I’m Fed Up With Modern Warfare 2

The no-dedicated-server thing has let the cheaters run wild. Post patch, you can still do the care package glitch which now requires One Man Army and flashbangs. Otherwise it works as normal. While it slows down the pace of the care packages, it doesn’t really affect the game too much when someone’s doing it because you can’t call in two harriers at once. They’ve got all the time in the world to mess with it.

The other problem is the current “ice skating” craze. You’ll join a game where you can run 100 mph, take no falling damage, and the autoaim area is turned way up so firing a gun always results in a kill. It’s cute the first time it happens. Last night I had to fight to find a game where it didn’t happen.

Finally the killer is that IW’s forums said if the host migration fails, it’s because it was either migrating to a host which was modded or from a host which was modded. Since there’s no indication of who was the host, there’s no way to report them unless the modding is blatent.

Which is the other, final straw. I was on a game yesterday with an invisible teammate. It was hilarious he was on our team, but he got 122 knife kills. Its shit like this which makes the game not much fun. When the matches are honest, they’re great. When the matches are very subtly dishonest, it’s hard to detect. All in all now that I’ve got level 70 and unlocked most of the gun toys on most of the guns, I’ve got enough experience to know when someone has, for example, jacked up the accuracy and damage on the vector.

IW’s magement just got fired and the next patch which was supposed to include a mappack is apparently “on hold” as a result. More like they’re realizing just how entirely fucked they are.

Is Battlefield Bad Company 2 any good? It’s gotten decent reviews, and the last battlefield game I enjoyed was Battlefield Vietnam. I played Operation Flashpoint 2 – BFBC2 looks like its the same game spiritually. The demo on LIVE is a bit of a wash because nothing is explained and people tend to take a vehicle and run off with it – however this has always been a problem with all the Battlefield games.

Anyone trading in MW2 for Bad Company 2?

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