Four Years of Chimp Government

Looks like the Stupid Monkey won. Good job guys.

Way to chimp up the election.

We’ve given a guy who served less than one term in senate (three years) the keys to the nuclear program. A guy who grew up in Indonesia, hardly a paragon of American values, has now taken the highest office in the land.

Hitler too, grew up in another country, but at least had the decency to serve his country before taking it over. Hitler too, had great oration. Hitler too, hardly participated in politics before taking the highest office and Hitler too implemented a policy of National Socialism.

So, what can we expect from a Democrat Party Supermajority? Well, for one, the red states and red state people are completely alienated. Pennsylvania? Mostly red except for Philadelphia. Barely a win. Florida? Barely a win. Literally 50% and some change. Ohio? Barely a win. So where does that leave us?

Well, it wasn’t the landslide that Obama wanted, and for every time the Democrats said that it was “all about the people” is going to bite them in the ass. If you felt alienated as a Democrat before, now the Republicans are going to jump on the bandwagon. We didn’t build it, but we’re glad to take ride.

What does the supermajority mean? The last time we had this was the early Clinton Administration. This brought us Blackhawk Down as Clinton pulled out of Somalia with little opposition, the assault weapons ban, and trickle down taxation along with massive outsourcing with the dot-bomb. I find it ironic that Bush Jr. brought the jobs back and along with it all the foreign talent. Some people can’t empathize with the assault weapons ban, they don’t understand that within every “hunting” gun, it’s just a “war” gun without the nasty looking pieces much in the same way the only thing separating your four cylinder fuel sipper and a sportscar is retuning the engine and some body work.

The dot-bomb bubble of 1999 is another good example of taxes and policy. Bill Clinton all but killed the tech market in America with the “tax the rich” initiative. This led to massive, massive outsourcing as it was simply cheaper to make money in another country. Trickle down economics would tell us that lowering taxes makes goods cheaper, higher taxes makes goods more expensive. Taxes are simply passed down to the consumer like every other cost. Obama’s Tax The Rich plan seems to assume that “The Rich” learned nothing under Clinton, and my best guess is that either “The Rich” is going to be redefined in short order or we’ll see another bout of outsourcing in certain sectors.

This doesn’t mean I was 100% happy with Bush. The $700bn housing bailout is a travesty and the war in Iraq was a success but not something that helped the economy. However I expect Obama to bring back Clinton policy and I expect his late career to look a lot more like Carter.