Punk Rock Moment of the Day

You know a band you enjoy has finally gotten popular when you go “Oh this song sort of sucks” and you go to push the “next track” button and instead roll over to the next FM station.

You know you’re getting old when you don’t realize you have the radio on and you think “Hmmm, I didn’t put this band on this CD”….

2 thoughts on “Punk Rock Moment of the Day

  1. The Lincoln Mark VII had an 8 track which I thought was cool as hell in a retro sort of way. They sound different than anything else. But the Camry and MR2 both have a Panasonic made in 2000. It was one of the first MP3/WMA players. Hilariously enough WMA updated their DRM and that hasn’t worked in a dog’s age, but it still plays MP3s on CDR just fine. I paid $350 for it new, I had to pick up a new one on ebay when the faceplate got stolen on the MR2 and I got a new, complete unit for $50 total. I bought my wife a MP3 playing head unit which also reads USB devices for $75. My have times changed.

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