since it didn’t make the digest I’m going to simply say shoot’em if you see ’em.

Weekend Plans

Oh, why was traffic backed up this morning? Oh look I can see my house. More here.

Now what I find interesting about the news is that it was originally reported as a “road rage incident” involving “two cars” and insitgated by the silver buick. Then I heard there was a shooting at the turnpike EZPass lane and I had literally just passed through there about 3 minutes ago, so I stood on it. The news sounded typical, 20 to 30 year old black male blah blah blah blah. The new reports say “middle aged man driving buick lucerne”. I’ll be really curious if this is an incidence of whitewashing or what and where he’s from.

My New Personal Hero

Joe Horn.

Wikipaedoa has an article on it called the Joe Horn Shooting. Wasting a bunch of fucking illegal immigrants doesn’t bother me, it’s made even funnier since they burglarized a legal immigrants home. More from the Jawa Report.’s take praises his shooting ability and has firsthand information.

Hunters and Shooters Club: Crazy Bullshit

I have a weird relationship with the NRA. They occasionally offer the life membership option at a discount for $300. I would give $300 for a life membership to the NRA. The price used to be $700ish for a long time, now it’s up to $1000. My parents gave my brother the discounted membership option, then wrote them a letter asking for another one for me. What I got was a subscription to American Rifleman, which isn’t bad, but they billed me for the $1000. I wrote CANCEL on the bill and sent it back and in typical giant company fashion, they kept sending me magazines and eventually a nastygram for not paying the bill. The magazines have since stopped, so obviously someone is paying attention, but I don’t understand the psychological imperative behind sending someone magazines who is wholly delinquent on their bills. Or a nastygram, it’s just not worth the effort, especially when their billing department is obviously not paying attention.

I was curious about the North American Hunting Club, but their magazine is more like a series of advertisements rather than any particular critical review. To their credit – their reviews of things like whitetail feed were spot on and thorough, but they follow the industry trends of “muzzleloaders are awesome, check out this inline” (not impressed), “check out this new camo pattern!” (illegal in PA), “Check out this scent blocker!” (go roll around in the mud). I don’t know, it’s hard to get excited about “ADVANCES IN HUNTING” when they don’t seem to know the basics. More to the point, when I did try their “trial membership” they were supposed to send me a game cookbook and spices packet. The spices packet was something from a ramen soup factory which didn’t differentiate between white and red meat, and the cookbook was a general How To Cook a Steak manual I could have found on the internet. Certainly it could have nodded towards the essential The Bounty of the Earth, but there’s not even a nod towards this classic of required reading for any hunter. When I canceled they also sent me a nastygram, I don’t get this trend.

While reading up on if Obama (voted “most liberal senator”) was supported by any conservative groups at all after his “vans handing out guns” statement – not to mention saying rural Pennsylvanians cling to “guns, religion, xenophobia” (notice he won’t use the word “racism”) – and the answer is that none of the legitimate ones do. He supports renewing the Assault Weapons Ban, thinks that gun dealers are “dumping guns” (I suppose as a socialist he doesn’t worry about people making a living by selling things), and hasn’t made a single positive statement towards gun ownership. So who does support him and is armed? Why, the American Hunters and Shooters Association!


Talking points on their site:

  • Keep Military Style Weapons in the military
  • We support Obama
  • Outlaw cop killer bullets (not even in quotes, not even used colloquially)
  • We support Obama
  • We dove hunt in Maryland
  • Oh god please don’t notice we have a lot more than 12 birds in that photo per person
  • We support Obama

Who wrote this crap and obviously doesn’t understand that there hasn’t been a rifle built which doesn’t borrow from military design? Ray Schoenke. World class idiot and meat-puppet. Once I figured this out I fired up my Google-fu and found a Michelle Malkin post rounding up the AHSA club and realized, Oh God, Obama is funding shill groups and taking us all as fools…

Bagged and Tagged

I got a deer.

The Pig Deer

Not the biggest deer we’ve ever seen on the farm but a fat, fat little buck. He was post shed, so he went on my antlerless tag, and it was a clean lung-lung kill.

Me and my father went up to the farm Friday morning, and got into the woods. I snuck to my standard stand which gives a commanding view of the intersection of the valleys, while dad pressed back into the pines he likes to hunt. I saw a much larger doe over a bush, and tried to take the shot. As much as I love the Marlin 336, the 30-30 caliber with it’s thin jacket doesn’t make it a fantastic bush pusher. The 30-06 is a much better caliber for this with it’s much thicker jacket around the bullet. I’m playing with the idea of loading 30-06 flat-nose bullets into 30-30 cases but without the velocity, I don’t know if this is a fantastic idea. It’s one of those where you make 10 or 15 rounds and then test-fire them. But back to the chase, I saw a doe over a bush and thought I had a shot through a gap between the bush and it’s buddy. The first shot caused the deer to pause, but not panic. It also cleanly missed. When I racked the next round, the deer took off. I took another shot at the back of it’s neck and was outmaneuvered again by the bush. Dad radioed me to ask if I had connected with anything. Since the deer slowed down going up the hill I said I maybe hit something, I knew the first shot was a miss but the stumble up the hill made the second shot a likely hit. Dad volunteered to come by and help search for hair and blood. Hunting in a lot of ways is like a very cold, wet episode of CSI. Hair and blood indicates a hit and provides a trail, no hair and no blood means no hit.

Dad started to press his way through the bushes when another deer tried to sneak out. This deer was doing the sneaking crawl which deer do where they try to crawl under bushes with their head down and evade people. He almost made it too, I saw his head as he passed between two bushes and had the crosshairs on him. Had he crossed the gap faster, he might have made it, but curiosity killed the deer. Actually that’s wrong, the 30-30 killed the deer, but curiosity gave him pause long enough to make it an easy shot. I cracked the rifle once, the bullet hit just behind the shoulder blade, passed through the first lung and blew up over the heart. With no blood pressure, the deer stumbled once, laid down, and died.

Dad, hearing the next shot, assumed the first deer had come back down the hill and I had put another round into it. He was obviously elated to have both deer tags filled in the first hour of hunting so easily. I put a spare blaze orange hat on a tree over the deer to mark where the first one fell and we pressed on to try to find the second deer. There was no sign after a this second, more extensive search, so we returned to the first one. We looped a rope around it’s neck and pulled it out of the woods. The drag always sucks, 125lbs of dead weight is nothing to sneeze at, and we paused several times so we didn’t die of a heart attack. Gutting the deer is a pretty standard affair, start at the bottom and work your way up. Tie off the intestines on both sides to prevent poop from pouring out of the asshole and the bowel, then remove all the lower organs in a bundle. Next cut out the kidneys from the backstrap, pull out the stomach and liver, and cut the diaphragm. Fountain of blood! The lungs and heart pour blood into the chest, which is always a mess, so cutting this open always results in a gore-bath. Unfortunately this is the only way to do it, so the best bet is to just pour out the blood once it all flows out, reach in with a knife, and cut the windpipe. With any luck, the whole pulmonary system (heart and lungs) will come out intact. The good stuff is the liver and heart, those go into a bag, and cut off what used to be the lungs from the heart. The heart is like fillet mignon, it’s layers of fat and muscle built up as the deer grows. The liver is an acquired taste, but I like it. Finally you need to get the genitals out of the deer. This is accomplished by cutting the pelvic bone in two (this is where a heavy, sharp knife comes in handy) and cutting out the asshole along with the rest. If the ass was tied off first thing, this is easy. If you forgot to tie it off, expect to get covered in piss and shit from the intestines collapsing and the bladder opening from the loss of pressure. If you do screw it up, hose out the deer, otherwise it should come out cleanly as an entire unit of excreting organs. Cut carefully and think about it. Dump out the body one last time after freeing the genitals. The rest of the deer is run to the butcher shop to be turned into sausage, ground deer, steak, and cutlets.