Fixing the House

This weekend, me and dad faced the one outlet (why did the original owner of the house recess all the boxes?), fixed the lawn tractor, and brought in the bunk beds for the kids.

Out of all these, the worst was the lawn tractor simply because it was filthy and most of the bolts were in poor condition. It managed to nail a rock, which bent the blade and bent the trim piece of the deck.

I ended up taking the trim off and simply hacksawing it off.

Oh God, Housework

Thankfully my inlaws are awfully crafty people. Things I’ve learned about houses:
1) Some people are masking-tape people, some people can do it freehand. I’m a masking tape person. I would rather put on 2 widths of tape and waste time doing that so I can use a huge roller than delicately try to paint small parts.
2) You will learn awesome things at every breaker box you work on. Every single house I’ve done any electrical in has had fun ideas about how all this works.
3) Your wife will buy color samples and use them everywhere. Including surfaces you hadn’t previously thought about painting.

Stuff we did this weekend:
The one toilet needed a new float kit. It would fill but periodically leak. If you lifted the float up just a bit it would stop drawing in the water. When I went to bend the plastic arm, I broke it.

The upstairs toilet was a write off. The fatass who owned the place before me broke the porcelain around the water tank where it connects to the bowl. When we bought the place I turned it off. As I was trying to flush it with the water off to drain things, the water tank broke around the handle. Still waiting to see if the trash service here actually picks up the mess. Of course, as we’re trying to remove it, it’s breaking more and more and more and we finally realized it didn’t have any structure. We just tapped it with a hammer until it came up, which was fine because the closet bolts (what holds the toilet to the flange) were rusted fast anyway.

The wax ring which came with the new toilet was too shallow, but we had enough foresight to buy a new, jumbo ring which did the trick.

WHY DID HE PUT THREE PRONG OUTLETS IN WITH NO GROUND? We ended up figuring out there was a ground wire run for a distance and fished our stuff to that. However, 11 outlets later and we figured out that not only were some of these hot splices with no breaker on them aside of the mains, some of them were plain wired backwards. Which is fine if you have a lamp, but plug a computer in and kiss it goodbye.

’nuff said. I suck at spackle. I am, however, the king of using the large roller without runs. I also prefer to mask with tape rather than freehand paint the edges.

Oil Tank
The clowns who sprayed the basement for mold, mildew and whatever else sprayed over the sight-glass on my oil tank. As I was crawling my way back there I realized there was a shallow pool of kerosene under the hard line to the tank. These guys had managed to step on the line between the heater and the tank as they were spraying. Not only did I have to clean off the sight glass but thankfully some messing around with the compression fitting got it to seal. The bad news is that the next time it happens, I need a new compression fitting.

Car Fun
Of course, the Camry’s ignition system finally quit while I was out running down paint. Thankfully it only needed a new cap and rotor but the igniter is obviously not put in a user serviceable location.

Carpet Cleanup
I thought those carpet scrubbers were busywork until my father in law brought his over. I was going to replace the carpets myself but that thing really does a fantastic job of getting stains out of carpets. We’ve got one of the hoovers (second or third hand at this point) and we have a light blue carpet upstairs. The den carpet doesn’t look so hot because it was next to the mud room, but it lifted the mud right out of it (although it needs a second pass) and the upstairs light blue carpet with coffee stains (I hope) came right up with only one pass.

1) Refinish hardwood floors
2) Powerwash the deck, seal it
3) Repoint the chimney

Then at around 7pm last night I came down with a 100.7F fever and promptly collapsed.