Company golf outing was fun as hell. Golf is less about whacking things, for me at least, and more about being social. Having a sixer of beer in the cart really helps too.

I ended up out at the Jeffersonville, which seems nice enough except that the staff are a bunch of pricks. Maybe it was just the terrible burden of a golf outing but I wouldn’t call them “warm and inviting”. The greens, however, were the opposite. They were well kept and well organized. Whoever designed it had a decent eye towards how the green would be played because there’s a few hazards which will have you shooting the wrong direction if you don’t glance at the map. The course description is “brush up on your sand game” which is about right. The longer drives typically punish distance over accuracy by having a bunker with a trap right behind it if you get off course. Water is present but not aggressively, and most of the shots are hampered by treelines. There’s about an even number of left and right hand curving greens, so a consistent hook or slice will only help you half the time.

The one thing that rubbed me wrong was the carts were in poor condition. The cart in front of us had no reverse gear, which they only found out after needing it. Our cart had half the power it should have and brakes which either didn’t work or locked up. The carts had the sand-and-seed dispenser, but were missing the ball washer. These are fairly minor gripes all things considered. Just check your cart before riding off to the far side of the course with it.

I’m sore as hell and sunburnt, but I had a great time.