Dash Flips Out!

Filed under “things which are disparagingly bad”. The latest VMWare release won’t install on my box, so I decided to pop open the top of the script to see what the problem was.

GrainsOfParadise:/home/jknarr # head -500 VMware-Player-3.0.1-227600.x86_64.bundle
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# VMware Installer Launcher
# This is the executable stub to check if the VMware Installer Service
# is installed and if so, launch it.  If it is not installed, the
# attached payload is extracted, the VMIS is installed, and the VMIS
# is launched to install the bundle as normal.

# Architecture this bundle was built for (x86 or x64)

if [ -z “$BASH” ]; then
# $- expands to the current options so things like -x get passed through
if [ ! -z “$-” ]; then

# dash flips out of $opts is quoted, so don’t.
exec /usr/bin/env bash $opts “$0” “$@”
echo “Unable to restart with bash shell”
exit 1

Oh. God.