I Want an EBook Reader… Or a Tablet.

Oh great all knowing powers of the internet…

I want an ebook reader, or a tablet. See, I find myself reading a lot on the 40 minute ride on the train to work. I don’t really want to whip out my laptop because I don’t really want someone to steal it and thus me being forced to shoot them several times. I have no doubt my MacBook Pro titanium will withstand bullets being titanium and all that but the Hackers style light up keyboard just wouldn’t look the same with all that blood in it. Plus I’m not sure you can hose them out.

Thusly I am left with the problem: I want an e-book reader, but I can’t find one I particularly like. I want something around 10″. I want something which reads PDF files well (this means none of these crap android 2.x devices with their retarded memory management). I would like to avoid the ipad thing since they’re hideously expensive and out of my price range. The ceiling is really the Kindle DX. For about the price of an XBOX, it’s a kindle with the e-ink display, but at $250 it’s too much to be spending on just a book reader and it should do tablet stuff like nicely check e-mail and render pages. I’m not into gaming, but I do watch videos on it. The HP TouchPad is probably the right pricepoint for this and I’m sorry I missed buying one.

Basically the problem is that I could have a laptop with a 13″ screen for the price of the kindle DX, and while the batteries wouldn’t last quite as long, it would do the job. I just want something that weighs less than a laptop and no keyboard.


3 thoughts on “I Want an EBook Reader… Or a Tablet.

  1. I have a DX, pdf rendering is not great b/c it cant scroll. Get a cheap 10″ android tablet (viewsonic gtablet) install a better rom (flashback 10.3) and use ez-pdf reader (i have this setup works great). also i have no sympathy for your “sucky” 40 min. commute. try commuting into manhattan by train.

  2. I didn’t say it was sucky and I already have a nice looking AMOLED phone which is running android 4.0.3.

    I am buying the nook. Root it, install the fontpacks and screen refresh hack and it’s an eink tablet.

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