Holocaust Holiday

Ah, the English…

The infamous Auschwitz concentration camp is to get an influx of hungover Brits recovering from a night on the booze and strippers, according to reports in the UK newspapers.

Travel agents Last Night of Freedom and Chillisauce are offering bucks’ party packages that include a wild weekend in Krakow, Poland, no doubt taking advantage of Eastern Europe’s reputation for cheap booze and well priced hookers. But the sting in the tail is that these tour packages also include a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp, now a museum, where over one million people were murdered during World War II.

The Chillisauce website says, “Why not take a break from your stag [bucks’] weekend mayhem and immerse yourself in a little world-defining history before the 20-odd pints later in the evening?” The website does, however, include a note on its Auschwitz page saying “Please make sure your conduct respects the gravity of the events that took place here.” The various packages on offer in Krakow have names like ‘Shooters and Hooters’ or ‘Krackers in Krakow’ and also include a bar crawl, a visit to a strip club, paintballing and a shooting range visit.

A British journalist apparently posing as a potential client got this response from Paul Luke, Content Manager at Last Night of Freedom: “People have told us they have had the best night out ever after they have been there, because it almost makes you think, ‘To hell with that, we have seen the worst humanity had to show’ and then gone out on a major night on the tiles with strippers and booze…although it makes some people cringe at the notion of these two things colliding, it is something that is very moving and extremely sobering. Then again, it does fuel a fabulous night out.”

Not surprisingly, the bucks’ party-Auschwitz combination is being greeted with outrage both in the UK and in Krakow itself. The Sunday Times newspaper quoted Karen Pollock, head of the Holocaust Educational Trust, who said “Over one million people were systematically murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau. It seems entirely inappropriate to advertise a visit to the site for stag groups in this way, alongside nights of drinking and clubbing.”

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