God, did VMWare screw the pooch.

ESXi is released, and they announce that they’re ending the server virtualization product (GSX) and freezing it at 1.0.6, which is just peechy since it doesn’t support OES2 (SuSE) or Redhat’s latest enterprise linux offering. Basically, they got it to a level where they were one version behind “enterprise” and decided to railroad you into ESX.

ESX doesn’t suck, and they’ve given it away free thus far and gone for a “pay for features” model.


So here I am in a state where I can’t power on two server VMs I built. These are both migrations from the free one to the ESXi (the I means free, but sometimes it’s an O, but sometimes O means offline, just bear with me). There’s a fix for logging into the VM host itself and running some commands to change the time. You can also accomplish this through the interface itself if you don’t have login.

Oh did I mention that logging into the VM host through SSH is a licensed feature you have to pay for?

So there’s another option – RCLI. RCLI is something available to you through the client if you pay for VMWare Infrastructure. Also big bucks.

Option 3? Use the VMWare Update Manager. What? It’s not installed on VMWare ESXi’s client? You can download it from our website and we’re giving everyone a 60 day eval until you have to pay for it!

At this rate, we’re dumping VMWare for the same reason we dumped Solaris. It’s got a lot of nifty features and it works really well when it works – but between shoddy patching and “every time we fuck up you need to spend money to upgrade” style support, it’s not worth it to me to keep messing with. Considering that SuSE’s XEN virtualization offerings are quickly overtaking VMWare’s feature set, in six months I’m not re-upping the contracts with these clowns.