Babies and Woodstoves

Alex is finally sleeping eight hours a night if we feed him at the right time. Managing food is important, it’s worth it to feed him smaller amounts during the day to get him to sleep at night.

The more I play with the woodstove idea in my head the more I realize the correct way to do it is to go through the living room wall and into the garage. This means there’s going to be an elbow in the install but I don’t imagine it’s going to be insurmountable. So why the garage?

For one, the garage has fireproof drywall on the other side of it already installed. For two, if we change our minds later we don’t have to redo the floors and ceilings. For three, if I put a cleanout T at the elbow, cleaning it out becomes a matter of opening the bottom of that, taping a garbage bag to it and running a flexible sooteater or similar spinny-brush device up there to clean it. It keeps the mess out there. Finally, god forbid we have a fire, it’s much better it be out there than in the house.

Is it up to code? I sent an e-mail to the township codes office asking if I needed a building permit and inspection and if it were up to code. We’ll find out.