T Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Official Froyo Update Using Linux and VMWare Running Windows XP SP2

Yes, the Froyo update is out for the Galaxy S. If you’re like me, you’re running Linux as your host OS and you’re boned for the update because T-Mobile is a bunch of tossers and won’t OTA all at once.

There’s nothing particularly esoteric in this guide. If you’ve got a Galaxy S device and you’re a TMobile customer, you can use this guide.

If you got here googling for mini-kies and want the official update, that’s what we’re going to do.

REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP SP2. VM is OK. You also need a Samsung Galaxy S device running Android 2.1. You want Samsung mini-kies. You probably want to read this document.

The biggest question every asks: Does it work? Yup. Not only does it work but it enables wifi calling which is the #1 reason why I want to use it. With Wifi calling, when you call your spouse or whatever, it’s done over your wifi router (in my case, Verizon FIOS) and you don’t use your minutes.

The second biggest question: Does it put the AVATAR icon back which was the reason I rooted my phone? You betcha. You will look at that blue cat UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

Step 0: Uninstall all task managers and task killers you’ve added to the device. Reboot the phone. Seriously people leave a lot of cruft running.

Step 1: Fire up windows XP. Ensure you have all the updates. You’ve been warned. Your XP VM must have unmolested access to the internet.

Step 2: Press “properties” on the phone on the home screen (leftmost button). Select SETTINGS. Select APPLICATIONS. Select DEVELOPMENT. Enable USB Debugging. Do not plug in the phone yet.

Step 3: Click the link. Download and install mini kies. Run it once. Close it. Run it again. Get the update.

Step 4: Open Mini Kies. Plug the phone in. If you’re running VMWare you will be notified hardware is available but not connected. In the bottom right corner is a phone on a modem icon. Click it. Connect it.

Step 5: Allow Windows XP to install all the drivers it wants. Eventually kies will pick up the phone. If it doesn’t, unplug and replug the phone.

Step 6: Mini Kies will find the device and prompt you to update. It will sometimes fail to download, tough shit everyone reads my blog and now you’re the first to be last in line.

Step 7: About halfway through the install (the android digging you into a hole on the screen) you’ll get a second prompt from VMware to connect new hardware. DO IT. The update cannot complete if you don’t.

Step 8: You’ll probably get a third prompt to connect hardware (I set my VMWare to Just Do It). Let it do it. Answer YES to windows XP asking if you want to install drivers for new hardware.

Step 9: Enjoy Froyo. The phone takes about 10 minutes to do housekeeping and it runs like crap after that until it catches up.

Cool new stuff: Wifi calling, new marketplace (now I have to update everything), and the one no-one expected – TMobile TV. However TMobile TV is a trap and it bills you $10/mo for the premium TV. Skip it and instead look at the newly unlocked samsung media hub. Ohhhh…

No word on if Z4Root can root the official Tmobile froyo, so enjoy your blue cats icon.

Yes, you can do the mini-kies update if you’re rooted – but the update removes the superuser application and busybox.

UPDATE: z4mod (or z4root) doesn’t work anymore, one click root doesn’t work anymore, and the old version of Rage Against the Cage doesn’t work anymore. What are we to do? SuperOneClick works. As usual it takes forever to get the hook. When you use it, be sure you enable “non market apps”. As usual, root, enable apps, and then promptly reboot or you’ll end up in a weird place. If you plan on using titanium backup, root it first, then install the TB busybox, then reboot.

Obligitory rooted phone porn:

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