PM Delivery Services Scam

This one in particular pissed me off. I have a fairly finely tuned bullshit filter from years of the IT trenches and this one got past me. I am expecting packages, one of them is late. I open my mailbox (snailmail) and I see what appears to be a postcard from a delivery service I’ve never heard of saying they’re holding one of my packages. Figuring it’s some quirk of amazon’s craptastic marketplace I do what anyone else would do and I call them.

I’m glad I used google voice, I’ll put it that way.

Their operators have a slick script where they have to “verify” the package number, they have to verify your name and address. The package “is a large box, is this what you were expecting?” Give them your information to confirm who you are and they change from being a package delivery service to telling you that the package is a free bottle of tide (8oz) if they could come by and test your water in your home and tell you about special offers.

I told the lady to stop right there.

I said this wasn’t why I called. “You are to erase my information, you will not call me again. You will put me on your do not contact list. Have I made myself perfectly clear?”

“So are you not interested in our offer?”

“Have I made myself perfectly clear about what you are to do? You have misrepresented yourself as a delivery company and nowhere on your mail does it state you are an advertising agency. You have lied to me and you are not to contact me.”

“Sir you called us.”

“I want to speak to your manager.”

She hung up the phone.

So now I’m going to post about it, I’m going to call the BBB and I’m going to file a complaint with the FTC. It’s illegal for a company to misrepresent themselves and nowhere does it state that this is an advertisement. I did end up calling back and getting put on the do not solicit list and the second operator was actually a nice guy.

The back of the advert has your address on it and what appears to be Barack Obama delivering your mail. The return address is “PM Delivery Services, 1676 Providence Blvd, Deltona, FL 32725”. The front has a yellow banner which says “IMPORTANT NOTICE” and then the text follows: “We have been trying to deliver and important package to your home. As always, we try to offer prompt and courteous service. Therefore, please contact our office during business hours @ 1-888-855-7522 and ask for delivery services. We will deliver your package promptly”. There is a tracking number in the bottom right. Pic:



This is actually the most read page on this blog, which amuses me endlessly because it means I’ve utterly failed to capture the interest of people for anything else I write about. That being said, people have been really good about posting the updates to these in the comments section, bravo to the readers! I never thought it would happen but… they actually sent me the new card. It’s not like it’s hard to figure out who I am given the name of the blog.

As others have pointed out, the new address is:

DMC Services

577 Deltona Blvd. #18

Deltona, FL 32725


The new “Tracking Number” is “AB-0827”. The card has a “presorted first class” stamp which is just hilarious that the company can’t be arsed to leave a note when it tries to deliver the completely nonexistent package.

The back reads the same with the phone number being 1-888-959-3866.

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    • I just received a post card and reside in Philly burbs too. As I was calling, I was googling at the same time (THANK GOD), and hung up promptly.

      • Thanks for info. I also live in the Philly suburbs and thought to google this business before I used the phone.

      • I just got this and I was about to call but decided to google it and found this blog. THANK YOU. I live in Dallas and, obviously, they are doing this all over the country. Again….THANK YOU!

      • We live in Houston and just got our letter from the phony DMC Services today. My tracking number is AB-1210. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Thanks for this blog. I just received one in the mail yesterday. My first thought was to throw it away but with the holidays coming I have been ordering gifts online and thought this could be one of those packages. I appreciate your help with this infomation.

    • Thanks. This just didn’t look right to me… But I didn’t want to potentially miss something with the holidays coming up. When I Googled them, your blog came up immediately. I appreciate the assistance. And I agree with you… I do not know how they can continue to utilize their approach without any issues… This can’t be correct. Again… thanks for sharing the experience.

      • Just got mine today. Woohoo! Any writing on a card that appears to be handwritten but is obviously not has got to be advertising or a scam. Thanks for the blog.

    • I just got one of these today!! i tried to call and the machine said someone will be with you shortly…I hung up and googled it! Glad i did…I guess they aren’t busy enough that they have to end up being slimy! Thanks for your post…it was a great help!

    • just got one of these in the mail. the one with the dude on it. First off, if i was going to receive something in the mail from my health insurance or any other medical professional, i would get a phone call from them. I am happy though that i did decide to google it to make sure i knew it was a scam for sure before i tried calling my insurance or doctor to see if they sent me something. Secondly, i just spoke with my insurance representative on the phone last week, im sure they would of brought it up if they were sending me something!

      my Tracking # was: AB-0204

    • Just got one . I goggled them and found this post that saved me. Delivery Notice looks official. Good thing I checked. Time to take a closer look at this organization.

      • I also got this today….new tracking # dm-0315…….I’m in nashville so they are making they’re way to you…..thanks for the blog!

    • thanks for your info and the post! Me too!!! What a scam!!! remember if it looks like a duck and acts like a duck!!! It’s a DUCK! 🙂

    • Noticed that no one has posed on here for a while but BEWARE… Scam is still very alive! just like poster below, I was too calling and while on hold (for 5+ minutes) I Googled it and found this gem of information. Good work out there.

      • Yeah the blog sort of became a victim of it’s own success. I wanted to move onto more philosophical topics which my technical friends didn’t particularly share an interest in and out of everything I’ve written on tech, computers, cars, and cigars, THIS post is the most popular post on the blog by far.

    • I live in Central New Jersey and received a similar card. The number has been changed 1-866-209-2989. The picture on the card is now of a uniformed package delivery man. The return address is now listed as DMC Services at 667 Deltona Rd., Deltona, Fl. 32725. Under the return address is facebook is a black block. When I received it I sort of thought that this was a fraud so I googled DMC Services. This was the first entry on the list. Thank you for posting this. Dennis

      • I live in SouthEastern Tennessee and received a postcard from DMC saying ‘SORRY WE MISSED YOU” with the same address but add “Suite 100”. It’s the same phone number as well. I did not attempt to call because most delivery companies will put a sticky note on your door to let you know they tried to deliver instead of mailing a post card, lol. The pic on my card is of a casually dressed young blonde woman smiling, carrying packages.
        Thanks for the heads up on this!!

      • Thanks for the information guys, I just received the post card and decided to google it. Thanks God I found this website,mine also have “ste100” on the same address mentioned above. Same phone number. I live in New Orleans, it looks like they are spreading nation wide.

    • I received 2 separate postcards with the same notification yesterday. One was from CSEI Distribution and had a local Houston, TX address (I live north of Houston) and the second was from DMC Services in Deltona, FL. I googled CSEI and found your blog. I am so glad to have found your blog!!! THANK YOU! Obviously, they are doing this across the USA!

      Just for reference, the Tracking code on my CSEI card is RP-082413MK and on my DMC card is DM-0823.

      Thanks again!!

      • Yep, I just got both postcards. One from DMC Services and one from CSE Industries. Addresses and tracking numbers are different, but the rest is the same.

    • I just received one today. the address is now 667 Deltona rd. suite#100 Deltona, fl. 32725 . The phone # is 1-866-209-2989. I wasn’t expecting a package and when I receive things like this, I always look it up. From Hilton Head, SC I thank you for your post.

    • I just received a similar mailing from CSE Industries (return address & phone number below). The message on the card was the same w/ a different phone number. Thanks for your post!

      CSE Industries
      10333 Harwin Dr. Ste #573
      Houston, TX 77036

      • I also got a post card from CSE Industries. My wife asked me if I knew what this was ,and since I’ve not ordered anything recently, I figured it was a scam. Appreciate the post since it saved me the hassle of finding out what this company wanted.

    • We just moved into the Dallas-Fort Worth and received one of the new postcards. Thanks to your post I recycled the card immediately.

      • Just got one by mail with DMC tracking number DM-0527 3143. Thank you, I did not get to call into this non-sense. Thanks a lot.

      • I just got one of these…DMC Services 667 Deltona Rd. Ste 100, Deltona, FL 32725. It is one of those “Sorry we missed you” cards with tracking number on the front of the card and a woman with three packages on the back! I checked Google and got this site! Figured it was a scam since any agency trying to deliver packages leaves a note on the door!

      • Well, its October 17, 2014 and they are still doing it!!! My gut told me it was a scam, but thanks for the post anyway!!!!

    • My husband got one of these and was getting ready to call when I say, Let’s google this. Thank you for your post. This is November 2014 and these scammers are still doing this so it must be profitable to poor unsuspecting people. Thanks again!

    • My mother who is 88 years old received one of these post cards too. She called me about it and did a search online too regarding. I then contacted the FTC in Washington and filed a complaint with them. Dirt bags who take advantage of seniors! Thanks for posting this information. Probably protected her from harm.

  1. Thanks for saving me the call! I just got one today and I became a little suspicious since A) I’m not expecting any packages B) Why would ‘PM Delivery Services’ be having trouble making a delivery since I’m been home in the PM every night for the past week C) Why would a delivery service that’s supposedly been trying to deliver something to my home use as postcard delivered by the USPS? If they’d really been by to attempt to deliver something, why not leave the card and save the 29 cents? Sorry you had to go through that, but thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am always suspicious when it comes out of Florida because of the liberal laws there, that so many questionable companies operate in that state.

  3. Thanks for the post. Got one and called the number with (*67 on Verison which Anons my phone information). They would not answer the most polite questions that an business would answer if it was above board. The lady also let slip that she answers the phone calls for 30+ promotions like this when I asked what company she worked for and that she was a contracted agency.

    I love the internet and you gals/guys with Websites. If you had ads, I’d click a few for you. 🙂

    • The blog is actually free minus the domain registration which is like $15 a year, so I don’t need the ad revenue. On the other hand of you want to complain to the FCC, you can help prevent this stuff in the future.

  4. Thank you for posting. I got one to and was suspicious for the same reasons as other posters…..1 out of FL & 2 I was not expecting. I too will file complaint with BBB. The unfortunate thing is that it will take several months and several hundred people to be scammed before they shut down and then open AM Delivery Services……. Looks like we have the same Tracking Number

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I had received one of these yesterday, and since I was expecting deliveries, I called. Thank goodness I got their voice mail & did NOT leave a message. Thank you VERY MUCH, with out reading this, I would have called back today after work. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Glad I found this, a postcard for my husband arrived this morning with the exact same tracking number as yours, thought it was suspicious when I saw the card so got straight on the web. Thanks again!

  7. Just got one today. Forwarded all information to the Postal Inspectors. They don’t screw around when it comes to scam by mail.

  8. Just received one of these postcards in the mailbox today, 8/30/11. I had my doubts about it, so I began to search for any other comments, complaints. I am so glad I found this and will definately not be calling this company, I will be burning the postcard. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  9. Wish I’d searched the name and found this site before I called them. In addition to “laundry” related questions, they now know how many people are in my household, how many adults and children, my occupation and the best time to come for my free water testing. Pretty sure they’re not a telemarketing company but thieves trying to find the best time to rob my house. I’m filing a police report and installing an alarm system today.

  10. Just received the postcard yesterday, called today, and then saw your post while I was talking with them. Asked them DO NOT come out to my house and also asked them to take me off whatever contact lists I am on. The girl on the phone, Megan, said she could do that in their database, but not for the main company, A and M Enviro Services, who contracts PM Delivery Services. She said she thought it would take several weeks for any mail to stop, but then it should.

  11. Add my name to those thanking you. Got the card 9/2 and was almost tempted to call. You saved me a lot of aggrevation. Thanks !

  12. Ditto. Just didn’t feel right. If it helps, I am a new homeowner, so I’m sure they got my information from some “list” that is wide open for the first 30 days. Thanks for the detailed posting.

  13. Unfortunely I did not research and I got scammed by this fake company. A creepy man came to my house trying to test my water and sell me a water purification system. I called the police. Do you think I should be concerned from my childrens safety now as a first time homeowner? They now know all my information and have seen my house inside and out…so extremely frustrating and scary. I am afraid he or someone will come back and rob us and cause us harm..

    • better yet have the police call them pretending to be in your house and lookin to buy the softner so they can finally get to the bottom of who these scammers really are being hired by, you might be the only one who actually met a rep for the company behind this scam.. Did they leave any information about a company name?? …My story is slightly diff, I got a postcard today 12/4 I am also a new homeowner and in the outer burbs of phlly. HOWEVER, I also got a PHONE CALL 5 days before from someone telling me they were representing walmart and home depot and that I can get a $100 gift card from my choice if I let them come in and do a free water test at my home I just moved too. They had that same common info so could be connected. I told them I don’t need my water tested we just did that when we bought the house. They push and said they would bring the free gift card when they come to do the free water test. Then asked me if I have any water systems in my house and as soon as I said yes, They said ok never mind not for you and hung up promptly.. 5 days letter got this postcard. So definately a certain pattern going on and might be a Gift Card scam coming next. BE AWARE Have learned to ALWAYS search the web for information like this to help prevent these scammers. Thanks so much for your blog.!

    • I also had a guy come by my house. He looked professional, with a orange company jacket on which included an ID badge and a fancy clip board. He was trying to make me think he was from the water compnay and was concerned about the quality of our water. When I caught on and asked him if he was trying to sell a water filtration system, he nutted up and finally admitted he was. I told him I was not interested and funny enough a week later I received a post card from DMC services (same company he was with) telling me I had a package they couldn’t deliver. I suspect everything is a scam these days and googled the company name, lots of bad stuff about this company. Don’t call them as they will capture your number even if it’s block, and also don’t open your door to any you are not expecting. This company is creppy to say the least.

  14. i got one under my wife name i got twice before under my name but i just wondering today i checked on googel there address i am glad find out before i call them the same tracking # thanks for sharing

    • Foolishly, I called today… Shady. I was expecting a package that has yet to be delivered. Has anyone seen any other “identity theft” issues arise since calling.

      • U watch too much barbara walters. Be realistic here. They have your name and address already from probably a public record of homeowners or new homeowners. Its just another form of marketing. Its a way to get u on the phone and qualify u for possibly being able tp purchase a water softner. Its not a big scam trying to steal anyones identity. Sheesh.

  15. I called them today and got a Pamela. I asked her if this was an adult line and that I enjoyed hearing her voice and having a good time. SHE HUNG UP

    • we received the card yesterday – checked on line about it – came across this blog – read this comment and fell out laughing!!! I know this post is from 2011 – but in case anyone follows up now and again – THANKS for the laugh. You made my day

  16. Thanks for posting, I always expect packages and as soon as I received this in the mail I did a google search to see if it was scam. This was the only posting on it.

  17. Just got the card today (eventhe same ytacking number as your). I work from home, so packages regularly arrive. My BS detector also immediately went up. I wound up leaving a message on their voice mail, but it wasn’t very friendly. I suggested that if they were legit., then they didn’t try to hard to delivery it – as I am nearly a shut in I am home so much. I wonder if they’ll call back.

  18. We just got one today, 14 Sep, letter was the same but tracking number OM0909 (must have been someone else’s shift to write tracking numbers). We just bought a home recently too, this has to be someone getting new homeowners contact info.

  19. Also just bought a house and also just got one of these ridiculous post cards. I also was suspect of this right from the start. There is no company name on the card except the return address, they used a real stamp and generic “clip art” pictures. I called this morning and spoke with a male who absolutely refused to tell me what the company name was. He insisted I verify my name and address which I refused to do and he hung up on me. Clearly after reading all these posts, this company got names and addresses from either a mortgage or finance company or the realty company. Apparently personal privacy no longer exists…..well, as long as someone can make a buck off it. I’ll be filing a complaint with the FCC and BBB as well. Although I wish I could find out where they got my information and file a complaint against those people also.

  20. i just got one and these @$$holes took 4 hours i was told it was to test our city water and next thing i know its to buy a water softener for a few grand something you can pick up at home depot for half the price. SCAM

  21. I got one of these yesterday. I did not call because I saw your note. Today, my recently deceased father received one. If I had not realized this was a scam, I would have thought my dad ordered something before he died and I would have been anxious to collect it.
    Thank you so much for starting this feed.

  22. I go the exact same card, this time it says “AM Delivery Services” but it is the exact same. Thanks for the post, saved me from talking to these knuckle heads.

  23. I got a card yesterday and was not expecting anything. Thanks for posting this information. I am glad I found your post. Great citizen!

  24. Just got one of these in the mail. So glad that I looked this up because I was wondering what package I was missing. This saves me the trouble. Thanks for posting!

  25. I received my card a few days ago. Glad I checked it out and am thankful for your posts. Like others, I was not expecting anything, but I’ve just moved to this address adn it was something that was not forwarded. Few people have my new address yet, so I was suspicious. I also found it odd that a legitimate business didn’t have a published email or website on the card or a local phone number or address. What an absoute waste of resources — people’s time (both ours and theirs) postage, mail services, etc. guess it must work or they wouldn’t keep doing it.

  26. Same as everyone else– just got one of these and was about to call because I’m expected packages from my bridal shower and a friend checked in to see if I got it yet. THANKS!

  27. WOW…Just bought my house and just happen to be expecting a package in the mail but I’ve never heard of this company…I’m SO GLAD I LOOKED IT UP!!!!

    Thanks So Much!!

  28. HA! Just as I figured, but wanted to see exactly what the scam was. I’m also a new homeowner – actually, this is a smart ruse, since most of us are buying new things for our new homes so we’re frequently expecting packages.

  29. Thank you so much for your post. I also noticed we all have the same “tracking number”. I filed a complaint wih the BBB. Thanks for saving me some trouble!

  30. I received the same post card. I wasn’t expecting ant packages so googled the company and found your post. Thanks!! Just moved into a new home and have been receiving lots of “junk” in the mail box.

  31. I received one of these post cards in the mail today 10/15/11. Looks like they buy a “Real Estate Sale Transaction” list and mail out to new homeowners who are most liking expecting packages.
    Glad I found this website. Saved me some time & aggravation!

  32. Thanks!!! Just got one today. I called, but I’m glad I got their voicemail and did not leave a message.. then I went to google to search them and I got your post. Thank you so much

  33. Thanks for your website! They sounded shady to me as well… didn’t show up when they were supposed to and I just called back today and when they tried to rescheudle I told them to forget about it… he was pissed that I wasn’t going to take my free bottle of tide! I too am a new homeowner and have already been robbed once so I am very cautious about these things but i was expecting a package when I received their card.

  34. I forgot to mention that I contacted Tide to find out if they indeed had a welcome wagon type service like the one the person on the phone described and they emailed me back (a week later) and told me they did NOT and to call the police if these people came to my house.
    Here is the email:
    We do not contact our customers nor do we have any promotions for Tide that are being carried out in this way. The person or persons contacting you are not P&G employees nor do they represent us in any way. Please do not allow them in your home and contact authorities as needed.

  35. Another thank you! I figured this was a scam, but decided to check Google to verify. We just moved into a new house, and our mail is still catching up to the move. I purposely did not order anything recently, so I wasn’t expecting a package. The postcard also did not have my last name, who the package was from, or any details about what it was. I’ve received two of these in the past week. Both are hitting the shredder. I did not call them, and if someone shows up, they’re not going to like the reception they’d receive!

  36. I called 😦 – I was expecting a package. I work in marketing and caught on quick. But some reason kept answering their questions. This was for the “$20 Tide Offer”. After calling I was so pissed off at myself! I found this page too late. I called them back and found the person I spoke with earlier. She told me that I was faking who I was and that I was pretending to be my dad?… We share the same name. But I did just buy a house. She goes, “It’s okay I know what’s going on here.” :-O … I was in shock I said I just want to be removed from your list please. and she hung up. I called back. Got another person. They answered the phone differently. My number must have been flagged. I tell this lady I don’t want to be on your list. She says, “Sir this is an opt-in list.” I did not sign up for a free bottle of Tide. I tell her I work in marketing and this is all very good but can I please be removed. Obviously she can’t, and she hangs up again very pissed sounding. I heard a lot of other people in the background all being roughly. I’m sure its just a small room somewhere with like 10 people or so, just laughing at us all when we call in. Pathetic, I’m just pissed. They just capture your info, sell it again and again.

  37. Love google.. I knew someone would have posted something up here if this was a scam.. JUST RECEIVED ONE TODAY.. shame on them.. trash it is. THANK YOU for going through the trouble of posting this!!

  38. Thank you so much we just got a package ourselves, but it says AM Delivery Services instead. The number has changed: 1888-908-3070. I called and it went yo voicemail. Voicemail?! Never heard of such nonsense from a delivery service. The postcard look exactly the same except for the above information and the address: 840S (yes S) Edgewood Rd Ste 200 Jacksonville, Fla 32205. Definitely a scam thanks!

  39. They have moved their location. If you look at their old address on google maps atleast it says for rent. Also if anyone is interested I found that the president of this company is one, “Pavel Maqueira.” Also that PM Delivery Services is owned by an income tax company “MARIA’S INCOME TAX & ACCOUNTING SVCS INC.”

    Very very shady stuff. I found this information here on Florida’s government website. »

    One more thing. “Mr.Maqueria” lives in a very nice house –,8981+SW+208th+Terrace,+Cutler+Bay,+FL+33189&gl=us&ei=aAu4TrLuMsO-2gWnssDMDQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBwQ8gEwAA

    Can’t we all file some sort of civil case against this guy?

  40. Thanks for the post. I was expecting a package and I’m new to this neighborhood, so I figured it was their postal carrier. Whoops. I wish I would have read this first so I could have messed with them. I suppose the FTC complaint will suffice.

  41. Just got a postcard yesterday. Many flags pop up with this type of mail, but intrigued by the handwritten address and Tracking #. Thanks for posting your experience.

  42. Thanks for the info, i work at a company who’s always trying new shippers, large and small, so i knew immediately this company didn’t ship packages. Anyone know how many times i can call with stupid requests before it constitutes harrassment? P.S. I have reason to believe they aquired my name/address from R.P. Funding. i’ve recieved about 20 similar solicitations that have had connections to this company. So any new mortgage, (new home/refinance) probably has a shot of getting one of these. P.P.S. my number was DM-1111… i feel so special 😛

  43. Thanks for the information on this scam. I am expecting a package and when I got this card in the mail today I was perplexed as to who PM Delivery is and why someone on ebay would be using them to deliver my purchase. Because of you, I will not contact them.
    Thanks, Diane

  44. well i fell like a complete idiot. i called back and verified my address, phone number prior to realizing that asking my house’s age wasn’t relevant to the “delivery process”. I asked for the web address and they couldn’t give it to me. I told them I was no longer interested and hung up. Later I called back and asked to be removed from any and all lists I was made a part of, it was clear that they knew who I was and what my information was, still. They “claimed” to remove me from their list and hung up on me.

    Anyways package never scheduled. BWT their information is.
    confirmation code: Dm-1014
    Am delivery services
    840S Edgewood Rd Ste 200
    Jacksonville FL 32205

    Card no: 888-908-3070 (will leave a message to get called back)
    Call back no: 904-329-3570 (the number that they call from, listed to a A&M Environmental Services)

    Shelby (no last name given) called from the 904 number trying to delivery me free tide and a water check.

    I hope they merely selling my info to marketing people and not anybody more diabolical. They had my name and address and now they have my company phone’s number. Hopefully no damage done.

  45. Let me add to the thanks!! I got the postcard. My BS meter went off right away, and your post was the first result returned!!

    Thanks again!

  46. You are a great American. I got one today and didn’t want to deal with it so I did a google search and this was at the top of the list. Bravo fine sir!

  47. My sister in law got one yesterday and said she wasn’t expecting any pkgs and she said she thought it might be a scam. I looked at it and the BS detector went off too. Told her not to call I’ll check it out. Found this site from a Dogpile search of the 888 number.

    She purchased a house in the last 30 days, paid cash, no mortgage or bank involved. Only 2 realtors and lawyers, other than the title ins co no one else was involved.

    What I found very disturbing after reading the posts was that they were also targeting recently deceased folks and trying to scam the grieving relatives! I find that lower than pond scum.

    Her card was from the new address in Jville, all handwritten. Looks like this crap is done by the poor slobs who fall for the work at home scam of stuffing envelopes, instead they get people to address post cards and probably pay the postage waiting for the scammer to pay them back.

    Not sure if this is Postal Fraud or not, but the BBB is useless, better to go to the department of Consumer Affairs and the AG of Florida. BTW the Jville address is a Bank of America bldg, in which offices are rented.

  48. This is not a scam…. unfortunately with the do not call lists, advertising has changed over the years. We could put a billboard in your yard asking you to call to get your water tested and no one would call. Most people who do have us out to test their water are very satisfied with the results and out of the people who do decide to clean up their water, believe the best thing they could have done was to call the number and schedule a water test. There is no cost or obligation with the presentation and we would love the opportunity to come out and show you what is in it. So please call the number and set up an appointment, It could be the best choice you have ever made. We do not target any group of people, we target new home owners no matter what age, race, religion, or any other group you may think of.

    • Bill, you seem to be involved with this business somehow. This is a horrible advertising strategy, it makes your target audience feel misled about the nature of your services. I have zero trust in a company that tries to tell me they need an appointment to deliver a package and then reveals that what they actually want is to sell me water testing/treatment services. If I want water testing and treatment services, I’ll find you. Well, not you, since I’d never deal with your company based on this interaction, but one of your competitors.

      • Also many local governments offer free water testing so there is no need to have a private company sell your personal information. If you must have your water tested, it is a better idea to check for this type of option.

  49. Thanks! I also just got this in the mail and you saved me from a lot of BS i would have had to deal with if I called.

    Also, the front of the post card was exactly the same as yours but in the back it said it was from:
    AM Delivery Services
    840S edgewood rd-ste 200
    Jacksonville, FL 32205

    Just incase they keep moving around I wanted everyone to know its the same place.

  50. I got one in the mail…have also just recently moved (twice, in fact) and the postcard was addressed to my previous address. Mine still says PM Delivery Services, but it took a bit to get forwarded, I guess. I am expecting packages, but I called and left a voice mail with nothing more than my name and phone number.
    Thanks for posting their 904 phone number that they call back from… I’ll just not answer it.

    Oh, and hey “Bill”… can you spell “TROLL”!

  51. I can’t say for all of them but some of these are not scams or people out to hurt anyone. This particular approach is to have a water company go out and test your water and offer you a solution in cleaning up your water. Many of us know about the water issue and how the city adds chlorine to our tap water which its by-products are known carcinogens which means it may cause cancer. Dr. Oz last year held 2 shows about his concern with our tap water. We have seen in the news about how bottled water are just as bad as our tap water. There are systems out there that may range from the hundreds to the thousands but you do get what you pay for. When you call, you can ask what company will be going out to test your water and you may look them up for your peace of mind. Do your research as well with the quality of your tap water your body does absorb chlorine through its pores, tap water has inorganic and organic minerals that may cause kidney stones. Just educate yourself about your water and consider contacting a reputable company that will help you clean up your water.

  52. I got an almost identical postcard from a place called CSCI Delivery Services in Austin, TX. The address provided was 8101 N. Cameron Road Ste 302, Austin, TX 78754.

    Glad I found your blog post. Thank you!

    • I received one for this address too (8101 N. Cameron Road Ste 302, Austin, TX 78754). Same old story… “We have been trying to deliver and important package…”. Did some research and the listed business at this address is McDowell & Company on multiple websites. So, this mailer may actually be from an “advertising” company or reseller. I would suggest that anyone who does call them to get a “business license number”, so that when you need to file complaints, it may make it easier for the investigating agency to approach the actual offenders. I plan on calling them to see if I can get their license number and then report them to any agency that handles businesses like this (FTC, BBB, District Attorney’s Office, State licensing board, etc.). They are actually breaking a few laws, and trying to circumvent the system to get away with it. I assure everyone that having their business license number can make a world of difference in who to report this to, and how an investigating agency deals with businesses like this. Hope this extra info helps someone. Thank you to the original poster.

  53. This type of stuff is terrible and I’m glad you exposed them. After reading your post a few times and then studying the picture you provided, I have yet to see the picture of our beloved and respected President delivering the mail.

    In high regards of respect to all,
    John Wesley

  54. Hi All,

    I got the same thing today and, as I see is a common theme here, I am waiting on a package – two actually. This past weekend I ordered two things from folks on eBay. Just out of curiosity, is there a trend in that? How many of you ordered something from eBay in the week prior to getting a card in the mail?

    • I order a lot from eBay but it’s been weeks since I’ve received the last item I ordered. I’m expecting a package from Groupon though but it would be addressed to me and not my husband. Don’t know what the connection is…

  55. Amazing they can continue to do this.. I just got one in the mail and instantly notice the label address to me or current resident..which triggered my thought of it being a scam…and found this to confirm it. I too will report to BBB. Crazy world.

  56. I just got one of these from “CSCI Distribution” and got suspicious when I Googled them – nothing came up! I found this post by Googling the address. Thanks for the heads up!

  57. Just got one in the Austin, TX area. The address side was different than you described, but the text side was identical. Thanks for the heads up.

  58. Just got a post card today 5/11/12 that looks like the one posted above, except it is now called DMC Services out of Deltona Florida.

  59. I just got the same card from DMC Services in Deltona Florida. I intend to regort it to the BBB and USPO. I figured it was a scam but I am expecting some packages—I recently moved in–apparently they are contacting mostly new owners.

  60. Sneaky bastids. Thank you so much for posting this and for all the other commenters! Keep this thread alive and on the search engines.

  61. I got the same postcard…from DMC Services. I did not call because I thought it seemed fishy. Usually a delivery company will leave a postcard saying to schedule for delivery but it’s not mailed with a stamp from Florida! It’s also addressed to my husband and he doesn’t go by his given name and I knew no one would be sending us a package for him addressed this way! We just bought our house 3 years ago so I don’t know if this is how they got my info but I will rip the card up!

  62. I got one today from DMS Services. Address 577 Deltona Blvd – #18, Deltona, FL 32725. Seemed very suspicious that I would get a postcard that was MAILED to me saying they were trying to deliver a package. Postcard looked almost exactly the same as the image above. Funny, because I have been considering getting a watersoftner system, but I will not buy from a company that basically lies and tricks people into calling them.

  63. Received a card in POWELL, TN today. Same return address as the last post. Thnks for the original post on August 26, 2011, as well as all those that have followed. Not a lot on the web about these guys, so this is great information. Saves me from having my blood pressure spike.

  64. I’m glad I found this information, received the card today from DMC Services. I was going to call tomorrow, but then I thought, I’m not expecting any packages.

  65. Just received one of these card myself. Not sure how they got my name and address as I just moved into this house a month ago.

  66. Looks like they have updated their address and phone, but the card is identical. Philadelphia suburbs.. Now recycle, thanks for the posting..

  67. We just received one just like this except the company is DMC Services. Other than the name, all of the other details are exactly the same. Seemed fishy so I googled the company name and its location and am SO happy I read this. I will also do my best to spread the word- this ploy is an obnoxious display of dishonesty and bad business.

  68. And another one! My husband thought it looked like a scam, so I did a Google Search and found all of this.
    I’m glad I checked before calling!

  69. Well, i called before i checked! I should have known better, thought it was fishy. Then I called back to cancel and GREG could not understand why i wanted to cancel, it was a large bottle of Tide for free, for doing nothing. I told him I wasn’t that desperate for a bottle of Tide. He made a sighing sound and hung up on me. So I called backed and talked to DEREK to confirm the cancellation and he was nice at first then he started with the questions: was i not going to be home at that time, i could reschedule. Why didn’t i want to get free Tide? I told him to please remove my name and address from their list and he said we are just the dispatcher, we don’t have a list and you called us? I asked how then did you get my address and he said from Island Services. But of course he didn’t have any way I could contact them…Then he ask if my husband was available, i said no and he said he would try him back at a better time. I sure hope they don’t start harassing me. I will file a complaint but i wonder if that would really work.

  70. Received a notice from DMC Services today,I recently purchased a new home in suburban Philadelphia. My company’s main HQ is in the Orlando area, so I did think they might be mailing things that needed a signature required. I thought it was odd to get a mailed postcard about a delivery, UPS or FedEx leave notes on your door or mailbox. So, I decided to google it. I’m glad I didn’t call yet, thanks for the heads up!

  71. I just bought a house in New Jersey and received the post card and was suspicious so I decided to research first before I called. Glad I did and thanks for posting your experiences.

  72. I am also new homeowner and today (5/20/2012) received similar post card. Tracking Number is DM0525. I was suspicious so decided to google it. Thank you for the information, you saved me lot of time and pain.

  73. Thanks for your post – we just bought a new home in NJ – got the postcard and Googled since the name was unfamiliar. Funny my tracking is also DM0525

  74. Just received the postcard…glad I googled. As with other people, I was also suspicious, not expecting any pkgs. By the dates I’m seeing, this has been going on for quite awhile.

  75. Just got one and alarm bells started going off immediately. I though I would google before I called. Thanks for the heads up!

  76. Maybe we should all have their sales people come to our houses, spend four hours testing the water and tell them we knew it is a scam and we are just wasting their time too.

  77. So glad I found this too! I was waiting for a package shipped from the UK using a possible courier service, which made me wonder if this is legitimate. I googled the exact phrase on the postcard, which lead me to this site!

    Mine has the name, “EMC Delivery Services”, address 7322 SW Freeway – Ste 420, Houston, Tx 77074″. I’m in Houston, which is why I thought it could be legitimate!

    Mine lists the phone number as 281-203-0579, Tracking number NH62150012JH, and looks identical to the post card you posted. Frauds! Thank you for posting!!!

  78. Great Article. Since this appears to be a mail fraud issue forward postcards to: US Postal Inspection Service, 433 W Harrison St. Room 3255, Chicago, IL 60699-3255.

  79. Thanks so much for posting! I came across this as I was talking to her… I immediately told her I was not interested and discontinued the call. I’m also forwarding the postcard to the Postal Inspection Service – this is crazy!!!

  80. This company has now changed their info. I just got one of these today, same card, different phone #. Also, the return address on the back of the card is 577 Deltona Blvd., Deltona, FL 32725. When you pull up that address, it is a home that is for sale with no picture available. Hmmmmmm…THanks for posting!!!!

  81. I just got one today addressed to my late husband! I was suspicious and googled the company and came to this site. Thanks for alerting us about this fraud.

  82. I got one of these when my husband and i first bought our house i called not knowing it was a scam but since we have a water filtration system in our home since we live in the city they said they couldnt send it that it was only for houses that didn’t have a water purifier . That was a year and a half ago, i just got another one in the mail yesterday.

  83. Just got one of these today, looked a bit shady to my hubby so I goggled the “company” and eventually got your blog. Thanks for the heads up. Obviously I didn’t call. My husband said well if this is a real delivery company they didn’t try to hard to deliver a package since he works from home and I am a stay at home mom, someone is pretty much ALWAYS here. Thought it was odd the company didn’t have a web address on the post card… Thanks again.

  84. I live in north Knoxville, TN, very close to other respondents on this blog from Powell, TN. I took the advice of another on here and sent my copy of the postcard to the US Postal Inspection Service. Thanks to all that have done their part to expose this threat.

  85. I live in Austin, TX and have gotten this card twice. First time was a year ago when I bought a house. I thought it was suspicious so called and asked who the package was from and what it is. I was not given the Tide story. Instead they told me it is a welcome basket for new home owners with local coupons and such. I shouldn’t have, but I gave them their information and set up a delivery day/time. Of course my security system activation and monitoring was being transferred from my old residence but not yet done. Naturally, they never delivered my welcome basket, they just absconded with my personal data to sell for marketing purposes. So in that regard they certainly are a scam. I got a second card again this week, a year later, and you know I’m not calling this time. Searched for a thread like this to add my 2 bits so that others that investigate before calling won’t be suckered.

  86. Got the same postcard in the ATX 78753, the back is the same as the pic in your post. The addy is: 8101 N Cameron Rd, Ste 302, Austin, TX 78754. I think it might be the same scam, I am not even expecting a pckg or delivery. K

  87. Thanks! Just got a post card today. I was very suspicious so I googled the company and came across your post!! Thanks again for saving me the trouble. This post card is now going in the trash.

  88. Apparently they’re harrassing Austin, Texas now! I’m a new homeowner less than 2 months now & this is the 3rd scam I’ve encountered. The 1st two were notices put at my door from “Compass Deliverey Services”. I found out that was a scam thanks to you kind people on “Google”. So, when I got that postcard like the photo above, I immediately went to Google 1st. The police are aware of this, but I doubt they can do anything. The postcards truly are annoying. And, they can just try & rob us because we’re armed with pitbulls, guns & one badass cat!

  89. Forgot to mention the “delivery service” name they’re using in Austin: CSEI Delivery Services, 8101 N. Cameron Rd.,Ste 302, Austin 78754. Phone#512-410-0355.

  90. Same card, same BS, new phone number and new name, This scam now calls itself DMC Services, Deltona. Thanks for the post.

  91. Thank you for posting this. I recently re-finanaced and got a card with DMC Services from Deltona with the same address listed above about a week ago in New Orleans.

  92. Just got this card today in Nashville, Tennessee. It looked like BS because of the cheesy clipart they use on it… so I googled their address and whaddya know!? It *is* BS!! : ). thanks for hosting this site.

  93. i received a postcard today near philadelphia. interestingly i do not own a home and my town was spelled incorrectly. so sketchy.

  94. I just moved into a new home and received this postcard. Having already received other similar scams that were a little more obvious, I decided to google this before calling. So glad I did. Thank you for your post.

  95. I am sooooooo glad you posted. I had never heard of them so I googled before I called! Thank you for sharing.

  96. Thank you for posting this alert!

    I just got one from CSCI Distribution, 8101 N Cameron Ste. 302, Austin, TX 78754. It’s a bright yellow postcard postmarked Houston, TX, with a sticker containing my printed address. Text on the back under a picture of a paper airplane says, “Date: 6/25/2012, Dear: Home Owner, REF#: DM06255001212, the return address, Important Notice, [and this message:] We have been trying to reach you to deliver your package. Unfortunately, our schedules get hectic. Please call us today between 1100am and 700pm at 512-410-0355, so we can deliver your package promptly.”

  97. Yes, I just received the same from CSCI Distribution, Austin, TX. I suspected “scam” immediately as I have no packages coming my way. I will not call them, but it ‘s disturbing that these people can get by with this scam operation b/c unfortunately, there are a lot of people that will call and perhaps get “hooked in”, especially some of the elderly.

  98. I just got one of these cards. I called the number, as I wasn’t expecting a package, but fortunately it was Saturday, and no one answered.
    Thanks for posting these comments!

  99. got one from DMC Services, 577 Deltona Blvd. –#18, Deltona, FL. It looks like they hired someone to write my contact info who does not often write the English or even how to address a letter. For example, the City and State are written like this: Grand. Rapids. MI. with misplaced periods after each of those words. Thank you for posting! I was wondering why a Florida company was trying to deliver a package 1000 miles away from Florida.

  100. Also from mid TN and received this goofy delivery notice post card. Since they put my EX-husband’s name on it, It’s going in file 13 anyway. But glad I googled, thanks for the post.

  101. DELIVERY NOTICE postcard in the mailbox from DMC
    Services of Deltona FL, addressed to … … ….. saying they’ve
    been trying to deliver “an important package,” and asking to be called at 1-800-959-3866 to arrange for redelivery. Seemed strange that this card was mailed through USPS.

    The handwritten tracking Number is a bit ambiguous. Probably

    DL0516, but maybe
    DLOS16, or
    OLB516, or a similar permutation.

    in East Tennessee

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  103. They’ve moved, changed their name and phone number. Now it’s DMC Services, 577 Deltona Blvd – # 18, Deltona, FL, 1-888-959-3866.

  104. Got the same postcard, but from address of “577 Deltona Blvd–#18, Deltona, FL 32725”. I wasn’t expecting anything from FL, so it sounded really fishy. Thanks for this post!

  105. They now call themselves “”DMC Services”” Same address and Phone number. If you look up DMC services, you see a great review from the Better Business Bureau. However it is for a company out of Colorado. So Don’t be fooled…

    Zac – La.

  106. Just received the same postcard from DMC. Since I’m not expecting a package, I figured it was a scam. Hence, I googled the phone number. How these people sleep at night is beyond me.

  107. Thank you for your post, I am adding my note in hopes that it will hep search engines find it. As others note, the scammers are now working as DMC Services – 577 Deltona Blvd #18, Deltona FL 32725 – The address of Deltona Square – and they are NOT in that strip mall.

  108. Houston, TX here. I got the exact postcard but their company name is listed as EMC Delivery Services at 7322 SW Freeway-Suite 420. Houston, TX 77074. I first googled the name and address of the building. Suite 420 is vacant! So then I came across this blog and picture of the postcard and they are identical except that the phone number to call is 281-203-0579 and the tracking number is not handwritten, it is printed and the number is NH712100012JD. Hope this helps anyone in the Houston area to realize its a scam!

  109. Great post, Thank you for this information. We received the same card in NJ and made the same phone call. It was clear the operator did not know our address. We recently moved and wonder if they received our address from some move database or list. Extremely deceptive, so glad we found this post. Thanks again.

  110. Thank you so much for saving me a phone call! Our little blue post card reads from CSCI Distribution, 8101 N Cameron Rd #302, Austin, TX. We too just bought a home here in Austin and I felt this was a scam so I googled this. The reference # on my card is DM-120721 and the phone they give is 512-410-0355.

  111. Well, sorry you all got one of these, but I’m glad that I’m not alone…Just got one from DMC Services, 577 Deltona Blvd #18, Deltona, FL 32725. Call # 1-888-959-3866…what a scam…

  112. Yes, the area we live in has REALLY hard water, like its nasty. It smells like eggs. When I first moved here they tricked me w an entertainment book, so I said wth, let them pitch I’m not goin 2 buy… Hmph! I about couldn’t get him out of my house. We told him no at least 50x!!! 2 hours later he FINALLY left! Jeez! I’m glad u posted this (that instance was almost 3yrs ago!) I got this exact thing, ‘cept, pics a little diff now and its still in same place: deltona, fl and the ph # is diff, but I was about to call them. Your right! It IS super sneaky and shady buisness practices. Stop by my blog sometimes Locomotion of Expressions! Oh yeah! I forgot to mention all the coupons were for Jax FL and couldn’t be used in Kingsland. Wtf? That’s 45 min away! LOL! (The entertainment book) NONE of the coupons could be used here, subway – mcd’s none. I was pissed! Ha! Anyway, again, ty u just saved me some time AND frustration.

  113. Got a card a couple of days ago. Figured it was a scam, but called just in case (since I was waiting for a package that hadn’t yet arrived). The gal on the end of the line first asked for my address, then the “Tracking Number.” She tells me to hold on, then comes back on the line and kind of laughs. “It looks like they’re trying to deliver you a free sample of Tide detergent, but they need you to answer a couple of questions regarding your laundry habits.” “No thanks,” I said, and hung up the phone. How do these idiots sleep at night? Also, there’s a picture of a smiling white guy (no Obama on my card) carrying a stack of boxes and the return address on my card was 577 Deltona Blvd, #18, Deltona, FL 32725. I live in the Philly burbs, btw.

  114. Thank You, I’ve been wondering for months what was this about. Since I never had the time to call, I wasn’t one of their victims. Now I’m glad I didn’t,
    but I found the two post cards again and got curious, so I goggle it! Thank you again….

  115. Like above got DMC Services, Deltona FL 32725. 1-888-959-3866. Also in Philly burbs. Must be covering this area this week. It also must be from a database for new home purchases – we moved in a few weeks ago.

    I know there are a lot of “me too” comments, but this will help keep this info alive and keep it at the top of the search engines. Thanks for all those posting.

  116. I called and asked what the package was. The person who answered said she would tell me if I gave her the name, address, and tracking number on the card. After I told her that she said she wanted to put me on hold. I said you promised to tell me what was in the package and called her a liar and she hung up.

  117. Alert!!!! I too just got a card, but its from DMC Services… The same, almost identical wording is listed on the postcard. I am not waiting on any packages, so I googled first. Thank you to all & Beware to many others!!!

  118. I got one of these as well today. I googled first and found this site. Thanks to everyone who posted. The one is received is nearly identical to the photo only the tracking number is printed on the front of the card. but otherwise nearly identical. They think they are slick and use a real postage stamp. Now I can put this card where it belongs – in the trash!

  119. Just another person who got sent this garbage… DMC Services, Deltona FL 32725. 1-888-959-3866. I’m in the Nashville suburbs. I actually AM expecting a package, but the postcard just didn’t seem right. Thank you for saving me a phone call (and I’m sure subsequent harassment)!

    • My Mom got scammed by this completely.

      She bought a home in SC in 2011 and received this same card (PM Delivery Services) and called the number. The lady said it was a free bottle of Tide, so she went for it. Then a few days later, she gets a knock on her door and its a sales rep named Bob Ciano who said he was here to deliver the Tide and test her water. My mom was like, “What water test?” Bob was a smooth talker and said it was a free water test. He convinced her that her water tested poorly and he strongly recommended her to purchase the Aqua Maid Water System, so my Mom did (please don’t laugh- my Mom had just moved to SC after divorcing my father of 30 years and she left NY to start over, and she is extremely kind and vulnerable, albeit naïve). They told her that if she didn’t see a 30% decrease in her electric bill as a result of the water system providing more rapid hot water due to it being so clean (don’t laugh, I wanted to KILL her when she told me this and actually believed this idiot) that they would refund her in full. She noticed no change whatsoever and called to return the system. Turns out, Bob was a LIAR and the system cannot be returned. She financed a loan for it to the tune of $5,000. She has been on the phone with them for months and months, they give her the run-around and laugh and hang up on her. She filed a complaint with the BBB and a man from “A & M Enviro Services” contacted her and said he was giving her 10 days to retract her statement, otherwise he was suing her for slandering the company. She FINALLY realized this was a scam, and just now told me. She has been paying $100 a month for over a year for this system and the payoff amount is $4,700 (she purchased it for $5,000). She contacted the company who finances for this water system and spoke to a nice man who said “M’am, I could lose my job for this. But is there any way you can call me later tonight? I need to speak to you about this and I’m staying late tonight and I can’t talk about this with you right now.” My Mom called the man back and he said, “m’am, this is a scam. They prey on people all of the time. I’ve been trying to help people, and I think they are about to fire me because I’ve been telling people its a scam. I had no idea this is what this job was about until after I was hired. Please do anything you can to get rid of this system. A and M Services actually puts liens on people’s houses in the instance that you catch on to them and stop paying the bill.” My Mom thanked him, and when she called a few weeks later and asked for him, the new person who answered claimed he was no longer with their company.

      I am so angry at my Mom for falling for this, but like I said- she is a sweet but very naïve person, who is overly trusting. She is a mess over this- the sustem does not work whatsoever and she has called dozens of A and M Services phone numbers and no one ever calls her back. She is scared to stop paying the bill in the instance that they place a lein on her house.

      Does anyone have any advice whatsoever? Please let me know. I’m former law enforcement but I don’t know what to classify this as. I considered having her file a fraud report with her local PD, but she feels like this won’t do any good, as A and M Enviro Services is out of Florida.

      By the way- the rep who sold her this garbage is named Bob Ciano and his phone number is 516) 315-6506. Feel free to call him and tell him what a douchebag he is. Also, the A and M Enviro Services ‘manager’ is named Rebecca- her number is (904) 379-6566.

      Any advice from anyone is extremely appreciated!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!

      • I am sorry but your mom was duped by the guy who supposedly tried to help you out. Only a taxing authority, public utility and the mortgagor can put a lien on your property. The most a private company can do is try to wreck your mom’s credit. However, if they try to do so remind them that credit fraud is a felony and they can face hefty fines and imprisonment if they try to pursue your mother. Do not let the guy who tried to “help” your mother get away with it. With the bogus advice he gave her I am sure he is still happily with the company telling other elderly ladies their house might be liened against if they stop paying.

  120. We recently purchased our house in Austin. Today I received a yellow post card from CSEI Distribution, 8101 N Cameron Rd #302, Austin, TX. I suspect it a scam so I googled. I am glad I googled first and found this blog.

  121. I am living King of Prussia near Philly, just got one such postcard. Was just confused about it. Thanks a lot for the infor!!!

  122. I just got this on Saturday. I almost called. I decided to check them out online first. Thank you for posting this information. By the way they have changes to the card. It now says the phone number is 1888-959-3866 and the address is 577 Deltona Blvd. #18 Deltona, FL 32725.

  123. Just got one of these and it looked like it was a scam, so I googled it and found your article, thank you very much for blogging about it and helping others not got involved with this scam.

  124. i got one of those postcard today, from DMC Services Deltona FL, so called the delivery service. i did call them. sounds very fishy. googled after reject the “offer” on the phone. wouldn’t even call knowing this is a scam. will check first next time. Thank you for posting.

  125. The sad thing is some areas benefit dramatically from a water softener or reverse osmosis machine. I got the mailer today and already have a water softener and am well pleased. So, not really anything for me to “buy” except more salt!

  126. DMC Services
    577 Deltona Blvd. #18
    Deltona, FL 32725


    Called and first time they pickep up and hung up immediately since I used *67 to block my number. Then called back and did the same and it says this call is being recorded and if you do not want this to be recorded then hang up.

    The rep asked for my name and address on the card. I said I have a tracking number that should give you that. He said no I need your name and address on the card first. I said you are also being recorded and if he did not want this ………. He hung up immediately.

    I called back again using *67 and the same bla bla about record and then another person (Lucy) said name and address please. I said you are being recorded also so guess what she hung up.

    I called back again using *67 and the same the same …… than (Sam) picked up and said name and address please. I did not say anything about record and asked what is the scam. She said that I was her last call for the day and she was quitting the company, The company is a call center for 100’s of other companies that sale items such as shingles, water softners, windows, garage doors, etc. She said they are wanting to send you a sample “sales” packet for free with valuable coupons to your favorite places. They will ask where you like to eat, married, kids, income, etc.

    She said that sleep at night was more important to her and scamming others was wrong snd she had enough. The call center she speaking from was in Raleigh, NC and said they have 4 other hubs in the USA.

    I have an employee that lives 2 miles from the posted address so I had him visit the place and lets say I got my laugh.

  127. I live in Houston TX, I received one of the card’s in my mailbox today. I called the number, but hung up before someone answered. I figured something was very suspicious, so I decided to check the internet. Thanks guys for the information, great job!

  128. I received the same thing today, except they are calling themselves EMC Delivery Services now and are in Houston, TX. Thanks for your post!

  129. Thanks for the info. I got the card today and my card was from Deltona, FL. You saved me a lot of frustation dealing with this type of people….Rick

  130. I live in Houston, TX….same thing..,..Just received and Googled and so thankful this is here…..the address on the card I received goes to another delivery company in Houston, TX. I’m sure they would love to know this fraudulent company is using their address…phone number listed is 281-203-0579… address EMC Delivery Services, 7322 SW Freeway Ste 420, Houston, TX 77074. Received Sept. 5, 2012. Lookout!

  131. Thank you! You saved us a lot of time and aggravation (which I am sorry you had to go through). Ours was the more updated card with the almost UPS looking guy.
    received 9/4 in NJ.

  132. I got this exact same card this weekend here in Memphis, TN. Different tracking number but still the same. I am glad I googled it as well. I am expecting pacages also.

  133. Wow, I just received the same same card yesterday here in Cordova, TN also. The tracking number is now AB-0831. I figured it was a scam because I was not waiting on a package. So I still decided to google it anyway just to see what kind of scam it was. Thank goodness for google. Why don’t these people get a life and stay out of ours.

  134. thanks for sharing cause I just got mine in the mail and I know I was not expecting any package and yes I got the one with a delivery man on the front.

  135. Got the card last week in TN, of course waited to google it AFTER I called (I was expecting a package). Verified address, but when she started talking about sending someone out, I told her I wasn’t comfortable with that, she said they would have ID on them, said no thanks and hung up. But address and phone is now verified in their system 😛

  136. I just received a postcard in TN also. Mine had new tracking #DM-0907. Luckily my toddler took my attention away from the phone before anyone answered to speak with me. I then googled it before calling back and found this. Thanks for the heads up!

  137. Thanks you for the warning. just moved into a new house at first thought it was a house warming gift from my aunt in fl. But then realized I already got one from her!

  138. I just this card in the mail. I wasn’t expecting any packages and it seemed fishy. I googled the company name and it linked to your blog. Read the entry and it confirmed my suspicions. Thanks!

  139. Thank you so much for this post. Received the same post card yesterday and thought something was fishy. You confirmed my suspicions and saved me a lot of headache.

  140. Thank you for posting this. Googled for the DMC services after receiving the card and this site just proved my theory right, this was a scam.

  141. Allow me to be the 10,000,001 person to thank you for posting this.

    Just got this post card yesterday as a company in Houston, Tx. and the name on it is EMC Delivery Services. Always be leary of packages you never ordered!

  142. I just got one of these as well (number is AB-0919).

    It’s funny that you mentioned the stamp, but that is exactly what clued me in to assume it was a scam. Anyone who was already at my door would have just left one of those sticky notes that UPS or Fed Ex use to say they missed you. They certainly would spend the money for postage or a glossy postcard.

  143. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through
    Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future.

    A lot of people will be benefited from your writing.

  144. We just got one in Texas from some CSEI Dstribution Center. We cannot even find the address on Google and it reads…

    “Important Notice Reference #…
    Date 9/xx/2012

    We Have been trying to reach you to deliver your package to your home, and we know how our schedules get hectic. As always, we try to offer prompt and courteous service. Please call us Now at 281-552-8425 so we can deliver your package promptly. Please call Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm CST and ask for delivery services.”

    We are expecting a package, but this just looked way too fishy.

  145. I just got one but it is from EMC Distribution in Houston, TX. The number to call was 281-203-0579. All the other text was just what you described.

  146. Just got same postcard and was looking on bing to see who it was there is no place in the yellow pages under the address they used so i was calling number and was on hold when i found your comments and hung up immediately thank you for sharing September 28 2012

  147. Wow! I just called for the exact same reason and got the exact same dialogue. The only difference is the tracking # is AB-0924. The guy was nice and said it was an initiative about “going green”, which coinsides with the recent start-up of a recycling program in our parish (Louisiana).

  148. My daughter just got one sent to the house. Her birthday is Tuesday, so I thought well it could be from someone. For some reason my radar went up and I looked it up & found your page…So thank you for posting this for us. I am in NJ..

  149. I received this in the mail today – I live in PA. Thanks for having this information out there as I am expecting packages, but thought this company seemed strange and wanted to look them up before calling. Glad I found this!

  150. Just had this show up at my house, I’m in NJ. Same story as the huge list of posts above. Hit google while I was on hold and discovered this info! Scammers.

  151. Once more “thank you” from a fellow near-victim. I was pretty skeptical, and then I saw this blog. Kudos to you.

  152. Just got one of these myself and immediately thought it looked suspicious and found your site when i googled this DMC. thanks for the info! I will trash it. My tracking number is AB-0926. Same address and the rest is the same.

  153. I got the updated card today with a new “Tracking Number” AB-1010. Thank you for your blog post to help expose these twerps. Off to the FCC and Postmaster!

  154. Thanks for posting about this scam. I too received one of these cards and found it helpful to search it and find an answer. It smelled fishy before I even reached the mailbox. If people would spend half their energy trying to make an honest living…

  155. I just got one with a tracking number of DM-1012, glad my bullshit alarm went off and made me decide to look up the company and find this blog. The stamp on the notice kinda set it off and the fact that I work at night so I’m actually home all day and my wife is home all night so the fact that a package could not be delivered was another red flag.

    Thanks for the posting

  156. I got one in the mail a couple of days ago and my tracking number is AB- 1015. I’m so tired of
    scam artists trying to take advantage of decent people. So glad you posted this info on your blog.

  157. Got one of their cards. Thought the stamp on the front was a little “fishy”. Retired, home all the time which also raised a red flag when they said they couldn’t deliver. Thanks for your post. Answered all my questions.

  158. smelled the B.S. from a mile away!! called my less than inteligent neighbor to see if he got one and fell for it, he didnt so I Googled it. Thanks for the post!

  159. Thanks so mauch for the post. Google is a wonderful thing. I received the post card a couple of weeks ago. It seemed suspicious since I was not expecting a package and I did not call.. Now that I have finally gotten around to googling I’m really glad.

  160. Just got one today!! Almost called because I AM expecting a package that I too ordered off Amazon (actually abebooks which is owned by them) which USPS has apparently lost. I wonder if there is some amazon connection or just a coincidence. Anyway thanks so much!!!!!

  161. In Houston, just got one today. Thanks for this page.
    For the lady who got scammed, talking to your state or county attorney general is an option; or the Haggler at the New York Times, who works issues like this.

  162. Got one today. I’m always suspicious of packages not being delivered, from a company or a delivery service I do not know. The internet has helped many times and this is one of them. These folk are trying to get the last of the ignorant who are not aware that the internet can help find many truths.

    Thank you for your information.

  163. Got one of these today & kind of figured it was a scam. Glad I found this before calling. Thank you for saving me the headache!

    • I just bought my first home several weeks ago and just go this same postcard yesterday in the mail. I’ve never received one at my old address. Somehow they are targeting new home owners. Anyway, I am so glad for this post on Google. It saved me a phone call and lots of stress worrying about someone coming to my home.
      The tracking number on my postcard is DM-1019.

  164. Yes – Me too in Atlanta, GA. Tracking number AB-1022. I have lived in my house 5 years. This bunch is not connected to Amazon in any way.

  165. I just got the same postcard in Euless, TX. Tracking number DM-1019. We just moved into our home here about 2 months ago. So, they’re definitely targeting new homeowners. Thanks so much for posting this information and saving me from wasted time on the phone with yet another scammer.

  166. Knew the scam already, thought I would have a little fun…. Of course they wanted name address blood. I kept telling them no and repeating the confirmation number. They tried to explain that was not their confirmation number. But I insisted since they are the “shipping” co, of course that is their number. He got really mad, told me he was only a dispatcher for hundreds of companies. I said let us cut the bs…you are scamming people. All I want is to be taken off your list or I will call the BBB. He said he could not do that since he has no access to the list. I said “Ok, calling the authorities and the BBB. He had the nerve to say…”Don’t give them this number, I am only a dispatcher, please, are you there?” I did not say another word and hung up.
    Scam alive and well in middle TN. Address given was the Deltona, fl.

    • Here is why he got scared. This is not a calling center. The 1-888 number routes to a switching service that finds a work from home person who gets paid for each call they successfully schedule. That is why there is always a weird click right before you are connected. It is the network transferring you to whatever get rich from home operator is available.

  167. Got the postcard yesterday and I live in South Central, KY. Tracking number AB-1022. Address still Deltona, FL. Thank you for posting about this! 🙂

  168. got one today and the tracking number is AB-1024. It looked suspicious so i checked and seen all these messages, thank you all!!

  169. Thank you do much for posting this! When I saw the card I knew it looked fishy and thanks to an easy google search, I found your post and confirmed my suspicions. Has anyone complained to Proctor &Gamble, the maker of Tide? I think we should all do this so companies avoid misleading scams such as these.

  170. i Just got one today and I am in Savannah, GA! So glad I researched before doing anyhting else. I am 4 months preg and getting packages in the mail for the baby so they almost had me thinking I needed to call. Thank you for posting this and allowing us to catch it before we call!

  171. thanks for posting this scam. i received a postcard in woodstock GA this week and knew something was fishy about it. i feel bad for the clucks who fall for this scam.

  172. Thanks for your info, I got the Delivery notice Card from DMC Services today. I’m glad I searched for information before I made that phone call.

  173. thank you for posting this information. I got one in the mail today and had to look online because I work from home, so I’m here 24/7 most days. I pulled this out of the mailbox today and realized that nobody I knew had sent me anything recently and any company trying to deliver to me would not have had a problem finding me. Glad people post warnings like this to save some of us the time of calling a misrepresented corporation.

  174. Lol…my husband got one of those postcards. Normally I would call right away but it just seemed odd that he didn’t tell me to be expecting a package. Most of the time he will tell me before he orders anything. He certainly would tell me to look out for a box, because he is paranoid that the package would be stolen. I then decided to look up the company before I called, so thank you. It’s so sad that people don’t have the same type of trust anymore.

  175. I got one of these today. I thought it looked suspicious from the moment I saw it, so I went to Google, and found your blog. Thank you so much – this is great information to have.

    I wonder how they got my address, though. I’m not a homeowner, haven’t moved, haven’t ordered anything online in months…

  176. This blog has been very helpful. I also recieved the exact same postcard today. I am not expecting a package so I decided to google the delivery service, I have never heard of DMC delivery service nor ever recieved a postage stamped postcard after a delivery attempt so I was suspicious. Thats where I found this blog and I am thankful I didnt make the mistake of calling the phone number first! Thanks for sharing you experience! It infuriates me companies lie and scam to get my address, email, and phone number so they can harrass me. Whatever happened to consumer searching for what they want instead of been stalked by companies?

  177. The company is called “Total Marketing Concepts”. I just google mapped the address and all businesses at that address are listed. I am calling the BBB on them, hopefully others will follow as well! Thank you so much for posting!

  178. I just recieved one of these cardsand found it a little suspicious. It has all the smae info like you said. Thanks for the post. It was helpful.

  179. Thank you so much! my wife was about to call the number, and something didn’t feel right about it, so i looked online and found ur post! got the exact one from florida, and also one from houston under the name “CSEI Distribution”…. you are awesome for posting this!

  180. I just got mine (11/23/2012). I thought it odd that a “delivery service” located in FL was leaving cards in my NJ mailbox. Thanks for saving me the time!

  181. Western NJ & just got one today…I googled DMC Services and this blog was the second thing to come up…thanks for saving me the frustration of calling the stupid 888 number. Which, by the way seems to have slightly changed again to 1-888-691-3922 and instead of a confirmation # it gives you a ref# which is ES-1116. Scammers!

  182. Allentown, PA., here. Just got mine last week. I complained to the US Postal Service about this type of scam. I mean…come on…even my postal carrier told me…don’t bother calling as it is a scam…as she handed me the post card. Then, why deliver the BS??? I was told in a letter…”the US Postal Service has to deliver the notice because they are providing a service regardless of whether the purchaser is a scam or not”. What??? Plus…they need the revenue source. So…because of the attitude in the US Postal Service…my grammy is at risk of getting suckered and loosing money. Man…what has America become? A cesspool is what it has become. As long as everyone makes money…screw the end user, taxpayer, our elderly, etc. Businesses are allowed to ‘skirt the law’ even as KNOWN scammers. Shame. A real shame. But thanks for the heads-up! I won’t call or e-mail anyone anymore without first…doing the research. In doing so…it has paid off every time and prevented a hundred head aches easily.

  183. Hi! AWESOME to find your blog! I can’t believe I wasted the better part of the day trying to reach someone on the number on the card (incidentally, it’s different from yours: 888-691-3922) only to get music and a recording that says no-one is available before it disconnects me. Very frustrating when you don’t know which supposed package is being held. Thanks to you, I know there is no package at all! THIS IS WRONG! The card I received is canary yellow front and back. It has similar wording and the phone number mentioned above. The return address says DMC Services, 577 Deltona Blvd. #18, Deltona, FL 32725 which is the same address as one that is mentioned earlier in your blog.
    Thanks again for the info!

  184. Received the same canary yellow card Kim did. Was suspicious so I Googled DMC Services and came upon your blog. Thank you! Lisa

  185. Got the same yellow card in northiern nj today. Thank you for sharing and saving me from a scam. They must be trying to prey on people expecting packages for Christmlas!

  186. I got in the mail today. I knew it was a scam when the first line says, “We have been trying to deliver an important package to your home”. Red flag #1: Why mail a postcard to the same address you say you have been trying to deliver a package to. If I got the postcard, I’d get the package-Duh! Red flag #: How would they know whether or not it’s “an important” package”? Same Deltona, FL address, 1-888-959-3866 phone #, scam tracking number on mine was AB-1128. Thanks for the blog!

  187. I filed a complaint with the BBB of Orlando which elicited two rebuttals from their corporate office, and was eventually Administratively Closed but will be used in compiling a report on the business. They are dba DMC Services, but they are actually operating as Island Services, which is listed as a water purification outfit. Their line to corporate is 800-930-1042, and the link to file a complaint is . In the second rebuttal to my complaint, a rep from the company complained that I was wasting his time, and I certainly hope I did. Although these things may seem a minor inconvenience, I actually find this sort of unabashed deception and false advertising tactics to exhibit a glaring lack of respect for consumers. No doubt many of you wasted only 30 seconds querying the number on the web, and it may seem trifling, but should we simply put up with this? Take the extra time, call and complain, write a letter, file a case with the BBB, post a review online, whatever you can do to waste the time of these incredulous time-wasters is worth it…even if only for the schadenfreude.

  188. i got the same, the last thing i did was register my name and address to, before that i got many calls from those suckers, now they send it through mail, i believe it is the same guys or company, because i never received such things. Wonder…Why don’t they use thier smart brain for good thing?.. there are many good thing they can do and earn much more money then anoying people.

    • that’s right its same company “marketing concept” used to called me few times a week, and after i register to, its send mail to me, now they know my name and address . Should we trust our government? this is very annoying.

  189. I got one too and it just didn’t seem right. I googled it because I’m expecting a large package soon. I’m in jersey right outside of Philly. Thanks for the info!

  190. Just received one here in Spring Hill, TN (25 miles south of Nashville). Looks like they’re stepping it up thanks to the holiday season, preying on those who are legitimately expecting packages.

    This blog was a HUGE help. Thanks for posting! Google took me right to it when I searched “DMC services postcard.”

  191. Got one on March 2012. Called number and they wanted to sell me a filtration system. Told them to delete my information and I will report them to FTC and BBB. (Which I Did.) Got another one today 12/1/12. F….ing unbelievable!

  192. I received one today also—Lehigh Valley, PA. Funny thing is that the mail carrier handed it to me when I was signing for another package. They didn’t try very hard to actually deliver anything. I called the number to see how they answered and the recording said “Thank you for calling us (That was original)!!!! I hung up. Needless to say there at it again. Happy holidays

  193. Yep, just received one here in the New Orleans metro area. Thanks for posting about it being a scam. I suspected, but wasn’t sure. I googled it and there you were, saving me from making an annoying phone call!!! Thanks so much!!

  194. Just received this card and decided since I wasn’t expecting any packages that I’d look up DMS Services on-line and see what I could find. Well I found your post and I’m glad I did; I thought there was something fishiy about this and your post confirms my suspicions. Thanks.

  195. Just got one in the mail today. Since it’s Christmas season, I was going to call to figure out if something I was having delivered got messed up. Thanks for saving me a phone call to a bunch of scamming scumbags.

  196. I, too, have just recieved one of these in the mail. First thought was that it was spam, so I googled it. You have confirmed my thoughts. Thanks for saving me a potentially aggravating phone call.

  197. I just got one in the mail I’m gonna call them and tell them I just inherited a large amount of money and need to move it to a bank in the US if I can please have their bank account number.

  198. Just got one today. The new fake tracking number is AB-1203.

    Decided to google the company name and landed here. Thank you!

    Reason I suspected it was fake was it used my wife’s maiden name, and we’ve been married for six years. Nothing she orders is in that name. 2nd, if the post card got to my mailbox, why not just send the “important package” that way? Duh.

  199. I recently just bought a new house and received both of these “Delivery Notice” slips in my mailbox today…Very glad that I ran across this blog before I called them back…Thanks for the info. I can’t believe these people and their scams!!

  200. Thank you so much sharing your experience. I moved to Houston, TX and just got a similar postcard from a CSEI Distribution company. Since I am not expecting any packages and have been home on maternity leave, I was suspicious. Therefore, I googled the company and your Blog came up. I’ve never responded to a blog, but I couldn’t help thank you for letting the public know about the scam.

  201. Thank you for the info. I just received one from DMC Services with the tracking # AB-1203. Something didn’t seem right so I googled the phone # as I always do on theses suspicious offers.

  202. Received one today in South, NJ…DMC Services…577 Deltona Blvd #18, Deltona, FL 32725- Tracking # AB-1203…1-888-959-3866…Thought it was a scam…postage not cancelled…Thanks for letting others know about the scam!!

  203. Like most of you, I just purchased a house in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs (Montgomery County). I got the post card today and ironically, I am expecting a large package to be delivered. (A back-ordered bathroom vanity from a reputable furniture company located in Florida. I thought it was odd that I had not received a phone call from the furniture company I ordered from, so I Googled DMC Services and came upon this blog. Thank you for your efforts in warning the rest of us!
    My Tracking Number is DM-1207. Everything else is the same as the blog posts above.

  204. Thanks for sharing this – almost fell for this and if I didn’t work from home (where I receive packages every day) I probably would have called first before googling.

  205. I apologize for being one who has only visited your blog until now, but, I too have gotten the “postcard” for delivery. I really appreciate your post. It has saved me time and effort.

  206. Thanks for this post. I got this card in my mail and thought it was suspicious but being Christmas time I have been expecting packages but I decided to google the company name first and found this post!!! Thank you!!

  207. I got one today new tracking number is AB-1210.
    What a scam. How have they not been shut down
    Shows you government is too busy spending my money instead of doing it’s job.

  208. I live in East Greenville PA (Philly suburb) we got one yesterday, I have been in Asset Protection for 12 years and knew it was scam as soon as I saw it….I was disappointed when no one answered the phone when I called.

  209. You ARE my Hero! I get so angry at scams like this. You truly made a difference…. now let me see what your blog is about lol

  210. Also near East Greenville, PA – Tracking AB-1210 arrived 12/13. Thanks for the notice! Looked like a scam but was also wondering if it was another amazon one-off delivery.

  211. Thanks for posting! Just got this same card in South Jersey, but my tracking # was AB-1212. Didn’t think it looked quite right, but with it being the holidays & time for online shopping, I was considering calling them. Jerks.

  212. Dec 15 and I just received the stupid postcard. I’m on the Jersey Shore. I’m grateful my home still stands after Sandy. Maybe I should have them come test the water around here as I throw them in the dang ocean. They are just pathetic.

    • i called Island Services based on the info in the Nov 29 message above. They acknowledged that they were using DMC Services to help them market some water services. I told them I had received this post card from DMC and asked what they were “trying” to deliver. I told him that no one had been trying to deliver anything to my house and it was misleading and a lie.

      He said that they were “trying to deliver” but that you had to call first and make an appointment. I said thatin that event, no one had been “trying to deliver.”

      This is the language from the Nov 29 message referenced above:

      “They are dba DMC Services, but they are actually operating as Island Services, which is listed as a water purification outfit. Their line to corporate is 800-930-1042, and the link to file a complaint is .”

      I called their 800 number. Unfortunate I got no assistance or help but I will keep calling to try to get more information from them about their offer. Unfortunate if we tie up their 800 number.

  213. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this information. You saved me the aggravation you whent through and I appreciate it. Have a great holiday seasion!

  214. Thanks for the posting. I found it hilarious that they could not deliver since we both work from home and one of us is always here. It appears that the holiday season has become scammer season. I have gotten more scam emails claiming that I have purchased golf clubs, airline tickets and picture frames (38 frames in one order! What would I do with 38 frames?) the last few weeks than the entire year. Keep up the good fight!

  215. I am glad, I check this company out before calling. I appreciated the blog and everyone’s help.

    The New tracking number on mine is AB-1217

  216. Just got one that showed up today (24 December). Looked fishy…and I am glad you had your information posted. Listed as:
    DMC Services
    577 Deltona Blvd. #18
    Deltona, FL 32725
    (Tracking # DM-1221)
    Phone: 1-888-959-3866
    **nothing at all mentioned about an advertisement.

  217. Wow I can’t believe this is still going around! I got one today too. I knew instantly it was bogus but thought I’d have some fun trying to find out who this joker company is.

    Mine looks like yours and with the updated address, but my tracking number is AB-1221. What a joke!

  218. This one is still going strong! I too, thought better of calling and Googled instead. Thank you for blogging! I hate, hate, hate this kind of crap!

  219. Got got a DMC Services one myself today, my BS-o-meter went off hard too. Kind of tempted to call them with my throwaway Google Voice number just to mess with them.

  220. Haha! Looks like you’ve got yourself a relevant post. Sorry to hear about the rest of your posts not attracting readership. I’ll take a gander through them after I leave this comment.
    I just wanna’ say that this scam has hit the Middle Tennessee area now. It was convincing for my family and I because we are originally from a city very close to Deltona and we still have friends there. My BS radar went off when I saw the postcard though so I googled the company. I echo all the other thank you’s that have been said.

  221. Thanks! I figured it was a scam, but since it was addressed to my daughter, I wanted to be sure it wasn’t important. Found your blog immediately! My tracking number was AB-1228 and I live in the Atlanta, GA area.

  222. I received this scam post card in central New Jersey in Dec 2012. I recently purchased the house. They listed the phone number as 1-888-959-3866 and address as 577 Deltona Blvd # 18, Deltona Beach, FL. Thank you for the post!

  223. I got the same card, thinking it could have been a package from family we have in FL. Thought it looked funny, and my family is no where near Deltona, but I thought it could be a small business expanding. So, I checked it out and found this page. We didn’t just move in, so I think they were using the holidays as leverage. Sickos! I did a little more checking, and found this link: … and-or-75004088

    The BBB posted that this business (DMC Enterprises) was located in Portland, OR and since both phone numbers are disconnected (888-853-0095 and 503-236-6171) they have listed its status as “Out of Business”.
    The description by the BBB states: “This company is an independent agent that sells nutritional products and water purification systems.” Sound familiar?
    My guess is that they went out of business with an overstock of dysfunctional purification systems (and Tide) that they need to get rid of.

    They would earn more credibility if they went door-to-door. Their card states two HUGE lies: “As always, we try to offer prompt and courteous service.” and then, “We will deliver your package according to your schedule.”. They have no confidence in their own product! If they did, they’d let you know exactly why you would be calling them! Dingbats.

  224. I live in the Houston burbs and actually received the same notice as described from Deltona, FL and then received similar card within a few days with the following Houston return address:

    CSEI Distribution
    10333 Harwin Dr Ste #573
    Houston, TX 77036

    This had a very similar note but with a local return call number if 281-552-8425!

    What a bunch of BS! Thanks for sharing this on your blog. Happy New Year!

  225. So funny how crazy posts like this are what get the biggest hits! Thank you for posting this- got one of these post cards today and just shredded it up and put it in the trash!

  226. I just got one of these today and my “BS” senses went off so I Googled it and found your blog. It is hilarious that everyone that gets one of these comes here to let everyone know. My tracking number is DM-0104 (as if it matters) but thought I would put it here. I shredded the card and now have another card from “Mrs. Carter” – same M.O. Great blog!

  227. You posted your blog on 8/26/11 and they are STILL sending out these BS postcards! I just received mine today. I feel like I’m a part of a special BS-ometer club now. Stay vigilant folks! I teach a class in Mass Media and this is a perfect concrete example of manipulation. I should call them just to thank them for the free fodder I can use in my class.

  228. Hi!
    almost a year and half from your original post this company is STILL in business! If everyone will share this on their Facebook and other Social Media forums, MAYBE we can end this crap! Thanks for your original post!

  229. Thanks for putting this up, it helped me realize this was a scam and to stop attempting to call them.. I was worried it was from an actual thing I had ordered. They need to stop misrepresenting themselves, it wastes people’s valuable time.

  230. Got one myself! I would have called since I was expecting a package, but my husband suggested I look online first. The tracking number I got was AB-0107.

  231. YUP.. ..Sure enough another victim has been targeted ! ME ! Thank you for sharing this information as I KNOW I wasn’t expecting a package of any sort.. ..

  232. I live in Mont Co, PA and just received one of the “Delivery Notice Post Cards, Tracking Number: AB-0109”. Being a person who often receives orders from on-line purchases, I thought one of my packages must need signature/confirmation. But thankfully, my gut instict told me to check on line first. I am so grateful to you for your posting and saving me and so many others from the aggravation and waste of our valuable time.

  233. I live in Atlanta, GA. I also received one of these postcards today. Thank you so much for your post, it’s much appreciated!

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    I have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the awesome work.

  235. I got this card exactly one day after I received a package I was expecting. I am not sure if I would have been fooled or not. I probably would not have been, but who knows. As it was, I knew it was a scam right away. Thanks for blogging about it, I found this whilst searching to confirm my suspicions.

  236. Thanks for the information. I live in Knoxville, TN and received mine on January 22, 2013. My suspicion came when a delivery service sent a mailed postcard instead of sticking a post-it on your door, like USPS or UPS, so you know they were never actually really at your residence. It is a new year and they are still dealing with this scam. It has been going on a couple of years now.
    Currently, the return address is 577 Deltona Blvd. , #18 Deltona, FL 32725. The tracking number is: AB-0121. Thanks again, and thanks for keeping the blog strong. Hopefully EVERYONE ELSE will follow suit, and they will never get another phone call.

  237. I live in a Suburb 30 miles from downtown Houston. My card is the later style card with 1-888-959-3866 call number and the AB-0121 tracking number.

    I KNEW it was suspicious and ran a search on about it, which led me here.

    I actually think it is a “Bill Collector” ploy of some sort looking to see if anybody at the address will respond and confirm the information on the postcard… the wording on the card is geared toward the “something for nothing” type- either they think they’ll get something they didn’t order or something they at least didn’t pay for.

    I didn’t order anything and sure as hell don’t owe anybody, so I wasn’t about to call the number on the card and start an onslaught of harassment…

  238. Just got one that showed up today (22nd Jan). Looked fishy…and I am glad you had your information posted. Listed as:
    DMC Services
    577 Deltona Blvd. #18
    Deltona, FL 32725
    (Tracking # DM-0118)
    Phone: 1-888-959-3866
    **nothing at all mentioned about an advertisement.

  239. Thank you for setting up your blog and taking the time to share a little bit of your life with us all!
    I just got the card too(Sugar Land Texas)- Mine has tacking # AB-0123, I know of Daytona Beach, and this town name Deltona…sounded too much like someone trying to cash on in a similar town to make the consumer think of a cool place…it must be real! I am expecting a delivery from a department store I have never ordered from, so I thought MAYBE it was associated with the “higher end” store…your site helped me know better and I will thow this note out immediatly- the store has my cell phone etc, so I will know better than a mailed notice- THANKS to your blog and everyone else’s comments. God Bless you in all you do as he certainly did here…

  240. I wish I would’ve researched first. I called on behalf of my husband. They were trying to sell water softener services, but being as I already have a system installed in my home they said to disregard the offer? If I would’ve known this was a scam I would’ve never wasted my time.

  241. I enjoyed the response of Sept 7, 2011 by Anita. If you could use a good laugh, check it out. Meanwhile, why don’t we write ‘No recipient’ – ‘Return to Sender’ on the card and drop it back in the mail. Let them get their own junk mail.

  242. For those who feel it is a scam, it isn’t.. I called and they informed me it was a bottle of cleaning solution, setup a time to come test my water.
    I had already gathered a sell plot in the call, but the sale came from the results of the water testing which was legit, not a sacm, they offered other services and local companies to treat and add filters. no harm done.
    They work from state to state and mostly city basis, granted stating a sell at the begining of the call wouls get most hanging up.
    To all those people who think your information is sold, it isnt this company bought your information from either your phone company, mortage company, bank, heck even face book, this is not a scam tactic just todays way of selling you somthing. granted I informed the guy’s Your n Texas now and in my home, do any funny stuff and you won’t be leaving.. lol

    • And FYI, it is not illegal for companies ot do this tactic, look at time share, those guys are the worst…
      And also for those like the poster, theydo not have to remove your info under trading standards act, if you give them writen request to stop or remove you then you have documented proof and if they call again then you can go further legaly.

      Lets face it @the poster you saw a chance to get somthing free like most of us then saw it was a sell ( lets face it you have ot be blind not to see it ) or your just very gulable.. and no I do not work for the company in any way, I just saw a company trying to sell a water treatment system for a high price in an cheap way.
      explain, cheap low rental lots for mass phone setups temp jobs for 6-12 months sell sell one product after the other, and I hate to brake it to you but there is thousands of these companies every day and there corp company is probably a well trusted company to off load goods..

      I bet you think Target, Wallmart, Sams are all diffrent companies.. lol
      also welcome to american business 1 on 1…. Seems you tookt he first call to heart to much, either dont call or do call.. but gettting pissed about expecting somthing free and not getting it is pretty childish don’t you think ?..

      Either trash or call your choice Nothing is free I mean pls….

      have a good one ( tired so some typos 😦

  243. Just got one of these in the mail today and I was on the phone on hold, and at the same time on the internet looking up this company, I sorta had a feeling this was something fishy cause I dont have a package coming from anywhere at the moment…Thanks for your blog, it was so helpfu to me.

  244. People seem to be stuck up with the definition of ‘scam’ here. selling water softner using this ploy is scam in my book. thanks for the blog entry

  245. I am thinking about letting these scam misters make the appointment and when the comr to my home and I answer the door dressed in full military camo with ak47 in hand .That should scare the craput of the little scamsters They are really moving on up on their promos I have card #DM-0208

  246. I recieved one in the mail today!! #AB-0211 WOW they must really need business if they are sending these fake shipping cards out!!! By the way I am in East Tennessee.

  247. Central FLorida here- got a DMC card today, am a new homeowner too so that’s their lead on getting names.
    1)Where is best place to complain online ??
    2) Is there a way to post back all our cards to their address, postage paid by them??
    what happens if we just arite “Return to sender” on these crappy marketing cards – who pays for that postage? [hope the answer is they do].
    3) great Blog – glad I checked before I called them.

  248. Pennington, NJ (small suburb just north of Trenton) – got mine a couple days ago (DM-0215), suspicious because I haven’t been expecting packages since December. Thanks for notifying the world.

  249. Got mine today in DFW, TX. They are making improvement. Now under their address, they put the “facebook” logo, which makes it looks like it is coming from facebook.

  250. Received mine today – Houston Tx – now they are NOT listing a delivery company – just that you have a package – phone number abd tracking number with Facebook logo –

    • I actually called the number and they started talking about hard water in Texas and then they asked if I had a water softner and when I replied yes they said this offer does not apply to you thank you have a nice day. what happened to my package? I think they are trying to sell water softners

  251. <<< Native Houstonian here, just received ours in the mail today. Looked suspicious so I immediately googled the company, this was the first website popped to up. Thanks for the confirmation! I wonder how they got all of our info, where did we all go or do that allowed them access to our address??? The only reason why I didn't toss it right away was the fact that it came from Florida, we just came back from vacation in the Keys. Plus we are waiting for our photos to come back from a photographer.

  252. Thanks for the heads up. I just got one in mail today. Heads up to all now being mailed from 10333 Hardin dr ste573 Houston tx 77036. SCAM!!!

  253. I just bought my house 3 weeks ago and I received this same postcard that says “DELIVERY NOTICE” and that they have been trying to deliver an important package. (Phone Number: 1-888-959-3866. Finds out this important package is a bottle of Tide Laundry Detergent…ooohhh real important!!! I also told them to put me on the do not contact list. Plus i had never ordered anything in the first place. Be careful with junk like this!!!

  254. Got our postcard today! You think that’s a joke you should check out their website!! I would have to say that it’s probably the most vague grouping of sentences I’ve ever seen in all of my years on the planet! Unbelievable, and even more saddening is that this SCAM has to work or they wouldn’t continue!

  255. Got one today. What really irritates me is that I actually get packages from the Disney Movie Club (DMC) which correlates to Florida, so I almost called. Luckily the lack of anything Mickey Mouse on the postcard, and the fact that I couldn’t remember ordering anything from them in the past month or so prompted me to look online first.

  256. Thanks A MILLION for this post and warning me about this scam, You are a Saint!, If everyone bands together we can root out these bums and show them for their true colors.

  257. I’m in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada…. just hang out with ‘them’…. they wanted to verify my girlfriend adress…. can’t wait to have this postcard…… I made a complain to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission….. The question is… how they know the name of my girlfriend ? Don’t think she gave my number to anyone….

  258. I received one exactly in my new apartment address.
    I haven’t even changed my mail address yet.
    Thank you so much to post this scam.

  259. And it keeps going. We just purchased a house in Atlanta, GA and got one in the mail from DMC Services. I almost called because I am expecting a delivery. I decided to google first and I’m glad I did. This is definitely a misrepresentation at it’s best and should be stopped. It is the same notice listed above from DMC Services. Same message, but phone number is 1-866-209-2989 and address is 667 Deltona Rd, Suite 100, Deltona, FL 32725. I dont’ think there is anything wrong with having your water tested, but how about just say that and not trying ot trick peopel into calling. I will be reporting them also.

  260. I just got one of those cards from DMC services as well with a new phone # – 866-209-2989. Glad I looked them up before I called!

  261. Wow… thank you for posting this, I got the same notice and looked them up and found your information on it, thank you for saving us!

  262. Just got one of these as well and found your blog post! Thanks for the information! The address is 667 Deltona Rd Suite 100 in Deltona Fl and the phone is the same as listed above (866-209-2989). Thanks for the great info!

  263. I got one today in Houston Texas from CSEI Dstribution Center. located at 10333 HARWIN DR # 573, HOUSTON, TX 77036

    “Important Notice Reference #…
    Date 5/4/2013

    We have been trying to reach you to deliver your package to your home, and we know how our schedules get hectic. As always, we try to offer prompt and courteous service. Please call us Now at 281-552-8425 so we can deliver your package promptly. Please call Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm CST and ask for delivery services.”

    What a crock!

    Thanks for saving me the time!

  264. I just got one of these in the mail today. I immediately figured it was bull $#!+ but I tried to call anyway while blocking my caller ID. This caused me to be connected to a fax machine. So then I googled it and found this blog. What a load of …….

  265. New one is DM-0517 and address has been varied. Before I EVER call anything like this, I google DMC Services and find it is the usual scam. Pity the poor person who falls for this crap.

  266. I live in Houston Tx and just received the same post card. Their return address is 10333 Harwin dr #573 Houston Tx 77036

  267. I just got this in the mail however the address had changed again.
    DMC Services
    667 Deltona Rd – Suite 100
    Deltona Fl, 32725
    then says Facebook below the address
    I thought that was really weird

    my tracking number was DM-0524

  268. I got two of these in the mail today. One is from DMC Services (667 Deltona Rd-Ste 100, Deltona, FL 32725; DM-0524) and one is from CSEI Distribution 10333 Harwin Dr Ste # 573, Houston TX 77036; RP-052513MK). I am a new homeowner in the burbs of Houston. I wasn’t going to call them, based on the fact that I have two that are almost identical and that I have tracking numbers for all of my expected packages right now. But I appreciate the confirmation from you that this is a Scam! I’ll definitely be doing some research to see if there is any way to report them.

  269. I got two this week. One from the 667 Deltona address and one from the Harwin address. I wish I could collect a few hundred to mail back to them.

  270. June 15, 2013 … they’re still at it! Got the postcard today, but noticed a slight address difference: it’s now 667 Deltona Rd – Suite 100.

  271. I got the same exact card that you updated, but with an address of
    667 Deltona Rd – Suite 100
    Deltona, FL 32725

    Thanks for the heads up though!

  272. We just got one..just moved near Atlanta. Now, it’s a younger white man on the front carrying packages like UPS and the address 667 Deltona Rd-suite 100, Deltona, FL 32725 WHICH IS ACTUALLY A business called COASTAL MENTAL HEALTH CENTER when googled! LOL Thanks for your blog—helped us before we called them!!

  273. Just got one after having moved about a month ago to a different house in the Athens, GA area, Thanks for posting this. My spidey senses were tingling, so I’m glad I got it confirmed through your blog post!

  274. Just got one! I am a new home owner of about 2 months around Dallas, Texas.
    DMC Services
    667 Deltona Rd – Suite 100
    Deltona, FL 32725

  275. montreal here. i didnt even get a card . they called my number and said they were ( it sounded like fido or filo ) anyways it was a 12 yr old address they were trying to confirm. i hung up on them and called back the U.S 1-888 number and a woman answered. right away i asked for the name of there company. she hung up on me. so i called back and got there automated crap . anyways the guy i spoke with the 1st time comes on and talks so much and so fast i hadto tellem to “shut up. u speak to fast and dont let me speak” he says ok sir go ahead. so i say why would fido send mail to a 12yr old address ? blah blah if you dont want your package sir thats fine ha says. i said no its a scam and hung up. what worthless losers. they cant get a real job . steal and scam from people that are better then them. douche bag losers good luck everyone. mike from montreal

  276. Got one today. Smelled bs right away. Thanks for posting. This has gone on for too long..these people need to be shut down.

  277. received two of these in two weeks. But was iffy to call considering I was not expecting anything, nor had anyone been by my house in an attempt to deliver something.

  278. Just received my post card a month to the day after we bought a new house in the Houston area. They used address: CSEI Distribtuion 10333 Harwin Dr. #573, Houston, TX 77036; using phone #281-552-8425. Thanks for all the info!!

  279. Thank goodness I google before calling! I just received the same notice, however they have changed the address to DMC Services 667 Deltona Rd- Suite 100 Deltona FL 32725. Also the tracking number now starts with DM. I figured it would be a scam since we haven’t ordered anything off the Internet and we had just moved into our new house. I will also file a claim with BBB because this is just ridiculous. I hate scammers I hate people that manipulate you into their dumb advertisement and I want nothing more than to have this phony company punished and out of business.
    Thank you for posting.

  280. LOL, I have the same thing from CSEI Distribution 10333 Harwin Dr Houston, TX 77036. But I goggle the name first and your site popped up and in the top slot.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  281. I think I am going to call them from my work (so they won’t have my number on caller ID) and give them a phony name. Then I am going to fall hook line and sinker for their spill and give them my business address. I work at a place with about 250 employees. The only negative to this is that I am not sure if I will be there when they show up to try to sell me whatever they are trying to sell because it would be fun seeing them drive up to a business when they are thinking it is a home.

  282. knarrnia – thanks for the public service message! I’m in IT but not much of a blogger so the next time you’re in Dallas I owe you a cigar and scotch at Blue River. We can discuss politics, transcendentalism, or what ever you like – old school. dave

  283. I actually just received one myself with a different address and tracking # and the reason I googled for info as it has a Facebook logo on it and I’m not expecting any package…LOL…so thanks for this…

  284. Ha, just received one of these today (Cypress, TX) – thanks for posting and saving me the hassle of dealing with this scam. Looks like they’ve changed their address – DMC Services, 667 Deltona Road, Suite 100, Deltona, FL 32725. It’s shredded and forgotten. 🙂

  285. Just got one in Dallas TX – bright yellow postcard with no return address and specifically addressed to my husband. I am new homeowner and they said they had been trying to deliver a welcome gift and to call Mrs. Carter( i assumed it was our HOA office). I had my husband call the number and they said if we let them come test our water we would get a free trip. Knew right away this was a scam! told them take me off their list. I have contacted my HOA office and will be alerting the post office as well.

  286. Just got one in the Atlanta suburbs. Return address is the same that Carl posted. Tracking number on my postcard was DM-1011. Good thing I googled first.

  287. Hi, so glad to have found your posting. Writing from Conroe, Tx where I also got a postcard from these clowns. Thanks for the heads up as to what they were really all about, you saved me from wasting my time TGFI (thank God for internet)

  288. They have changed their address again. It is now 677 Deltona Rd Suite 100 in Deltona, FL 32725. The tracking number is now DM-1025. I figured it was a scam because I hadn’t ordered anything.

  289. I also got one today – i figured it was some kind of scam – their new address is now 667 deltona rd suite 100 deltona, fl 32725

  290. Just got one today too – CSE Industries. Actually its probably the third.. I am glad I never called. The address was 10333 Harwin Dr. Ste #573 Houston TX 77036. I wish there was something we could do about this.. There is so much scamming going on everywhere we look now. 😦

  291. Just moved into a new house in Houston and received in the mail with a stamp “Important Delivery Notice” from CSE Industries 10333 Harwin Drive Suite 57 Houston TX 77036 Have not given my address to anyone I am expecting a package from, just got this in my name at my new address. Will call them later to bust their chops, but this is definitely a scam. They could have attempted delivery adn there is usually someone at home. If not, they could leave a note on door

  292. LOL, same scam from 10333 harwin drive ste 573 here. they dated this post card at 12/23/13 and today is 12/21/13 lmao. 281-552-8899 is the scam number.

  293. I was home all day today and just got the post card taped to my front door. It seems these people are targeting new home owners and give a Dallas number of 214-717-6394 and FW number of 817-259-0273. Thanks for your blog as it just reaffirmed my suspicions of this being a scam.

  294. I live in NJ and recently received a card like this. The return address on it though is 667 Deltona Rd, Suite 100, Deltona, FL 39725. The phone number to call them was 866-209-2989. When I called, they said they were trying to deliver a free bottle of Tide and said they wanted to offer a free test of my water. They asked if I had a soft water system, so I knew that was what they were trying to sell me. They wanted to come to my house when both homeowners were present to deliver the Tide and do the water test. Both homeowners have to cave to the pressure of the salesman to get the go ahead to put in their system. Because they are so sneaky, I wonder if there even is a soft water system. It can’t be very good if they have to scam people just to talk to them about it.

  295. Also a new homeowner in Houston, Texas area. Postcard dated 12/23/13 now reads: “We have been trying to reach you, to deliver your package. Unfortunately, our schedules get hectic. Please call now at 281-552-8899, and we can deliver your package promptly. Call Monday – Friday From 9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. And ask for Delivery Services.” The “reference number” is AS-[6-digit date]MK. “IMPORTANT NOTICE”, stamp, yellow banner, as described by others. Return address CSE Industries, 10333 Harwin Dr Ste#573, Houston, TX 77036

    • I got the same card, same address same telephone, and the date at the card is 2/4/2014, and today is 2/3/2014, I wondering who is the company sold my information? cable company, gas company, electricity company, I just moved in at this address I don’t have a month here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this people are amazing, not in a good way!!

  296. I was expecting some delivery too. So I called them up, without reaching anyone, I was immediately put on hold. Very weird for a delivery company. So I googled for DMC Services and saw your blog. I immediately hung up, and threw away their postcard. Thank you for saving my time. They’re also using telephone number 8662092989, in case someone googles for this number.

  297. yup just got mine in Morris County, NJ! Thanks pal! Although maybe I’ll call them and give them a bit of their own medicine!! 🙂

  298. Just got a post card in LV, Nevada. They are using DMC services, 667 Deltona Road, Suite 100, Deltona FL 32725. Phone number is 866-209-2989. Thanks for your post, googled as I was in a never ending hold message thanking me for my patience. Suffice to say they don’t know me at all because patience for this crap when I am expecting deliveries and this is just a scam is one thing I wouldn’t be.

  299. I got this post card in florida and was glad I googled this, thanks. Their new address is 667 deltona rd suite 100 deltona, fl 32725. Seemed fake but just had to make sure as I just moved here.

  300. hahahaha…. i just got the postcard , I live in las vegas, NV, the same wording , different address…. DMC SERVICES….DELTONA RD. SUITE 100….DELTONA FL, 32725…. The new Tracking number is DM-0110…. thank you for alerting the population..!!!

  301. i received one of those post card today. i got the habit to google anything that i received without ordering and found this blog. if you live in fort Worth be advice. the card has a delivery man on front and yellow-ish green rebbon and the nunber 1-866-209-2989 in bold. thanks to all who wrote and write about this types of scams

  302. I got one today! This is just hilarious to me that advertising has gone this far. Because, you know, there aren’t enough billboards, commercials on TV and radio, pop-ups online, and YouTube advertisements. Thanks for the informative post! Will follow!

    • no-one is more surprised than me they keep at it. I haven’t even used this blog in over a year and it’s still popular enough to show up on some people’s trackers.

  303. Thanks! Just got the same thing in the mail. What a misrepresentation and it seems like these people are still in business. These type of people should be in jail.

  304. Just received the same scam and appreciate your blog entry. In case anyone is looking up the one I got the address is: CSE Industries, 10333 Harwin Dr Ste #573, Houston, TX 77036. Obviously do not call.

  305. Hi!
    IF-0221 hear in East Tennessee from the Deltona Florida address. Can’t wait to get my package I didn’t order!!:-)
    Thanks for the blog about this BS!

  306. Wow! It looks like this has been going on for a while in a lot of places. We are in NJ. Address in the card is 667 Deltona Rd – Suite 100 – Delfone FL. We did not call thanks to all of your posts.

  307. Just called, gave them my name, but that was it, before finding this while I was on the phone. Thank you for posting.

  308. Thanks for posting!! I just got this in the mail today. I wanted to trash it, but the hubs (who is an amazon freak) wanted me to dig into it..,

    New address:
    677 Deltona rd, suite 100
    Deltona, FL 32725

    And the have the Facebook emblem to make you think it’s legit

  309. I received a post card today. It has same info but with a different address. DEC Services 667 Deltona Rd. Steve 100 Deltona, FLORIDA 32725. The phone number is 866-209-2989 . Thanks for posting this scam.

  310. I live in East Tennessee and received my post card. Said they had been attempting to reach me for a delivery however I have been home all day. I called the number and the lady that answered asked for the tracking number. Then asked for my address and name.

    Me: I just gave you my tracking number but you want my name also? Should that not be on the info if I am suppose to be receiving a package?

    Her: I just need to confirm you are whom you say you are.

    Me: you tell me whom you are suppose to be talking to and I will confirm I am that person.

    Her: sir I cannot do that.

    Me: Do you even know who I am suppose to be?

    Her: sir would you like to receive your package or not?

    Me: I am disgusted by now and getting angrier by the second..
    I tell her to not call me back again and to never ship me another false fraudulent mailer or I would report it.

    Her; sir you called us

    Me: I called you because you shipped me a fraudulent lie. Do you want to go to jail? She disconnected our call.

    I called and reported them to the BBB and the FCC along with the Post Master for my location.

  311. Nashville, TN, Just got one of these cards from these lowlife pieces of ****. Thank you so much for posting this blog, and confirming what I was certain was a scam.

  312. I received one today from AMG Delivery Services at 3939 Synott Rd. #1509 in Houston. I’m a stay-at-home mom and know that no one has attempted to deliver a package. I didn’t bother calling thanks to this post.

    • Same. The scam is still going strong in Houston. AMG Delivery services wanting to deliver a bottle of tide and a water test.

  313. April 7th — DMC is still at it…now in New Orleans!! Sad thing is a lot of folks will actually get sucked in by their b/s….suggest that everyone who gets a card from DMC sign them up for a subscription to some magazine and have it sent to 667 Deltona Rd Suite 100 32725…

  314. I just received one and I reside in New Orleans. Address on the card is 667 Deltona Rd are 100. Deltona, Fl 32725. Something told me to look up the company because I don’t have any pending packages and delivery companies do not leave stamped post cards when they couldn’t deliver a package. Thank you for all the information.
    Tracking # DM-0418 4024

  315. I just got one in Houston, TX under the name AMG Delivery Services. Although when I call the number , 281-809-4921, it says I have reached Clear Blue Solutions. I couldn’t find any info on Google about them but I found this blog. Thanks! hopefully someone else will read this and know not to call. AMG Delivery Services, 3939 Synott RD #1509, Houston, TX 77082. Tracking number ML 4141400

    • I didn’t see your message until after I posted mine. Received the same thing only my tracking number was ML4281400… Thanks all for sharing!

  316. i got this one in Houston, TX. It asked to call 281-552-8899. They nice message saying their schedules are hectic hence i should call them right away.

  317. Here’s the latest. I’ve just received a post card saying the same thing only the company name is different, now it’s AMG Delivery Services. But they haven’t changed the format of the postcard, here’s a pic. Sorry couldn’t figure out how to post a picture, shout me an email and I’ll gladly send to you, I owe you for having this information posted, I greatly appreciate it!

  318. may 5th 2014: They have a new name and new address. DMC Services 667 deltona rd ste 100 deltona fl 32725. We recently got married so packages is expected. and so glad I am a google hog and google everything to make sure its legit. The main reason why I didnt just go ahead and call was because they used blue ink for our address and used all black for the rest. and used the same girl ups uses for their add. lol

  319. Ours came from the same address as above, so glad I googled this before calling we just moved to the Philly burbs a couple of months ago and have had a ton of mail with scams to pay for our title etc.. Thanks for having this posted out there so helpful!

  320. We are in the Atlanta area and just got our DMC Services postcard today. The address we saw on the postcard states: DMC Services, 667 Deltona Rd Suite 100, Deltona, FL 32725. Our fake tracking number is DP-0530 2018. There was absolutely NOTHING on the postcard to suggest a solicitation. It truly seems to be a package delivery service of some kind – but it is NOT. Our picture is of an attractive young blonde woman in a blue cardigan holding a stack of three boxes. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER!

    • I am also in the Atlanta area and have just received a postcard – thanks for all the info. Looks like this has been going on for years now!

  321. I really wish I googled this before I called. I verified the name on the postcard and address but never made an appointment for them to come test my water…So do you think i’m safe? Also at the very beginning before I talked to a person and no longer the recording it said my call was being recorded.

  322. Received this card today. New address information is: DMC Services, 667 Deltona Rd. Ste 100, Deltona, FL 32725. Tracking number is DL-0624-3137. Phone number 1-866-209-2989. I didn’t call them, but it looked suspicious so I googled first. Thanks for saving me a hassle!! Into the trash it goes!

  323. I got a card today July 2, 2014. So they are still trying. I was expecting a package but knew this not the place so I researched and here I am at your blog. New address for DMC Services is now 667 Deltona Rd. STE. 100 DELTONA FL 32725. With a new tracking number of DP-0701-1019 and new phone number of 1-866-209-2989

  324. I got this card yesterday, July 3, 2014. So they are still trying, and I am in East Tennessee. I am thankful for google and your blog. We were not expecting any packages so my radar was up anyway. The new address DMC Services, 667 Deltona Rd. Ste 100, Deltona, FL 32725 with the tracking number DP-0701-2935. Thanks for keeping you blog going.

  325. We just got this in the mail today thank you so much for the post. i always try to see if i can find this online before i call. Our post card says AMG delivery services but basically looks the same as your pictures you posted i also looked up the address listed on the card and was unsuccessful.
    Thank you Again

  326. Just got a card in mail today in the Dallas Ft Worth area with new “Name” of “Home Delivery Services” 4621 Cooper St Suite 131-274 Arlington, TX 76017 (they used a UPS address, and so if you google the address it appears that UPS is the business attempting to deliver a package, but they just leased a PO Box there I assume… Reads same as all others “We strive to provide prompt and courteous service. Call us during business hours… 817-962-2654 and depicts a girl in a blue shirt/cap with blue & yellow banner saying “SORRY WE MISSED YOU” – yea, I bet you are sorry, you never were here, you just massed mailed a ton of cards you morons!!! Thank goodness for internet searches!

    • Susan, I live in Fort Worth and just received the exact same card in the mail from “Home Delivery Services”. I smelled a scam right away but wanted to get online and double check first. Thank you very much for your post.

  327. I received one of these post cards and figured it was a scam. Thankfully I decided to google it and your page was the first thing that came up. So glad I looked it up instead of calling. Thanks for blogging about this!

  328. Just got one as well New Address
    DMC Services
    667 DEltona Blvd, ste 100
    Deltona, FL 32725.
    I got a white girl in my pic lol

  329. DMC is owned by Rick Singh of Deltona Florida. If you Google DMC of Deltona and then go past this web a few search pages you’ll find his write up in LinkedIn and other sites. It seems it is a marketing scam company like a pyramid scam that recruits local folks to run these scams.
    perhaps we need to pay him a visit and test his water?

  330. I just got one if these post cards as well… Has anyone noticed it has a stamp on it… If they came to your house to drop off a package they wouldn’t then mail you to tell you they missed you 🙂

  331. I got a similar postcard in the mail asking to call 817-962-2654
    Return address:
    4621 cooper st suite 131-274
    Arlington tx 76017

    Delivery code: GNHO-0822 0414

    Thanks to your blog I know not to call them.

  332. I got a similar postcard in the mail asking to call 817-962-2654
    Return address:
    4621 cooper st suite 131-274
    Arlington TX 76017

    Delivery code: GNNO-0825 0 1288

    Thank you for your blog. I normally google first before to see if it is a scam. You are the best for getting this started!!!!

  333. Good for you! your post really helped me here. The post card arrived today and it looked a little fishy to me so I google it and saw your post. Like you, I get a lot of packages every day.
    I wonder why so many people go to jail for stupid things… and not one does anything about this.
    The post card is:
    DMC Services
    667 Deltona Blvd. Ste.100
    Deltona, FL 32725

  334. i just got one of these today. SORRY WE MISSED YOU… at the top with a girl holding a package in a blue shirt and hat. Please call to reschedule delivery. Same stamp as they appear in previous posts. Address is from: 4621 Cooper Street, Suite 131-274 Arlington, TX 76017 Phone number they list is 817-962-2654. ERRRRR

    I also filed a complaint with the BBB today. Thanks for the post.

  335. I’ve received a similar card from them. New address 667 Deltona Blvd Ste. 100 Deltona, FL 32725. Same tactics. Thanks for the warning. I did call the number but while on hold I looked them up and saw they were an HVAC company that would only try and solicit my business. I hung up before we could connect. Thanks for the post and keeping my money in my pocket.

  336. Now they have a lady on the front and tracking numbers are AB-0903 0300
    Location is DMC SERVICES 667 DELTONA RD. STE. 100 DELTONA, FL 32725

  337. Chattanooga tn I just received one and I figured I would look it up before I did anything because it was a little weird since I haven’t ordered anything lol the new address for them is DMC Services 667 Deltona Blvd., Ste. 100 Deltona, FL 32725

  338. Got this too. Thank you to everyone who has ben posting the addresses they’re sending from. Mine had no business name, and I found this post by googling the address:

    46211 cooper st. Suite 131-274
    Arlington, tx 76017

  339. Very helpful. New address is DMC Services, 667 Deltone Blvd., Ste 100, Deltona, FL 32725. Tracking number: AB-0910 6562. Tel# 1-866-209-2989. I was sceptical about the postcard and looked it up online and found this article. I am here in Oklahoma.

  340. well, it is Sep 2014, and they are still at it…
    whenever I receive a voice mail or post card from numbers of companies I don’t recognize, I generally google them to find out what kind of scam it was and I came across your blog.
    thanks for providing your experience and the forum for these comments from everyone else.

  341. Thank you got posting this. I am on the East Coast and got the phony post card and googled it and found your posting right away. Thanks!

  342. I got 1 of these in the mail on 9-17-14,I am in Alabama 35173, everything was different but basically the same bullshit company,the new address is
    DMC Services
    667 Deltona Blvd STE. 100
    Deltona,FL. 32725
    New phone number 1-866-209-2989
    New tracking number is AB-0915 1196

    I kinda caught it because it was addressed to my dad,we both have the same name im called Ray and he is Raymond,My home was never registered to Raymond.I called and kindly filled them in that my number is already on the Federal and asked them to remove my number from their calllist and not to send any more mail to my address.
    It was the same song and dance,they wanted to give me a big box of tide and to test my water for harmfull contaminants,at 6pm or 8pm on a friday night..I was at home working in my backyard when it was delivered to my mailbox.I live on the entry corner of a deadend subdidision..What a joke.

  343. Add us to the list… “Sorry We Missed You” card came today (9/25/14)
    New home owner (less than 30 days) in Toms River NJ area.
    Card info: DMC Sevices, 667 Deltona Blvd, Ste. 100, Deltona, Fl 32725.
    Tracking #: DM-0922 005085
    # to call to reschedule delivery: 1-866-209-2989
    Many thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

  344. Here I am, sitting near Chattanooga, TN, supposedly getting a package I didn’t order, nor do I want. Had it not been for your blog, I may have been getting a blooming water softener, too! I cannot believe that this SCAM company (if one could even call it a company) is able to do this for YEARS! I thought “bait and switch” was a BIG violation of Consumer Protection Laws. Obviously, FLA legislature needs to enact some laws to tighten down on scammers and get them out of their state. BTW, the “company” return address reads: DMC Services, 667 Deltona Blvd., Ste. 100, Deltona, FL 32725…phone # 1-866-209-2989…tracking # AB-0924 002388…Thank God for YOU! I so appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this scam.


  346. Got one last night and made an appointment with them… ugh! Now I need to call back to cancel. The post card came in the mail after buying a house in San Jose, CA. The number is (925) 354 – 5291. Thank you for saving me some time. I’m sure the appointment would have taken my entire evening!

    • I just got one Saturday EXACTLY like this… Bright Pink and says “Final Notice” which I found funny because it was my ONLY notice… But I too just bought a house in the Sacramento area. Anyways… I’ve tried calling multiple times before I thought to look up the number. I can never get a person. Just a Recording that says “You have reached the parcel department, please leave a message with your name “Parcel #” and phone #… This is CRAZY thank you for posting this thread!

      • Me too. Just bought a house in Bay Area and got a pink “final notice” postcard. Forwarded it to the district attorney. I recommend everyone send these on to your local DA. If they get enough letters there is a small chance the DA will do something.

  347. I just got one of these today!! i tried to call and the machine said someone will be with you shortly…I hung up and googled it! Glad i did…I guess they aren’t busy enough that they have to end up being slimy! Thanks for your post…it was a great help!

  348. Thanks for the post. My son called and said I had received a card and thought I was waiting on a delivery. I told him that I wasn’t expecting anything and started to call but had a gut feeling it was a scam. BTW…. wouldn’t this be considered mail fraud??? Punishable by fines and jail time??? Just wondering.

  349. In Houston, AMG Delivery services is actually ballsy enough to use a physical address (2800 Post Oak Blvd, Ste. 4100, Houston, TX 77056) and a local number (281-809-4921). This one is “URGENT!” and supposedly a “2nd Delivery Attempt”. The best part is the handwritten delivery code: DM1003140. Thanks for the post, it saved me time and a headache.

  350. Ha Knew it! Googled DMC (SCAM) Services. Thanks!!!!!
    New address that list is 667 Deltona Blvd STE 100 Deltona FL 32725
    Tracking # DR-1027 007253

  351. I received this card today in Hinesville, GA. The new address is DMC Services 667 Deltona Blvd. Ste. 100 Deltona, FL 32725. Tracking number is MI-1027 000498

  352. Got one in North Texas today. Delivery code NHO-MC-1107 000968 and have called 817-962-2654 multiple times from my work phone and it rings until it just goes back to a dial tone. I hate SCAMS!

  353. I received one of these damn things today. I’m in Edmond, OK.
    DMC Services
    667 Deltona Blvd. Ste 100
    Deltona, FL 32725

    • I also just received a postcard and I am SO thankful for this post! I was like “who is DMC services??” So I googled it. How did they get MY information is what I want to know?
      Their number is 1-866-209-2989
      My tracking number was AB-1210… So still very similar to all others.
      And the new address is 666 Deltona blvd ste 100 Deltona FL 32725
      I wish I lived down there and I would march over in person because I am LIVID at this.

  354. DMC Services 667 Deltona Blvd. Ste.100 Deltona, FL 32725 Tracking Number AB-1112 002850 … name and address are typed in blue with a font that looks handwritten.

  355. Well I can say they are still in business .. I got one yesterday and checked here first.. Women holding package “Sorry We Missed You” .. funny thing is I’m not expecting anything.

    We did however just re-do our mortage and now filtering through the massive amount of spam generated from the filings.

    DMC Services – 667 Dellona Blvd. Ste 100 – Deltona, FL 32725 1-866-209-2989

    Keep up the fight ..!!

  356. January 23, 2015, Hinesville, GA
    Tracking # AB-0120 000704
    Called the number. Stayed on line after it said it was recorded LOLOL and when a lady answered
    I advised them I was aware of their scam and gave my address. Told her I received their post card SNAIL MAIL and to put me on their DO NOT MAIL LIST and that any further contact by their company would be forwarded to the FTC and the ICC Interstate Commerce Commission and that any further contact would result in a $10,000.00 fine per occurrance. Surprisingly the “line went dead” LOLOLOLL ROFLMAO Take that you SCAMMERS!

  357. I got a pink card today. No return address but it says, FINAL NOTICE parcel on hold and they put a parcel # on there to make it look official. I figured it was a scam. I’m in California so it looks like the scam has expanded.

  358. They’ve changed addresses and phone numbers — Address is now 667 Deltona Blvd, Ste 100, Deltona FL 32725

    Their phone number is 1-866-209-2989

    What a scam!

  359. got Teh PostCard today, and my BS meter immediately pegged all the way over. Googled the number and got this blog entry. As I suspected, a scam. Thanks for the fine service.

  360. I just want to say these guys are very very crooked.I had worked for them and they even screw there employees out of there money.And by the way There address is 2400 South Ridgewood Ave South Daytona,Florida 32119 located inside the Sunshine Mall in unit 30 not 34 as listed on the directory.This is how it works,you get a postcard in the mail,you call in,we write your number down all on paper no computers,we get your address ,how many people in the home,if your a home owner,how long you been there any plans on moving in 3 years if you are they won’t bother with you,do you have a water system.Then they talk you into a system that has bad reviews on and they don’t owner there warranty.And Patrick Esposito saves all you info in a dead drawer and calls back all not interested as well.This is how it is your cards have AB or Dm which means Dm’s are new home owners and Ab and Dr’s are refi’s on your house loans the numbers are the date and the last numbers are how many notices they sent out.They also have what they call a Green Survey and will have a list printed out with your address,phone number,and house hold income on it and offer 100.00 gift cert for groceries or rest.But people never get them.Also the company they are promoting all this is called Luv-Green-Solutions and they do have a web page with a 1-800 number as well.Company also known as DMC Services is the same with Konnex.They are targeting New Jersey,O.K,A.L,G.a,T.N and more.If you want to say hi to Pat his cell number is 484-614-7829

  361. They are at it AGAIN!! The return address is
    DMC Services
    667 Deltona Blvd, Ste. 100
    Deltona, FL. 32725
    The new tracking number is: AB-0922 001201
    On the front of MY card, they make it look very much like a UPS delivery man, complete with brown shirt, pants & hat.
    Shame on them!!! I called the “schedule delivery” number, and they wouldn’t tell me anything unless I gave them more than the tracking number. That sales girl tried really hard & started talking pretty fast….I kept saying “bub bye” and finally hung up after I started to laugh!
    Thanks for posting this on your blog….now I’ll have to go check out what you really write about!!!

  362. I got a similar card October 2015, they probably updated it. Front says URGENT! and back has HOME DELIVERY SERVICE logo.

    TAT Delivery Services
    2800 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 4100
    Houston, TX 77056

    Our records indicate that we have been trying to reach you to arrange a delivery of an important package for your home. Please call us at your convenience and we will deliver promptly to your home. Please call during business hours of Monday-Friday between 9:00am and 7:00pm and we will arrange delivery promptly. Please Call 281-733-2524 Today. (DEL) DELIVERY CODE: (code letter & number appears stamped on)

  363. Oct 19 Nashville, came in the mail today. First giveaway to the scam is that they mailed a card. No delivery service would send a snail mail card to tell you they have a box for you. And if they came by the house and left a note, it would be illegal to put it in your mailbox (except this one does have a stamp, which loops back to the issue of a service mailing a notice like this…not gonna happen). Anyway, the old me would have called just to screw with them, but as I’ve aged I realize I just don’t have time for the bullshit. This one is from FL, but I used to live in Houston and know exactly where that Harwin address is at. The old me would have driven over there to screw with them, but time is too valuable and the fun to time ratio isn’t worth it.

  364. Just got one of these! The address on the card is:

    667 Deltona Blvd Ste. 100
    Deltona, FL 32725

    Man I’m glad I looked this up online before I called them. I also got a letter saying I needed to pay $90 for mortgage paperwork. Upon closer review it was total BS.

    I hope no one gets scammed by these bastards!

  365. Those wondering why a delivery service would use the USPS to deliver their postcard look closer at the card. The postcard has what looks like a stamp but there is no USPS cancellation on the stamp. Some grubby person put it in your mailbox, not a postal worker. Don’t bother with the BBB, their nearly as much of a scam as DMC Services. You want to notify your local post office. It is a federal offense for anyone not working for the USPS to put anything not stamped and canceled in your mailbox.

  366. I live in Atlanta, GA and I just got one of these cards in yesterday’s mail (November 25, 20015). I have not been waiting on a package, so I was a little suspicious. It is not an 800 number on my card, but a Florida number. When you call, it says, “Thank you for calling us.” Not a business name, just us. I hung up and googled the business name. Glad I did! Threw the card away and will ignore anything else they send!

  367. remember AB on the code is refinanced home loans and DM and DR codes are new home owner loans when you bought your home the number are nothing but the date they went out and how many notices they sent out.
    I used to work there I will tell you anything you want to know

  368. Received one of these in TX today. How do you stop this from happening. I DO NOT WANT ANYONE having our address of any kind. I called and they asked what time are both my husband and I home so that someone can deliver a package. I lied and said 4:30; in reality I work from home and my husband works from home on Fridays. I was worried that when I asked them to not send me anything and got hung up on, that someone would come by before the time we gave them to try to rob us or something. The postcard reads:

    TAT Delivery Services
    2800 Post Oak Blvd Suite 4100
    Houston, TX 77056

  369. just got one in the mail and googled the return address on the card and found your page. I just ripped up the post card thanks to you.


  371. Thanks for the info. I live in Savannah, Ga and got the card today. They are now using 667 Deltona Blvd. Ste. 100, Deltona, FL 32725.

  372. Just received the postcard from TAT Delivery Services in Houston… “Please Call 281-733-2524 Today.” Thanks to your post and the replies, I am spared from having to talk to these lying thieves.

  373. I just received similar post card but this one is from a company called TAT Home Delivery Service located at 2800 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 4100 Houston TX 77056. But it has the exact words and shape of the card in your picture, I called after hours and got the voice mail message saying that the Mailbox of this PERSON was full. So I decided to google it and thank you for posting that scam.

  374. Got one at my new Home address. Says its from TAT delivery Services
    2800 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 4100
    Houston Texas 77056.

    Alright, everyone go enter online serveys and contests using that address. That way they get piles of crap. lol 😀

    Yeah, I have been in I.T. for over 10 years and have dealt with scams and debt collectors as my mother went through some hard times in the past. So I looked this one up and sure enough, scam. Also, watch out for the Home Depot Scam for the gift card of $20. I fell for this one. They send some person to come test your water and tell you how hard the water is etc. (No $**t, I live in San Antonio. Then they try and sell you a $5000 water softner. Yeah, no thanks.

  375. Thanks for the blog,

    Just got one in my mail as well same address 2800 Post Oak Blvd , Suite 4100, called them from my work number which reads “US GOVT” and the operator after brief hold said , it was a mistake and to disregard it.

  376. I mean for what it’s worth, they are still trying. I’m in Houston tho. And now they are “home delivery services”

  377. I am glad to have found this blog post, because doing “reverse look-up” on the phone number gives no information. What tipped me off that this might not be for delivery of anything I had actually ordered or wanted is that the postcard has no company information, no return address, the picture of the delivery person on the postcard has no logo on her uniform, and when you call the number, they don’t identify the company, they just say “Dispatch.” Thanks for solving this mystery for me. (P.S. – Also a new homeowner in a Philadelphia suburb)

  378. Now they are taking the name of the delivery service off the postcard. I am not a new homeowner, but I just refinanced my mortgage. I have gotten another card too about testing my water. Found out about this scam by Googling the phone number.

  379. I received a similar postcard scam today, April 16, 2019. I live in North Carolina. The card is green and there is no return address. Where the return address should be is a logo that says SATISFACTION DELIVERY GUARANTEED. On the back in a box it says HOME DELIVERY SERVICE. The phone number to call is 980-217-8883.

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