Where are We on the Tree?

This is an excerpt from a facebook group where the topic came up “Where are we on the tree?”

I think very few people can [cross the abyss]. I think in our present age we hang out in Da’at. We have literally all the knowledge in the world at our fingertips but we have absolutely zero wisdom. In some ways we live in a bizarre universe where we have to first work back down the tree through kindness and severity and so on until we stop simply knowing about these things – passively observing them – and actually experiencing them. Once we understand those, we can finally enter malkuth and literally go outside and understand nature. The problem is we think we know everything and it makes us prone to extremism. Eventually we can sort of enter kether but most of us won’t ever have perfect understanding and wisdom.

What do you think?

Fork the Blog?

I’ve been considering forking the blog and starting another blog. There was a small but vocal minority of readers who were really pushing to keep the technology posts and the philosophical posts separate. I sort of mulled over the whole thing and then lump the problem of having another kid on top and the blog has become neglected. On one hand I think forking the blog might be a good thing because I can publish whatever I want on philosophy and magic and not offend the more conservative readers. On the third hand, the blog has never been about philosophy or technology exclusively and included things like brewing beer, working on the car and house, politics, TV, local food and parenting. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a blog per topic.

I’m sort of curious as to how people use this particular blog. WordPress is actually piss poor about telling you how people use things – I know the most popular post on this blog about PM Delivery Services nets the majority of it’s people who read it from google, but I only know that because they tell me that. If anyone has any particularly strong opinion, I would be interested in hearing it. You can also mail it to me, contact info is on the left hand side.