Jon and Kate Plus TRAFFIC

Note to self: Just because you want to see a trainwreck doesn’t mean you’re the only one who wants to see a trainwreck.

I woke up this morning and said “they’re at Montgomery county court? I got my carry permit there, I drive right by there taking the back way!”

OH GOD WHY DID I THINK IT WAS A GOOD IDEA? Fox New was there along with about five other news organizations, but what took me by surprise was the gaggle of women with cameras there too. Are they proposing to Jon? Are they just interested in the proceedings? Are they sticking up for Kate? Who knows. Point being, it’s a circus.

BBC Fact-checking?

What the hell BBC?

There was a BBC Special on the Science of Optics.

Wow, there was a golden age of Islamic science? Really? Haven’t we read this article before?


I wrote the following to the BBC “Accuracy review” page:

A little fact checking would go a long way. The quotes here are taken directly from the Wikipedia article called CAMERA OBSCURA. The current revision is the most fact-checked, the previous revision ( has bits and pieces of your article in it. The BBC is republishing “facts” that Wikimedia debunked last year.

The current version isn’t really a shining example of wikimedia, but it’s better than the crap the BBC reposted. I suspect the current revision will be “corrected” after the BBC version.

What’s in a Name?

A 15-year-old American schoolgirl might be labelled a sex offender after using her cellphone to distribute nude photographs. Of herself. To her classmates. “The Licking Valley High School student, whose name was not released, faces felony charges in Licking County Juvenile Court…

Oh Lord, I wish I wasn’t kidding.