Guns, Religion, and Xenophobia in Philadelphia

Typical Philadelphia bullshit this week: The city is abuzz over a serial killer and a cop killer. Mayor Michael Nigger Nutter, in typical useless piece of shit fashion, is calling for more gun control and asking why Harrisburg has obstructed his gun laws.

The Philadelphia Daily News has had a circus with it, mostly all anti-gun with a strange smattering of half truths and popular opinion. To their credit, they hat tip the paper with a single letter in opposition to the theme of the paper, but the rag from Tuesday (May 6th, 2008) was particularly bad with contradictory stories and mostly all anonymous sources yelling “facts” which varied article to article.

The politics in PA mostly come down to state versus “city of the first class”. Usually this is interpreted to mean Philadelphia (and localities are specifically mentioned in the constitution), but Philly, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh all qualify for this designation all being proper class 1 cities according to the population requirements. While the state constitution allows for preemption (more specific laws) in places, it contains the text “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned” (section 21). It’s pretty well outlined that Penn’s Woods are supposed to be armed to the teeth.

An incensed reader proposed a thought experiment:

About 90 percent of the people shot in the city last year were African-American. While figures are unavailable, it is assumed that close to 100 percent of the perpetrators of these shooting were African-American.

Almost all the firearms used in these shootings were obtained, possessed, and carried illegally by those who perpetrated the shootings. If, as constantly claimed, we MUST DO SOMETHING to stop this violence, then why not ban African-American residents of the city from owning handguns?

The answer is that this is patently unfair and discriminatory. To judge an entire group as a problem and punish all members of that group, irrespective of their individual answers, is unconscionable.

Yet, it’s deemed perfectly acceptable to discriminate against one particular group — gun owners.

Lets just tell the truth. The moment Mayor Nutter get the right to pass gun laws for Philly, it will become a practical impossibility to own a handgun or any other weapon the city deems “inappropriate”.

I’ve done nothing wrong, but my rights are being removed step-by-step because others — entirely outside the law — are using guns feloniously. How is this any less outrageous a suggestion than that black people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns?