The Weiners of 9/11

I’m going to sound terrible here but since we can make holocaust jokes on South Park I don’t feel too bad about this one: Anthony Weiner is a troll and he knows it.

It gets worse: The Daily Show was trolled. Stewart got off script and they had to edit him.

It’s rare that a show like The Daily Show or the Colbert Report gets trolled because they are in essence, trolls by themselves. However Weiner pulled off possibly the best political troll I’ve seen in quite a while (or he’s really out of touch with the Obama Politics). The whole bitchy episode from Weiner was bizarre from the get-go. He knows that there wasn’t a simple up/down vote like he states in his editorial. To be fair, later in the editorial he mentions the suspension calendar, but it’s puzzling why he says it was a simple up down vote (“simple majority”) when it clearly was not. He also knows that Democrats too, voted against the bill. Or maybe he doesn’t seem to realize that mentioning the specific number of Republicans voting against it (12) means he can’t plead ignorance to the amount of Democrats (16) who voted against it.

The problem?

The obvious problem is that the law violated the Obama version of Pay-Go where the President can spent a metric ton of money and everyone else has to fund their own legislation. In this case there was no provision for funding which was the sticking point for the legislation. The Obama Pay-Go has been on the books for six months now. So apparently from the word go, Weiner knew the bill had little chance of passing. When he tried to pull a procedural card which changed the voting process from “up/down” (simple majority) he got wrecked because it was now subject to special voting rules.

The not-so-obvious problem is that the bill stands on shaky intellectual ground. The “toxins” which were “released” are no more toxic than what would normally exist in any building and aircraft combination of reasonably modern manufacture. This isn’t to say the firefighters, etc aren’t getting sick, but there’s a vast difference between dust in the air and toxins. What toxins were there? Secret CIA toxins spread when Bush blew up the buildings? Weiner ends up coming off as a tinfoil hat hearing chemtrail guy when you actually read the transcript. There’s never any effort made to explain what toxins killed people or what those toxins are. More on the point they appear to be “talc and cellulose”, which appeared in James Zadroga’s lungs. Both of these materials make up pill casings for administering drugs, and it probably didn’t help that James Zadroga was addicted to oxycotone.

The question in my book is why, WHY JOHN STEWART? YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS.