Sturgeon: It’s Like TOOL-Lite

Sturgeon’s new album, errr, only album is a free download. Can’t go wrong with free. Question is – what are you getting?

I’ve been on an American Folk kick as of late with Iron and Wine and Nickel Creek plus a few others.

Sturgeon is not American Folk music.

Sturgeon is like TOOL-lite. If you dig the mysticism in TOOL as a “must have”, then Sturgeon isn’t for you. If you like the time and key of TOOL’s music, you’ll probably like Sturgeon.

While it occasionally gets bogged down as a victim of it’s own design (guitar licks are repeated more than they should – almost like NIN) and some of the songs aren’t as well realized as others, it generally feels fresh. Lyrics generally are meaningless but then what does anyone else talk about on their first album anyway?