Happy James Earl Ray Day!

It’s Martin Luther King day here in America.

The wikipedia version – the version of MLK you were presented with in highschool – only gives you a glimpse into his life. The FBI Wiretapping issue mentions that King had close associations with communism and that he was wiretapped. The actual reality was that the KKK was founded by Democrats and it’s very likely that the everyone-is-equal talk of communism appealed to King. What’s not mentioned is that the FBI found while wiretapping king, which is something which can’t be overlooked. The FBI program was called COINTELPRO and it was interested in communists. It was eventually declared illegal. The COIN program on MLK Jr, however, was legal and for the most part gathered it’s information via wiretapping.

What did the FBI uncover?

MLK partied with women who weren’t his wife. He smoked. He drank. He used just as many slurs as the next guy. One of the women he was sleeping with he beat into a coma. Don’t believe me? Pick up the JAN 19-1998 issue of Newsweek.