Comcast DNS

In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, comcast does really horrible stuff with DNS. What finally broke the camels back was that instead of returning DNS errors, comcast started returning pages with redirects to their search page. This meant any time comcast couldn’t find something or it took too long they would redirect you. The problem is that if you’re, say, trying to resolve your buddy in japan, comcast will send you to the searchlight page about half the time and send you to his PC about half the time.

I know what you’re saying – “why not just do it by IP?”

Well, for all you Modern Warfare 2 players, your host resolution to the next xbox is done by DNS. Situations where you need to actually talk to someone else on another ISP and you have to resolve their name only worked about half the time also. Comcast could fix it by having actual DNS servers which didn’t molest your packets, but I decided to give third party DNS a try.

Folks, it used to take me upwards of three seconds to resolve stuff during peak hours on comcast. I put Google’s DNS in my router configuration and stuff connects almost instantly. More on the point it gives legitimate DNS errors which makes my at home network configs real simple and it resolves japan really nicely.

People are probably going to grouse “but then google is looking over your shoulder!” but how is this any different from punching a term into google search and connecting to something versus just going there directly? More on the point the speed is worth it.

Now watch comcast filter DNS queries to external servers next week.

3 thoughts on “Comcast DNS

    • OpenDNS’s round robin DNS thing keeps routing me to dead hosts or hosts who’s performance is crap. Since the goal here is “faster than comcast”, I could either pick an OpenDNS host that works for me after benchmarking the crap out of it, or just go for the low hanging fruit and use google for all my queries, search engine submitted or not.

      Hows verizon work? Same crap or do they run real, RFC compliant DNS?

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