The BBC Talks About Preppers

Apparently it’s unheard of in the UK to fathom the breakdown of social services. Yes folks, we’re not even 100 years away from world war 1 or 2 and the UK has forgotten the boyscout motto: “Be Prepared”.

The BBC’s article seems good and decent until you start reading it. Some of the things which really piss me off is they call the two month food loop an “investment”. It’s not. A proper food loop (something I can safely say I don’t have) has a rotating stock of cans so you’re eating what you bought two months ago. The food shouldn’t ever be more than two months old on the canning loop. As the food ages, you rotate it forward and eventually at the two month mark, you eat it. Two months in a can is about long enough for you to make sure the canning was done properly anyway. Me and my wife actually plan on canning from our garden come this fall, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the supermarket.

Another point – “The pros and cons of owning a gun”. Frankly I can’t think of any, and knowing people who went to New Orleans and enjoyed the finest firefight the city had to offer – I think we can safely put the “owning a gun” thing to rest. It’s never an issue of owning a gun, or a car, or anything else. It’s always an issue of how safe it is as it ages and how much fuel you have for it. Running out of ammo is going to be the prime concern here.

Finally, woodstoves in Europe are almost a given. They seem to think it’s unheard of here in America. While not as mainstream, it’s not like they don’t exist. In fact just about everyone on my street has a wood stove, coal stove, fireplace or insert. We have oil service and that means being prepared to not being able to run the burner. But, we also live in the woods. Wood grows on trees here and a woodstove makes perfect sense. I’m not sure why the BBC knocks it.

I Bought Left 4 Dead 2

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, you can get Left 4 Dead 2 half off at amazon.

Since it’s basically an update to Left 4 Dead 1 (which is to say it doesn’t bring anything new to the table), it’s now appropriately priced. Also since you’re buying brand new, you get the code for the extras.

If you’re into co-op gaming, left 4 dead in general or simply looking for a scary game, this is it. Left 4 dead 1 was good until they tweaked the balance, at least this time I’ll be joining in late enough I won’t know. Four levels for $35 might be a bit steep, but with too many modern shooters out there, I think this is a much better buy than Bad Company 2.

Road Rage for the Lolz

I really enjoy trolling people on the highway. Todays fun kid was driving a silver honda civic (four door) he had taken the time to put a rice-wing on. Nothing screams rice burning idiot like someone sporting a four door “sports car”, front wheel drive, with a wing suitable to stabilize aircraft.

At the KoP interchange, this guy pulls the old “I have to merge at least one car ahead”. I hate that, instead of getting in the back of the queue someone insists on trying to merge into the middle. I ended up getting onto the turnpike ramp early to avoid them. If you’re not in the far right lane, you have to cut across at least one lane to get on the turnpike, which is exactly what this guy did to cut me out. I didn’t realize, however, he was getting on the turnpike. I figured he was going for 202. Instead, I’m now blocking him from the turnpike ramp because I merged early to get out of his way. He gets behind me and turns on the highbeams so I decide to help him by downshifting and dragging the engine. He passes on the right and I figure that’s that. I blow through EZPass and keep on my merry way.

At 476 I notice that someone is behind me and OH LOOK WHO IT IS. I can see the wing over the roof. He spends the entire drive to horsham trying to pass me on the right.

At 611, this guy pulls the same crap he pulled at KOP, only this time he manages to cut out a truck driving up the left hand shoulder. Once again I pass him on the EZPass while he’s counting pennies.

I was really hoping to see him pull into the office complex slip but it didn’t happen.

The War On Oblivion

The Occidental Quarterly has an excellent article they call The War On Oblivion. We should remember as a culture that we’ve traded “father knows best” for Homer Simpson. In a lot of ways it’s true – as men there’s certainly examples of abuses by our hands at the expense of society.

As a new dad the lightbulb went on awhile ago when my father jokingly said “Well you’re doing good to save the race”. Take it how you will (the Knarrs are paragons of entendre) but it’s true. If you’re looking to save decency, then decency has to begin at home. You can’t possibly say to another man that this is sacred and profane without yourself reserving such things.

As I get older I get more and more fed up with pop culture. Gone is Leave it to Beaver and Bill Cosbys Pound Cake, we as dads and people of decent society put on the Simpsons and Dora The Explorer. Objections to Bill Cosby invoking the Nation of Islam include the fact that he never did solve crime in the streets – all they did was redirect it into the Black Panthers – but the point is they did something. They were obviously decent enough parents to make it work, be it Chistianity, Atheistm, Agnosticism, Islam, whatever. But back to our present, morally bankrupt culture, fatherhood used to be something to look forward to and a personal test. Now it’s dad goes to work, fucks off at his job all day, and provides no moral support for his family. I realize I’m making an argument against feminism here, but I don’t see why dad has to be a goon while mom holds up the family. On a more positive note, I feel Dora the Explorer has the right idea. Dad coaches baseball, mom tends to the home (and apparently works in an office). If you’re saying “That sounds like a traditional, really boring whitebread family”, you’re correct. Dora was originally white. Which brings me to part two of my rant, Hispanics never had a family problem and frankly supporting your inlaws was a good thing. If they wanted to make a political statement with it, they wouldn’t have a negro who was a monkey and an overtly jewish fox, complete with yamulka. But they chose to racialise the program, which is completely and totally strange, so now we’re left with Dora The Explorer And Racial Stereotype Friends. Again, Bill Cosby is rolling around in his grave – except he’s not dead yet.

I have no idea what her backpack is, it migth be an eskimo.

But back to the article, I think it puts forward a really interesting point:

The problem is simply that the means [to promote marriage and family] have been removed. I don’t think it will take any pressure or convincing to get men to have children, and to love their children and wives. In fact, pressuring them will inevitably backfire, because our culture apparently has a sadistic tendency to apply only coercive, punitive measures when it comes to men. This only creates more female entitlement, which, as previously mentioned, is one of the biggest problems we have today. Hatred of its men is probably the most critical flaw in Anglo civilization, and if that can’t be changed will probably be its downfall.

And that really sums it up. Next time you’re watching TV, count how many “American Dads” are on there as the strong role model for the family. Then count how many shows don’t show a father figure, or for that matter have one who isn’t worth his salt morally or ethically. Then think about Bill Cosby, and have a poundcake.

EDIT: I would like to add that I very much prefer Handy Manny for my bilingual TV shows. Not only is he a positive male role model, but the program also has moral messages against hubris, promoting respect and family. Aside of the porn, I see nothing to object to in Handy Manny.

Holocaust Holiday

Ah, the English…

The infamous Auschwitz concentration camp is to get an influx of hungover Brits recovering from a night on the booze and strippers, according to reports in the UK newspapers.

Travel agents Last Night of Freedom and Chillisauce are offering bucks’ party packages that include a wild weekend in Krakow, Poland, no doubt taking advantage of Eastern Europe’s reputation for cheap booze and well priced hookers. But the sting in the tail is that these tour packages also include a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp, now a museum, where over one million people were murdered during World War II.

The Chillisauce website says, “Why not take a break from your stag [bucks’] weekend mayhem and immerse yourself in a little world-defining history before the 20-odd pints later in the evening?” The website does, however, include a note on its Auschwitz page saying “Please make sure your conduct respects the gravity of the events that took place here.” The various packages on offer in Krakow have names like ‘Shooters and Hooters’ or ‘Krackers in Krakow’ and also include a bar crawl, a visit to a strip club, paintballing and a shooting range visit.

A British journalist apparently posing as a potential client got this response from Paul Luke, Content Manager at Last Night of Freedom: “People have told us they have had the best night out ever after they have been there, because it almost makes you think, ‘To hell with that, we have seen the worst humanity had to show’ and then gone out on a major night on the tiles with strippers and booze…although it makes some people cringe at the notion of these two things colliding, it is something that is very moving and extremely sobering. Then again, it does fuel a fabulous night out.”

Not surprisingly, the bucks’ party-Auschwitz combination is being greeted with outrage both in the UK and in Krakow itself. The Sunday Times newspaper quoted Karen Pollock, head of the Holocaust Educational Trust, who said “Over one million people were systematically murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau. It seems entirely inappropriate to advertise a visit to the site for stag groups in this way, alongside nights of drinking and clubbing.”

Original Source.

Power Outages Bring Families Together

Lordy. Power went out about 5pm last night and they didn’t get it working until about 11am today. (I’m not counting the time it was up but “blipping”).

The house showed off it’s insulation, it was 65F outside of the bedroom (the room we holed up in) and 70F in the bedroom with three people, two cats and a million candles burning.

Thankfully I had Futurama on DVD and my mac had enough battery to watch four episodes. It killed about two hours and then the power came back.

My father suggested putting the furnace on a generator, but I have literally a ton of UPSes hanging around from computer stuff, I’ll just plug it into those.

PA Response to the Monks Raid

Mom always said “You catch more flies with honey” but I always pointed out she beat the living hell out of me the day I tried squirting honey onto a fly for the purposes of safely depositing it outside the house.

I had written the PLCB over the Raid the day I saw it on

Basically, I wrote them a nastygram.

In case you’re not familiar with PA law, it’s stupidly draconian. The PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) is a bunch of pricks who use excuses like “bulk buying brings you lower prices”. In actuality since the liquor in the state is effectively taxed at 32%, basement hooch to high end wine is accounted for to the bottle.

And god help you if you’re drinking high end wine, there’s no wine bars in PA because splitting a bottle is technically illegal.

Here’s what I wrote:

To whom it may concern at the PLCB,

WRT: licensed_beers_Dozens_of_gallons_seized_aftercitizen_complaint.html

No-one in their right mind believes this was a “citizen complaint”. PA has long since had possibly the worst licensing and distribution system of any state I’d have the pleasure of visiting, and the PLCB is anything but a monopoly. As such no-one believes that any citizen would have both the insight and understanding of how this draconian establishment works enough to report “improperly licensed” beer. More on the point I sincerely doubt given the quality of the average state trooper or PLCB employees language skills that anyone in either of those two establishments would be able to read the barrels or beer names, most of which would be labeled in Belgian German or Flemish.

Even more on the point – it’s been legal for tobacconists to have “house blends” of tobacco, but in reality these tobacconists are selling tobacco purchased under another name. Yet no-one walks into Grandpa’s tobacco shop with state troopers armed to the teeth and says “OH YOUR TOBACCO IS MISLABELED”.

I will also submit a CONTACT THE GOVERNOR form and CC him.

As a result of this action, I’ve created a sign up sheet in my neighborhood to hold a workshop this weekend. This weekend I will teach approximately 17 people to make their own beer.

Joshua Knarr

Actually the homebrew thing wasn’t nearly that popular, and it’s only got three people. But it’s good to put the fire under them. Also of note, tobacco is regulated similarly to liquor, but given the “declining popularity” the state has decided to tax the living shit out of it while not caring where it comes from. For those really not from the area, PA is the “tax state” for goods, Delaware is impossible to live in since they’re the “tax state” for paychecks, and NJ typically taxes the living hell out of tobacco. As such, we go to NJ for our gas, buy our tobacco in PA, and buy merchandise in Delaware, the home of “tax free shopping” (and god help you if the staties see you crossing state lines with a TV on your roof).


Here’s the letter I got back:

Mr. Knarr,

Please be advised that it is the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, and not the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, which enforces the liquor laws in Pennsylvania. Therefore, your e-mail is being forwarded to them for review. Thank you.

OK so lets talk to those guys. I shot them the same mail and….

This is in response to your inquiry regarding the recent raids of three Philadelphia-area bars, conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement (“BLCE”), in which the PSP, BLCE apparently confiscated beers that may or may not have been properly registered for sale in Pennsylvania.

The raids in question were conducted by the PSP, BLCE, not the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board(“Board”). The officers involved are employed by the PSP, BLCE and not the Board. The Board and the BLCE are two distinct agencies. Therefore, your inquires should be directed to the PSP, BLCE Harrisburg Headquarters. Their contact number is 717-540-7410.

Ah yes, the great circle jerk of responsibility continues unabated. (Note that the state police and governor simply said “Thank you for contacting us” and included no other response).