Oh Keltec, You’re Not Sig Sauer

I really want kel-tec not to suck. It’s pure oldschool american nostalgia, they’re the last company in America really innovating and selling to the American market. The problem is for everything they make, there’s just one killer feature which holds them back from being awesome. German weapons are always in a class of their own, so it’s unfair to compare American guns to German guns. But we can gripe about those common things we expect to be there and are missing.

The first person to say “But 22LR and 22mag suck” should have to swallow an entire lead ingot. The caliber is nonwithstanding.

The entire P- series of pistols: The slide is so low on the gun that most adult males get slideburn. If you’re a dude, you’ve got big hands. If you’ve got big ol’ meaty hands, you are going to get that little flap of skin between your thumb and pointer finger all bulging out. The bulge is going to get slide burn. The worst part is – the weapon cycles so reliably and is so nice to shoot that you won’t notice the slide burn until the gun slips out of your blood soaked hands. This might even be OK, if it weren’t your blood.

The PLR- line: I haven’t shot these, but it would seem like it desperately wants a carbine stock. Even a wire folder like poland made popular on their AK would be better than floating this. With the magazine so far forward and the barrel being as long as it is, I can’t imagine the Han Solo gun would be very nice to use. In real life, the Mauser C96 had a wooden stock. According to Keltec, it does accept a stock, but none is pictured and no part number is offered on their site.

The PMR-30: Feels like a Beretta Neos knockoff, but it’s missing the floating rail and carbine conversion. However it’s chambered in 22WMR, which gives it more power. Still, I can’t help but feel like this would have been better serviced as a 17HMR. With Volquartsen withdrawling their 17HMR cheetah from the market, this is a hot but neglected caliber. (Volquartsen used to deal exclusively with Ruger before they sold the brand, now they’re a botique gunsmith based out of Iowa).

The Sub-2000: Why use the rear sight as a pivot?

The SU- Rifles: These are the PLR pistols with ergonomic stocks, which seems to completely defeat the purpose. The stocks could have been like the C96 stocks or the AK74 folder, but they’re not. Also conspiciously missing are rails on everything but the SU-16D. The D gets it right by having a folding stock and rails, but the barrel is now longer too. With the barrel folding under, it can’t be done if the clip is too long or the wrong shape. It’s just frustrating. The 22LR version could have used a skinny clip, but you guessed it, they opted for a full sized clip and wasted the space.

The RFB: Woo American bullpup OH GOD WHY CAN’T IT USE BANANAMAGS? Again, I really wish it were designed differently. To their credit, the FAL magazine doesn’t have a severe arc. AK mags tend to bind just for that reason. FAL mags are almost always straight, even hi-cap mags.

I wish Kel Tec would be the last great American gun maker. Everyone else stands on the shoulders of Stoner and Kalashnikov, Kel Tec deserves kudos for trying to innovate. However what makes the German guns great is the fact that they pay attention to ergonomics, and this is something I wish Kel-Tec would take to heart.

New Years Revolutions

The past twelve months have been amazing, or crap. If you’re not into E/N posts, you can stop reading.

Obama – My buddy at work has a poster of Bush Jr and the caption is “Miss me yet?” With a one year plan spending more than Bush’s eight years in office which covered two wars, a natural disaster and the launch of a massive overwatch program, the short answer is that we’re fucked. According to Zillow I’ve already made $100k just living here, I think that shows the plan to raise inflation to the (over)price of goods is working. Just remember that bread also enjoys a 60% markup now, it’s tough to get a 99 cent loaf that doesn’t taste like cardboard anywhere now.

Buying a house – Minus the whole fun of negotiating, less on price and more on terms, it was wild. Also a ton of work on cleanup. My folks were superb on this, even if it is only hauling in wood for the fireplace. Call it nesting or whatever but I could never have kids in a rental. While it’s way more space than we need, I figured it was the time to jump if there ever was and gambled big. Check back in 20 years and I’ll tell you about the payoff. So far we’ve fixed the mains where they came in, painted almost every wall, redid the air conditioning and fixed the flue and chimney cap. Todo is insulate the place better and I’m currently gay for ceiling fans. Maybe a woodstove come this summer when/if my wife starts working again. Wiring AC outlets is really fun – I hate breaker boxes with a passion now.

Guns – Having made a bit of scratch moving around assault weapons legally, I was considering making it a moonlight job. However, I hate the gunbroker system of selling and it’s a pain waiting for all the mail to move around. Plus I was a little more comfortable with this when I didn’t have a permanent address and I’m kicking myself for not holding on to one of them. That and baking an AR15 receivers bluing on is something you only do when you’re renting the oven.

Babies – Children of course bring out a fantastic duality in you. While accomplishing my goal with price it’s both joyous and frustrating at the same time. At least with the cats it’s legal to lock them in the bathroom when you’re pissed at them, but the cats are also purposeful creatures at this point. A baby has no purpose other than growing. In that way it does so at it’s own pace and it cannot be negotiated with. All the while, it’s both good fun to see him come along and terribly frustrating not to have the free time I used too. My wife doesn’t believe babies can achieve a state of being inconsolable at this is quite a disagreement, but my folks believe in it. I turned out OK anyway. It’s sort of strange to be taking advice and realizing it’s you who gave them the wisdom, only to turn around and see it from the other side.

Update: I took out the NOLA piece, too controversial.

Guns, Religion, and Xenophobia in Philadelphia

Typical Philadelphia bullshit this week: The city is abuzz over a serial killer and a cop killer. Mayor Michael Nigger Nutter, in typical useless piece of shit fashion, is calling for more gun control and asking why Harrisburg has obstructed his gun laws.

The Philadelphia Daily News has had a circus with it, mostly all anti-gun with a strange smattering of half truths and popular opinion. To their credit, they hat tip the paper with a single letter in opposition to the theme of the paper, but the rag from Tuesday (May 6th, 2008) was particularly bad with contradictory stories and mostly all anonymous sources yelling “facts” which varied article to article.

The politics in PA mostly come down to state versus “city of the first class”. Usually this is interpreted to mean Philadelphia (and localities are specifically mentioned in the constitution), but Philly, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh all qualify for this designation all being proper class 1 cities according to the population requirements. While the state constitution allows for preemption (more specific laws) in places, it contains the text “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned” (section 21). It’s pretty well outlined that Penn’s Woods are supposed to be armed to the teeth.

An incensed reader proposed a thought experiment:

About 90 percent of the people shot in the city last year were African-American. While figures are unavailable, it is assumed that close to 100 percent of the perpetrators of these shooting were African-American.

Almost all the firearms used in these shootings were obtained, possessed, and carried illegally by those who perpetrated the shootings. If, as constantly claimed, we MUST DO SOMETHING to stop this violence, then why not ban African-American residents of the city from owning handguns?

The answer is that this is patently unfair and discriminatory. To judge an entire group as a problem and punish all members of that group, irrespective of their individual answers, is unconscionable.

Yet, it’s deemed perfectly acceptable to discriminate against one particular group — gun owners.

Lets just tell the truth. The moment Mayor Nutter get the right to pass gun laws for Philly, it will become a practical impossibility to own a handgun or any other weapon the city deems “inappropriate”.

I’ve done nothing wrong, but my rights are being removed step-by-step because others — entirely outside the law — are using guns feloniously. How is this any less outrageous a suggestion than that black people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns?