ATI/AMD and Linux

My desktop PC is dying, the motherboard is pretty much shot and is only reporting 1.3GB (1,323,000kb if you can believe it) of memory. Normally this screams that one of the chips is bad, but a memtest shows that all the chips are bad roughly at the same memory address. The geek talk for this is a that it’s reporting a bad address line, but the address line is the same across all three chips. This means that it’s the address line itself between the CPU and the memory, either on the bus side orĀ  the RAM side, but either way it’s bad. My father was nice and hooked me up with an AMD64 motherboard with nVidia chips on it, but this is just in time for AMD to Open Source the FGL linux driver. At this point, however, I’m pretty much sold on the nVidia chips because their support under Linux has been fairly consistent. ATI/AMD’s problem is that they sold cores and people just built whatever boards with them. nVidia was a little stricter with what you could do, so their drivers didn’t have to be incredibly diverse. The nVidia drivers in OpenSuSE just work.

In other news, I’m a bit pissed off at DVD::Rip for not shrinking DVDs. But K9 won’t do “copy protected” DVDs (basically, anything it thinks CSS is on, copyrighted or not, which includes my wedding DVD). Anyone got a decent DVD ripper and shrinker in Linux that won’t bitch?