I’m Sort of Internet Fameous, Sort Of…

I had to update the About Page and put up contact information. I keep forgetting non-geeks don’t know about registration information.

I was doing my normal ride into work thing where I am reading the morning news or a book on my phone (soon to be replaced by a nook) and one of the pages I read is The Digital Ambler. I don’t know this guy personally and I forget where I got the link from. He’s got his head about where I have my head where he runs a blog (actually two if I remember correctly) where one side is mysticism and the other side is his personal life. I happen to only run one blog because at some point someone is going to link your blogs and it’s all for naught. I’m also fairly open about my thoughts on this stuff and love to naval gaze over beer.

Anyway, he mentions that he’s nominated for a versatile blogger award and my first thought was “Oh that’s cute” and I basked in the fond memory of the hotdog HTML editor and updating my blog by cat’ing a template to the index.html after I edited it. People would hand out little tags you’d put on your blogs and it was sort of a nice way of saying that someone approved of your work. This would later lead to trackback pings and web rings and such. Wonder who’s nominated?

  1. Camylleon’s Cave
  2. The Key to the Clavicula Solomonis
  3. The Grey Book of Runes
  4. CGA in a VGA World
  5. Beloved in Light
  6. skatologicalhumor
  7. The Difference Between Beauty and Fear
  8. Amaranthine


I decided I better track down the nominee process quickly, and while poking around like an idiot I glanced into the spam folder on my phone and saw the The Digital Ambler himself (Polyphanes) did actually give me a heads up on the about page and the spam queue ate the request for approval.

I am officially a shithead, but you already knew that reading the blog.

That being said, I originally had mixed feelings on the issue. I’m sometimes a jerk, more often than not I overspeak my position on the blog just to get a reaction out of the internet, and my readership from Hogwarts thinks the politics and tech needs to be toned down, my Red Army followers think the magic and tech needs to go away, and my fellow Grey Beard UNIX Wizards think the magic and politics should go. Basically, no-one likes all of the blog which amuses me endlessly.

To further make this amusing to me personally, I don’t personally think I know that much. IT is all of standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before. Mystical thinking? Half the time I look back on my posts a month later and consider deleting them. Politics? When’s the last time anyone’s opinions mattered?

That being said, thanks for the nomination Polyphanes, I appreciate it.