Ghost Hunters International and the Hunt for Hitler!

Not kidding – tonights episode is “Hunting for Hitlers Ghost”.

I was originally joking “How can you hunt for the ghost of someone living in South America?” full well knowing from a previous post here that Hitlers remains are in the bunker he died in and the KGB archives.

Supposedly they’re in Argentina. I wish I was kidding.

I went over to to troll their forums and insinute that the Ghost Hunters team were a bunch of closeted Nazis and happened across a skeptic who was also a moderator. Figuring this was either ripe trolling ground or he had a working brain, I shot him an e-mail. Turns out he has a working brain (a rarity on the internet these days) and runs a fairly interesting website on the subject of paranormal research. Give TIPS a read.

EA Sucks and Should Kill Themselves

For everyone who bagged on Modern Warfare 2’s “serverless system” of networking, yeah, having host migration sucks. It sucks even more when someone simply flips off their xbox (although I’ve done it on occaision) and causes the game to simply stop. It’s not quite as bad as the Gears of War 2 level of cheating but there’s some real headscratchers in there too.

On the other hand, at least it’s not EA Games, which is shutting down it’s servers for older games and forcing you to buy new ones. You’re not allowed to do peer connections, you’re not allowed to setup your own server. Unlike Gears or Modern Warfare 2, when EA says you’re done playing the game you’re done playing that game.

Army of Two is conspiciously missing, but the burnout series is in there and the forced upgrade seems to apply to sports games more than anything else. The old Medal of Honors are going away too, but for the original XBOX and Playstation 2, which didn’t have the support.