Fuck Obama and Fuck His Traffic

I just got out of being stuck in McDonalds for over an hour because they shut down every intersection within a mile of Willow Grove.

Now, I think Obama is a tool to begin with but the gladhand touring pisses me off to no end. There’s real issues to deal with, and talking to college kids while you’re enjoying an approval rating in your first term lower than the last guy had in his last term is crap.

But to further add insult to injury, it was a freaking McDonalds. There was no indication the cops were going to close 611. They just did it. To add insult to injury the poor guy in the apartment complex across the street got hassled for being on his front lawn. Not cool. And this morning I got stuck in the motorcade of state police coming up the turnpike.

The mood in the McDonalds was revealing. A few starstuck idiots were in the playground area going OH THERE HE IS. For whatever you can see. He’s riding in a blacked out limo, doing twice the speed limit (my guess: 70mph in a 35mph zone), and the cops come first, then the minigun SUVs, then the limo flashes by. Some people tried to take pictures. The attitude in the McDonalds was equally hilarious. People went from “Oh I hope he’s riding by in an open top limo waving” to “I hope they’re dragging him behind it”. Someone with kids was yelling at her kids to keep back, they were sticking their head between the bars.

Really Obama? Do you really need to blockade the McDonalds front and back with cops just to drive by?

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