Wild Boar in Pennsylvania

The PA Game Commission made an incredibly wordy announcement that feral swine were now a protected species.

I did a WTF and sat down to actually read the thing. What it starts out with is a PA supreme court ruling that swine are now a regulated game animal, then it ends with a brief announcement that, unless it’s hunting season, anyone is authorized to trap and kill swine. If it’s hunting season, you must be a hunter to hunt them, but otherwise you’re OK to kill them on sight. So how are they protected? They’re protected under the authority of the game commission who has said “GO FORTH, KILL AND EAT THYNE BACON”.

Basically the commonwealth has granted citizens of the commonwealth the right to go balls out nuts on these things if they see them, just not use them as an excuse to hunt without a license. Now, I’m not entirely sure I can put one down with the 17HMR, but I am sure I can drop one with the bow or the trusty old 30-06.

If anyone has a tip where they might be let me know. We’ll have a pig roast.

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