Goodbye to Little Green Footballs

What a turnaround it’s been. McCain picked Palin and sank his chance at the office. Obama continues to think he’s Gods Gift while he really only won by a thin margin in the popular vote and it was most likely because people were voting against Palin. Fred Thompson bowed out without much protest and he would have had my vote. The Independent Party is looking better and better and if they can keep Al Gore out and the rest of the environmental loonies they might have something to go on. Also the tax code is a mess. Buying a house has opened my eyes to it.

Charles over at LGF has also managed to ban almost all of my favorite commenters in the last month or so. I’m pretty sure the problem is that he simply sold out. He’s either writing a book or preparing for television and his blog needs to toe some imaginary line to be “more centrist” or whatever. Or maybe it’s the popularity of Obama or the fear of being “wrong”. I’ll be open about it – I didn’t think Bush was the second coming of Jesus Reagan Christ himself but I thought he was damn good. I don’t think Obama is Lucifer Carter Satan but I do think he’s blind, idealistic and inept. I expect the mortgage rate to reflect this in about a year when there’s no more games to play in “stimulating” the economy. Unfortunately for LGF, this kind of commentary and sarcasm gets you banned, and it’s now decided to become the Daily Kos of the “centrist” blogs.

So emerges LGF2, we’ll see how well this comes along… It’s basically refugees from LGF.

FreeBSD 7.1 is FailBSD 7.1

Good fucking god. Do you think the FreeBSD folks would, at some point, think “gee if we used Linux UIs, we might attract more than two users!”

For the most part it’s a fairly standard affair. It installs in VMWare, it works with VMWare tools, and nothing from previous FreeBSD releases is broken. Unlike Solaris in recent years, FreeBSD has managed not to change too much of the core functionality so FreeBSD fans won’t feel like they broke it. FreeBSD still keeps the look and feel of releases past, so anything you liked about the 6.x series is carried over. There’s where the rub is though, it’s almost all carried over.

New Linux distributions have, at very least, done a few things like fill in sensible defaults, provide wizards when needed, and provided basic X configuration. FreeBSD still has none of this. The wizards are rough and don’t prompt with defaults, X config is still done with xconfig (oops, xorgconfig). You can use Xorg -config for the configuration if you want it Linuxy but it’s still only going to guess. Accelerated support is done with the wonky Linux Compatibility Layer, playing with the fglrx build gave me wonky results. Radeon worked fine, so you have something to fall back on but everything you’re looking for in a desktop (composite, nice fonts) is missing. This may be related to the radeon driver, I’m not entirely sure.

KDE 4.1 comes as a port, you can install it but it’s missing everything that would make it into a usable desktop. Printer configuration? Not even basic KDE printing queues are available for configuration. Sound? Nope. Speed? Terrible. It takes twice as long to start compared to Linux. Samba is particularly bad – the wizard for mounting windows shares is actually there but unless you have all the requirements installed in FreeBSD before you try to use it, it just dies with a bunch of errors about not being able to find the share. This is bad, because the problem is really that Samba isn’t installed.

I can’t help but feel like it’s getting the most awesomest Christmas present ever – then finding out it doesn’t work.

Oh, did I mention there’s no openoffice?

Four Years of Chimp Government

Looks like the Stupid Monkey won. Good job guys.

Way to chimp up the election.

We’ve given a guy who served less than one term in senate (three years) the keys to the nuclear program. A guy who grew up in Indonesia, hardly a paragon of American values, has now taken the highest office in the land.

Hitler too, grew up in another country, but at least had the decency to serve his country before taking it over. Hitler too, had great oration. Hitler too, hardly participated in politics before taking the highest office and Hitler too implemented a policy of National Socialism.

So, what can we expect from a Democrat Party Supermajority? Well, for one, the red states and red state people are completely alienated. Pennsylvania? Mostly red except for Philadelphia. Barely a win. Florida? Barely a win. Literally 50% and some change. Ohio? Barely a win. So where does that leave us?

Well, it wasn’t the landslide that Obama wanted, and for every time the Democrats said that it was “all about the people” is going to bite them in the ass. If you felt alienated as a Democrat before, now the Republicans are going to jump on the bandwagon. We didn’t build it, but we’re glad to take ride.

What does the supermajority mean? The last time we had this was the early Clinton Administration. This brought us Blackhawk Down as Clinton pulled out of Somalia with little opposition, the assault weapons ban, and trickle down taxation along with massive outsourcing with the dot-bomb. I find it ironic that Bush Jr. brought the jobs back and along with it all the foreign talent. Some people can’t empathize with the assault weapons ban, they don’t understand that within every “hunting” gun, it’s just a “war” gun without the nasty looking pieces much in the same way the only thing separating your four cylinder fuel sipper and a sportscar is retuning the engine and some body work.

The dot-bomb bubble of 1999 is another good example of taxes and policy. Bill Clinton all but killed the tech market in America with the “tax the rich” initiative. This led to massive, massive outsourcing as it was simply cheaper to make money in another country. Trickle down economics would tell us that lowering taxes makes goods cheaper, higher taxes makes goods more expensive. Taxes are simply passed down to the consumer like every other cost. Obama’s Tax The Rich plan seems to assume that “The Rich” learned nothing under Clinton, and my best guess is that either “The Rich” is going to be redefined in short order or we’ll see another bout of outsourcing in certain sectors.

This doesn’t mean I was 100% happy with Bush. The $700bn housing bailout is a travesty and the war in Iraq was a success but not something that helped the economy. However I expect Obama to bring back Clinton policy and I expect his late career to look a lot more like Carter.