MOO2 Patch Problems for 1.31

Trying to play Master of Orion 2 and having problems?

If you’re getting:

error racestuf.lbx [entry 8] exceeds number of lbx entries

It’s not a bug. I know right? I’m playing it in DOSBOX, and it’s working swimmingly well. The problem is that all the files in the installed version of the 1.2 and 1.1 games are lowercase names. The patch to 1.3+ has all uppercase names. If you’re running WinXP or Linux, extract the patch and then fire up DOS or DOSBOX and use that to copy all the patch files into the MOO2 directory. The old behavior will happen (overwrite) and the game will run as normal. Simply extracting the archive in Windows Explorer or using unzip without having a proper dos shell will result in ORION2.EXE, orion2.exe, ORION95.EXE and orion95.exe all of which are different versions and will refuse to run.

If you’re a total glutton for punishment, you can download the unofficial patch to 1.40 and make the game harder. I found it’s crashy in DOSBOX, your mileage may vary.