Can’t Use Clockwork After T-Mobile’s 2.2?

So my wifes phone is fragged and I really hate to say it but I think running voodoo once to convert it to EXT4 and then undoing voodoo to convert it back to RFS is going to be the only way to fix it. RFS has a known problem with crosslinking and it’s just straight up garbage. In traditional tech fashion, cleaning up someone elses mess is typically an excersize in circumventing security and then hitting it. Samsung Galaxy S has a kernel backup and flasher app which lets you backup your kernel and apply whatever you want, but it doesn’t do much for applying voodoo. Running a voodoo kernel does you no good without the EXT4 conversion process. Therefor, we must use the appropriate clockwork to do the voodoo update process and… Clockwork doesn’t work!

I’ve run into problems with clockwork before and Jeeves, I know you read this, feel free to chime in with an alternate method. If you’re stuck not being able to apply update.zips and you know it’s a correctly signed zip, you need to change out your /system/bin/recovery executable. This process is the manual version of this process, and you must visit that post to grab the first so you have a recovery to put out there. Nothing against untermensch for his writeup but I feel like the whole adb thing is a crutch for a real shell on these phones.

REQUIREMENTS: Busybox, connectbot, root. Two braincells to rub together.

Grab the recovery binary out of the zip linked to in that post. Put it on the root of your internal storage (the ~12GB one). Fire up connectbot and connect to localhost so you have a command line. Cut and paste the following:

mount -o remount rw /system
mv /system/bin/recovery /system/bin/recovery.original
cat /mnt/sdcard/recovery > /system/bin/recovery
chmod 755 /system/bin/recovery
mount -o remount ro /system

Now you have 3E recovery (the correct version) and it accepts files. You can proceed with clockwork as normal. Now to streamline the voodoo process.

And if you’re really lazy – just paste that into a file called or whatever. Fire up connectbot and run /mnt/sdcard/

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