The BBC Talks About Preppers

Apparently it’s unheard of in the UK to fathom the breakdown of social services. Yes folks, we’re not even 100 years away from world war 1 or 2 and the UK has forgotten the boyscout motto: “Be Prepared”.

The BBC’s article seems good and decent until you start reading it. Some of the things which really piss me off is they call the two month food loop an “investment”. It’s not. A proper food loop (something I can safely say I don’t have) has a rotating stock of cans so you’re eating what you bought two months ago. The food shouldn’t ever be more than two months old on the canning loop. As the food ages, you rotate it forward and eventually at the two month mark, you eat it. Two months in a can is about long enough for you to make sure the canning was done properly anyway. Me and my wife actually plan on canning from our garden come this fall, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the supermarket.

Another point – “The pros and cons of owning a gun”. Frankly I can’t think of any, and knowing people who went to New Orleans and enjoyed the finest firefight the city had to offer – I think we can safely put the “owning a gun” thing to rest. It’s never an issue of owning a gun, or a car, or anything else. It’s always an issue of how safe it is as it ages and how much fuel you have for it. Running out of ammo is going to be the prime concern here.

Finally, woodstoves in Europe are almost a given. They seem to think it’s unheard of here in America. While not as mainstream, it’s not like they don’t exist. In fact just about everyone on my street has a wood stove, coal stove, fireplace or insert. We have oil service and that means being prepared to not being able to run the burner. But, we also live in the woods. Wood grows on trees here and a woodstove makes perfect sense. I’m not sure why the BBC knocks it.

Who Owns the Penis House?

Penis House

Penis House

The BBC is reporting on this prank and says that this two million US dollar mansion has been vandalized by it’s owner’s son, who is currently traveling abroad.

Google either has no sense of humor or chose to remove the offensive marking because the house has no penis in this map.

BBC Fact-checking?

What the hell BBC?

There was a BBC Special on the Science of Optics.

Wow, there was a golden age of Islamic science? Really? Haven’t we read this article before?


I wrote the following to the BBC “Accuracy review” page:

A little fact checking would go a long way. The quotes here are taken directly from the Wikipedia article called CAMERA OBSCURA. The current revision is the most fact-checked, the previous revision ( has bits and pieces of your article in it. The BBC is republishing “facts” that Wikimedia debunked last year.

The current version isn’t really a shining example of wikimedia, but it’s better than the crap the BBC reposted. I suspect the current revision will be “corrected” after the BBC version.