Fork the Blog?

I’ve been considering forking the blog and starting another blog. There was a small but vocal minority of readers who were really pushing to keep the technology posts and the philosophical posts separate. I sort of mulled over the whole thing and then lump the problem of having another kid on top and the blog has become neglected. On one hand I think forking the blog might be a good thing because I can publish whatever I want on philosophy and magic and not offend the more conservative readers. On the third hand, the blog has never been about philosophy or technology exclusively and included things like brewing beer, working on the car and house, politics, TV, local food and parenting. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a blog per topic.

I’m sort of curious as to how people use this particular blog. WordPress is actually piss poor about telling you how people use things – I know the most popular post on this blog about PM Delivery Services nets the majority of it’s people who read it from google, but I only know that because they tell me that. If anyone has any particularly strong opinion, I would be interested in hearing it. You can also mail it to me, contact info is on the left hand side.

6 thoughts on “Fork the Blog?

  1. It’s your blog; write what you want, when you want, and how you want. That’s why you have categories and tags and such, so that if people want to find a certain set of posts, they can look at the proper tags. If people are going to be offended by you having “interesting” hobbies, that’s their business and inclination. Even on my blog, which is primarily occult-focused, I still talk about politics, ethics, and the occasional crazy woodburning project (like the Nyan Cat placard I made for a friend).

    I use Google Reader, primarily, because it’s easy for me to combine Blogspot, WordPress, LiveJournal, and other blogs in one feed.

  2. Well, personally I started following your posts because you had a couple of good technology ones, and then spent a couple of months wondering how I’d managed to subscribe to a philosophy blog… Not that the philosophy hasn’t been interesting.

    So you could go either way on the split. I don’t know that you publish enough technology articles to be worth running a separate blog, but for your readers who have no interest in philosophy it might be nice to not have their inboxes cluttered up with things they have to sort. It’s a pity wordpress won’t let subscribers choose which of your categories they’re interested in and only receive posts from said categories… That might be a neat feature.

    • And therein lies an incredible problem with wordpress (which I also use professionally) – blog authors which have linked blogs it treats as a single blog. So actually this turned into a rumination about needing a new wordpress account, and that’s it’s own pain in the ass. In the SQL itself there’s a blogid type (WHY?) which is only supposed to be one value, but each author gets their own blogid which they use as a UUID for which authors can post to where if memory serves. In other words it does exactly the opposite of what you expect it to do, unless you point multiple wordpresses at a single DB as some sort of poor man’s LDAP.

      I was seeing if I could somehow partition the blog based on topics but as you pointed out it doesn’t work like that. I thought “Hm, maybe I can do something with the theme to give it separate pages” and that’s where I’m currently at. I suspect one of the wordpress photo themes will let me push data by topic and have “galleries” which would end up being used as topical pages.

      Anyway, you’re doing better than the other e-mail I got which was “I thought this was a product review blog”. On the other hand, I would encourage you to get rid of the email subscription and get an RSS reader that doesn’t suck because I went out of my way to make sure the category CDATA tag for the post topics was being pushed on RSS. 😉

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