Yahweh, Jehova, Adonai and the Meru Foundation

This is just wild as a mental game. If you’re familiar with the idea that numbers are letters (“music is math”) then this is going to be fun. The entire thing was posited from the Meru Foundation. We’re going to do this backwards and give you the big reveal first. Most people don’t know what they have in hand until they get that ah-ha moment and realize they knew it the entire time. Disclaimer – My Hebrew sucks. Want to play along at home? Take the mental model and correct my Hebrew. I only recently became interested in this stuff.

This entire piece does not vindicate the Jews, nor any other religion or race. If anything the principal laid out by the rabbis holds – “The [Torah] was written 2000 years before creation”. The spiritual world is a garden, and we tend to it by meditating on spiritual things. There are Jews who have this, Christians and Muslims too, and they don’t even understand where words come from. They have not the faintest idea that the secret of Islamic holy thought is that AL LA – All and Nothing. The Alpha and the Omega. This is the thread of esoteric thought.

For the people who are looking for the bite sized version, here’s a video:

Now the long version… I got interested in the entire thing from Puscifers “Sour Grapes” video. I had played with the idea, mentally, forever. It’s one of those things where the mirror isn’t important. You just need to know it’s a mirror. This existentialist idea blows you away the first time you get there. It’s not a mirror. Its you thinking about a mirror.

Remember that their front man is Maynard James Keenan of TOOL. TOOL is one of the rare, so very rare groups that have peeked behind the veil. TOOL suddenly look a weird trip into space with the release of Lateralus. They hinted that they knew something was up and that the next album was going to be about the Sacred Geometry but they didn’t say what, if anything, they intended. You can do the research on your own regarding TOOL, it’s been posted to here and back before.

TOOL is probably most people’s introduction to both Enochian thinking and the Kabbalah. Enochian is nothing more than the Kabbalah reinvented and entire books have been written about the mechanics with little regard to why. Now that 90% of you have stopped reading, we can discuss what Sour Grapes means. Sour Grapes is typical Maynard. He doesn’t ever hand you something. On the face of it, you can write it off as Maynard making fun of religion. The song sounds like a black evangelical church and you can just imagine the GOD HATES FAGS signs waving around.

Listen more closely, he’s trying to tell you something.

Watching the video shows us space. Then in space there’s a line. Then the line becomes a circle. Then the circle becomes a cell. Sound familiar? In the beginning were the heavens and the earth. Wait, it doesn’t say that, what does it say?

Righteous are those
Who look up and sway with the wind,
Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides

Hm, doesn’t seem like chuch now does it? Maybe we should listen closer…

In the background it starts off with a hallelujah chorus. Sounds fine, it echos through the first verse. Wait, maybe it doesn’t. Right before the transition there’s a (barely audible) stumble in the back which sounds an awful lot like Ha-Le-Ha. It is not the words of the next part. The next part of the background vocals sings Jehovah, Yahweh over and over again. I think there’s a tell here. The background vocals for just one moment are vulgar hebrew – Hei-Lamed-Heh. What’s missing? Yod. Where do we find it? Yahweh.

Or rather, he hands it to us, but Maynard doesn’t say the trick out loud. It’s a secret, you see and it’s hidden in plain sight. After Hei-Lamed-Heh, the chorus background turns to Yahweh, jehova. What is this? This is the tetragrammaton – The Name of God. YHVH, JHVH. The transition here is incredibly important how it was executed. Missing from the language is Yod. Assuming Maynards Hebrew is as bad as my own, he said HVH, or “I will be”. Yod comes first to make this YHVH. Yod becomes Veh in the future, or HVH becomes YHVH. This is part of the message, no doubt in my mind. Yod represents the anchor of creation, the contraction of God’s energy to spark all of life. YHVH therefor is the post-creation name of God.

Where do we get Jehovah or Yahweh from then? We know we’re supposed to be playing games with Hebrew. In typical esoteric thought fashion, you must know the word to be the word. The word is vulgar, but in it is the truth. Once you understand the meaning of The Word the words you use to express it are entirely incidental. YHVH isn’t something you’re going to render in English without some vowels. We weren’t looking for YHVH, Sour Grapes is about Adonai. Adonai is the name of the vowel subtext in YHVH, yAd-hOn-hAi. This is Hebrew as it is read, Qere, as opposed to how it is written, Ketiv.

Hows it supposed to be read? In English. How is Sour Grapes about Adonai? Ezekiel 18 says:

1 The word ADONAI came to me: 2 “What does it mean, that you keep quoting this proverb in the land of Isra’el ‘When parents eat sour grapes, their children’s teeth are set on edge’? 3 “As I live,” says Adonai ELOHIM, “I swear that you will never again quote this proverb in Isra’el.

The four levels of the song reflect the four levels of Kaballistic thought.

Pershat – The “direct interpretation”. The first go of the song is a bunch of bible thumping conservative Christians. My wife accused the song of being scary because it quoted the boble.

Remez – “Hints”. Reading the lyrics give us a hint as to the meaning of the song. We read the lyrics and realize that this is a religious song in the context of the direct interpretation of listening to the song without hearing the lyrics, then we listen to the lyrics.

Drash – “To seek”. We read the lyrics and think about what they might mean. Obviously thing is a song which requires us to not examine the obvious lyrics but the less obvious lyrics. Hallelujah, HVH, YHVH, JHVH.

Sod – “The mystery”. Or not even that. The entire song is setup to make people go from bible thumping fundies to taking a serious think about the universe. The mystery is made plain by concentrating on the sublime.

The word was written before creation, in the subject of this post before the post was written…

Maynard James Keenan and the Great Grape Gonspiracy

I mentioned Blood into Wine the other day – I decided to buy it having gotten one positive comment from someone and one e-mail telling me my comments didn’t work and I should kill myself and it happens to be decent.

I also would like to plug Caduceus. I’ve been sitting here far longer than I should at work paging through it (I’m up to 07/28/06) and having a blast reading it. The intro to the site is deceptive, wait until you see the vine come up onto the trellis and click on the book. Start from the beging. Click on the photos. Maynard is one of the people I would love to meet in real life. Yeah it’s a great artist and all that but he understands the purpose of The Great Work (emphasis on the last word) for what it takes to actually invest yourself in something. More on the point he’s got a wonderful sense of balance of nature to his vineyards. Some of them are graded, some of them are on the side of a hill, and when they found a mystery grape vine, they kept it. That grape vine has seen two world wars, the prohibition, “hippies and smelters” and now it’s his.

Reading this type of thing I tend to feel like I’m missing out on life by not owning a vineyard, but I suppose there’s perks to having more money than god. For one, Maynards tasting notes from literally around the world are interesting to read, if not terribly brief. But on the other hand he doesn’t come off being a wine snob. It’s something he’s interested in doing. To quote the journal, what other rock star owns a backhoe? Or what other rockstar has a subaru brat which has seen some real amature welding. Lord only knows.

My grandparents had grape vines growing around back, but I never remembered the taste. Not sure if they ever produced anything workable, certainly I don’t ever remember eating them. I do remember their back yard in the valley house being a total wash for the most part. I do plan on trying to grow grapes here, I think it would dovetail nicely into the beer brewing and the honeymead. If the cross pollonation happens the way Maynard suggests with growing fruit near the grapes, then the grapes grown in the backyard should be fantastic if we can keep the apple, pear and nectarine trees alive.

Anyway, if I’m ever in Arizona, I figure I’ll show up with my purple postal carriers hat and a shovel and see if he could use the help or if I’ll just become another paintball target.

Anyone Seen Blood Into Wine?

Looking for an honest review of Maynard’s Blood into Wine. For the sites who don’t know who he is or don’t listen to TOOL, the general take is that’s its a C-. There’s a lot of comparison to Sideways out there – Sideways making California more of a mecca for douches than it already is. It’s got about as much in common with Sideways as Star Trek did with Apollo 13. Yeah they both take place in Wine Country but so does every other movie set in California.

Blood into Wine takes place in Arizona, if you’re wondering. It has nothing to do with Sideways. Sideways was a cheap hack of Mondovino, which was a hatchet job of wine snobs. But on a more serious note, Sideways isn’t about wine, it’s about people who use wine. Blood into Wine, from what the interviews say, is actually about Maynard making wine.

That being said, anyone seen it?