Napping in the Car

I detect a new trend: Napping in the car. Kelly has decided she’s going to pee every 30 minutes on the dot as Alex tapdances his way to his due date on her bladder. This is fine, until she comes home, then I wake up every 30 minutes with her.

The joys of being a light sleeper.

Between fighting off the sinus infections (finally going away) and the 30 minutes deal I’m woefully sleep deprived. I’ve taken to napping in the car, which is actually quite nice since the seats are wonderfully contoured. Folks, this is the future – INDIVIDUALLY FORMED BEDS WITH FAUX LEATHER AND 7 WAY LUMBAR SUPPORT.

I also bought a Brinkmann Smoke & Grill (charcoal) for $30 from Home Depot last weekend. It’s a manly grill, and having two heights for smoking and grilling means you can pull the dutch cooking trick of cooking poultry under a steak. While not heart healthy, this is fantastic when it’s done. I like them because they offer recipes on their websites, and they also sell the conversion kit just in case you want to make an electric smoker. While I’m a diehard fan of cooking with charcoal on a grill, moreso than gas, the smoker is more about making smoke out of wood than it is anything else. Then again, my argument for charcoal is that the propane/electric grills don’t get the smokey taste, so it’s a tough call.

This weekend: Smoke meats, work on the chimney. Maybe fish depending on the weather.