Obama Attacks Amish – Has Flashbacks to Being Antique Farm Equipment

No but seriously, this article really grinds my gears.

Obama, apparently in a fit of “blame someone else” which has been the modus operendi for his entire term in office thus far, has gone after the Amish. Of all people, he goes after the least guilty people of EPA violations on the face of the planet.

He’s not spending your tax dollars to prosecute BP. He’s not spending your tax dollars to end a destructive and polluting war overseas – all that jet fuel spent moving tanks around gets dumped right into the upper atmosphere after all. Jets don’t have exhaust systems like your car and dump raw exhaust. He’s not pulling a Reagan and using record spending to actually make jobs – we’re still at a loss of 10 million jobs. He’s not even really doing anything for Arizona, for or against them. He’s spending money to prosecute NJ for medical marijuana and he’s prosecuting the Amish.

If he breaks out the immigration laws to threaten them I won’t be suprised if they start throwing copper. Frankly if anyone has a right to, they do. They were there before America was a country and they’ve kept their society, which is a lot more than I can say for other states which don’t seem to look too hard at who’s living there and working there. Well states that aren’t Arizona, anyway.

That being said, the article makes an interesting point but they miss it entirely: The amish account for about half the farming in Lancaster. Why is this important? The amish are subsistence farmers – they farm for the purposes of feeding themselves and the community and they might sell the rest, but it’s not too common since the FDA tightly controls things like milk and meat. In terms of the path of least resistence, it’s likely the Amish make their money interfacing with people over much less regulated things like crafts. There’s no regulations for things like bikes and quilts. So who is causing the pollution in Lancaster? The farms which aren’t subsistence farming. Or, everyone else.

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