Ommegang Hennepin

Not too huge on this one, but I’m not huge on Ommegang either. Our bottle smelled flat, with a bit of wet cardboard. Considering this was supposed to be “fresh” (literally purchased that day from the distributor), this was a disappointment.

Appearance – Spot on for a farmhouse ale. Little bubbles, cloudy, the right color. Good head through the bottle, retention was about average if not on the quick side.

Smell – Wet cardboard. Funk. I’m not sure if the cardboard was supposed to be there or not, it lacked the taste. However, it had the funk, but didn’t really strike me like Saison Dupont did. There’s the right smell, but it’s not terribly complex. It smells like a Saison, but doesn’t really smell distinctive. There’s no reward for shaking it, swirling it, or otherwise messing with it.

Taste – Spot on for a saison, spicy, yeasty. Does not taste oxidized despite the smell which made me think that the cardboard was something else. Again, the smell notes apply here. It’s a saison, but not terribly unique among the style. Hops come through about midway, but even then they’ve faded past distinction. Everything is muted. It’s not bad, but it’s not stellar.

Mouthfeel – bubbly, a bit of chew. Sort of thin. Not enough bubbly.

Drinkability – I like the style, and nothing here is so aggressive that you couldn’t finish the bottle.