Meditations on Parenthood

I managed to get the MR2 all fixed up, the battery it’s been running with I used a few zipties as buffers for the battery terminal. Finally those went due to resistance, and the battery terminal was so worn out it didn’t make any contact with the car. Sears tried to sell me a Wiz Bang battery with a meter on the side and a four year warranty and maintenance free (minus labor, of course) for $200. I asked what the cheaper one was.

“Well, it’s a battery with a two year…”
“You don’t want that, it’s got a half year warranty and we’ve had terrible luck…”

The MR2 runs fine. It vacuum stalls until it gets a few miles on the engine but once it warms up it’s totally happy. Now I just need to make use of my garage in my house to fix up the paint and do the cosmetics and OH WAIT I DON’T HAVE A HOUSE.

The house hunt goes well, there’s some incredibly shady deals out there however. Me and Kelly found a house we both really loved – only to find out they “forgot” to put down termites on the disclosure. This new house we’re going to look at tomorrow is in middling condition (I’m fine with it), another bank deal (tons of those), and located in Oaks. And it will probably have termites.

On parenting – Some of my friends have kids. DON’T LET THAT PREVENT YOU FROM COMING OUT AND SEEING PEOPLE.