About Me, About the Blog

What this blog is: Curious perversions in IT, cars, beer, local food, parenting, pictures of cats, political musings.

What this blog is not: Topical. The blog reflects whatever I find interesting at the moment. This means that there could be a string of naval gazing posts on philosophy followed by something in the linux kernel I find egregiously offensive.

Subscribers are advised to use RSS. WordPress publishes the tags to RSS. If you subscribe via email, it is my sincere hope you enjoy everything I publish. If you would like to limit the posts you receive, ensure your RSS reader can exclude tags.


You may reach me at josh@knarrnia.com

3 thoughts on “About Me, About the Blog

  1. Hi there—

    I know we haven’t talked in ages, but for some reason, I was thinking about you, and looked up your blog, and saw that you and Kelly are now parents. Wow… Congrats, Josh!!! That’s amazing! He’s beautiful!

    Drop me an email or call me sometime… I’m on facebook, and I friend requested you a while ago, but I guess you haven’t been on there for a bit. Anywho, hope you’re well, and that you’re getting at least a little sleep with the new baby at home.

    Take care, please keep in touch!!

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