Classic Gaming Awesome

Some days I’m pissed off I don’t live in Japan. They get some great deals and the retrogaming stuff is awesome. On the other hands, the crowds would piss me off and the lack of cars is a definite no-no since Jap land makes some mean machines.

Wired Blog has recently been doing walkthroughs of the Akihabara prefect in Tokyo and picking up anything that looks neat. This includes stacks upon stack of famicom disks (yes, as in a disk drive for your SNES) and the first chrono game. The chrono game is particularly cool since it was first available as an online only deal back when Nintendo still had an ISP service. Yes, it required a modem for your SNES also. For something without a proper operating system, they did some neat stuff with it.

Bushing Finds Way to Run Nonauthorized Discs on Wii

Community responds with pile of spam.

In case you didn’t know, he probably attacked the bootloader, but without the Magic Number to know the jump into memory for booting from the discs, it’s well above and beyond the casual person to do. However, my guess is that people like Pro Action Replay who had their discs shut out by Nintendo will come up with something in short order.

Read more at Bushing’s Blog.