Christmas Shopping

Yesterday me and the Men (Jon and Travis) went shopping for our womenfolk. I had considered new chains for the stove, but ended up trolling State St for their jewelery. I’ve learned a few things, the first being that if the price of brass is up for shooting supplies, the price of gold is up for jewelery. I wisely listened to my father for the shooting supplies and bought the one guys entire stock of powder and bullets, but sadly cannot make my own jewelery. Turns out it’s not up a little, the price of gold has doubled. Score one for Ron Paul! Score one for purestrain!

There’s basically three types of jewelery left on the market: Gold, Silver and Fake. The fake stuff is all $20, but it looks good. Perhaps it lacks the luster of gold, I wasn’t impressed with it, nor would I buy it for my wife. The silver stuff is impossibly hard to find. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants gold. Or so I’m told, because checking the commodities market, silver is much more stable price-wise than gold. So what’s going on here? Gold is currently expensive, so everyone is trading in their watches and chains and whatnot (this is called “estate jewelery”). Silver is stable, so everyone is buying that for the Holiday. Similar to January being guns and computers month on trade ins, I suspect gold is going to crash after Christmas. This leads to wildly varying prices at the stores, and I just figured out I got royally ripped off.  I intend on correcting that tonight.