Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S (T-Mobile Vibrant) SGS-T959

Pay attention to the date on this post. I get a surprising amount of hits to past android bitchings and fixes I’ve written on. If the post is more than a month old, consider rooting around in the sources to find an updated procedure.

REQUIRED READING: Rooting Froyo. That also gives you clockwork.

With the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, everyone has been wondering which phones are going to get it. The bottom line is T-Mobile said the 4G Samsung Galaxy S is going to get it, they said it was too slow on the 3G.

This is crap. We all know this is crap. It’s the exact same phone with a different radio chipset. Neither Samsung nor T-Mobile is creative enough to come out with a totally new phone that looks like a totally old phone.

That being said, is back up and Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP is out along with the Gingerbread AOSP. Gingerbread, predictably, is hacky crap and we knew that from the HTC releases. AOSP simply confirms it started out as hacky crap and didn’t advance much because of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The guys over at XDA Devs already have the AOSP of Ice Cream Sandwich ported to the SGS-T959. GPS works, radio works, video works, cameras work, but the battery life is abysmal. Its incredibly encouraging to see this much work being done in this short of a time, which means that the original Vibrant clearly didn’t fall far from the mainstream tree. You can follow the thread here. One big caveat – this is active development. Version 7 of the alpha is already out. It’s a real pain in the ass to install. The original post hasn’t been updated despite being the most commented post on XDA devs that I can remember. Handle with care.

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