Road Rage for the Lolz

I really enjoy trolling people on the highway. Todays fun kid was driving a silver honda civic (four door) he had taken the time to put a rice-wing on. Nothing screams rice burning idiot like someone sporting a four door “sports car”, front wheel drive, with a wing suitable to stabilize aircraft.

At the KoP interchange, this guy pulls the old “I have to merge at least one car ahead”. I hate that, instead of getting in the back of the queue someone insists on trying to merge into the middle. I ended up getting onto the turnpike ramp early to avoid them. If you’re not in the far right lane, you have to cut across at least one lane to get on the turnpike, which is exactly what this guy did to cut me out. I didn’t realize, however, he was getting on the turnpike. I figured he was going for 202. Instead, I’m now blocking him from the turnpike ramp because I merged early to get out of his way. He gets behind me and turns on the highbeams so I decide to help him by downshifting and dragging the engine. He passes on the right and I figure that’s that. I blow through EZPass and keep on my merry way.

At 476 I notice that someone is behind me and OH LOOK WHO IT IS. I can see the wing over the roof. He spends the entire drive to horsham trying to pass me on the right.

At 611, this guy pulls the same crap he pulled at KOP, only this time he manages to cut out a truck driving up the left hand shoulder. Once again I pass him on the EZPass while he’s counting pennies.

I was really hoping to see him pull into the office complex slip but it didn’t happen.

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