We Survived!

I was actually writing this post earlier on generator power but the internet is flaky doing that.

In short, we’re alive. Power went out Sunday at 6pm, was back on briefly and then went back out again. The winds were going nuts, it sucked. I ended up hauling about half the useable wood for the stove up to the covered deck. Then the wood stove was hard to light because of the downdraft, then when we did get it lit the draft went the opposite way like a kid blowing across the top of a straw. It was burning through full loads of wood in three hours, which is bad since it normally plods through a full load in 6 to 8 depending on what we’re burning, in addition to me or my wife having to get up and refill the thing. Also because it was burning so fast the house climbed to mid-80s. None of this low and slow keep things at 65F or 70F. I had the air turned down all the way and the catalyst running and it was still rolling like I didn’t do anything.

To add insult to injury, the radon exhaust lost the cap, so the radon system was actually letting water into the basement on top of an already full sump well. I have to go buy another 4″ cap for the thing since I have no idea where it wandered off to.

My folks showed up with the Cabelas brand 3500W generator. Now this thing is awesome. I hooked up the fridge, the sump pump (which was up to the top of the well, so just in time), the radon system, but couldn’t hook up the heater (direct wired). The generator was running at about 35% load, so we decided to get crazy and start putting power strips on it. I then hooked up the laptop, two cellphone chargers (one acting as a wifi router to the 3G internet), and the entertainment center (TV, DVD, XBox, Wii). That drove the load up to about 40% to 45%. This thing puts out stupid amounts of power. I was seriously tempted to plug the oven and the microwave in but the microwave would account for fully 33% of the load it’s capable of (for however long its running), I decided not to push it since we had the wood stove on.

Now I really want the transfer switch. Any readers install one of these before?