Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs Fame Loves Fisting

This thread is now about fisting.

If people ask me why I stopped reading LGF, it’s because of crap like TEH CONSPIRACY AGAINST OBAMA. The tone of the site went from investigative reporting to full on hardcore UFO cult.

The bottom line is that Kevin Jennings, Obama’s education advisor, is adovcating things like “fisting kits” under the guise of safe sex. Normally I’m all for safe sex education, if it’s within the bounds of fairly normal sex. There’s a difference between teaching kids the nuance of the thing and the mechanics. The problem is that Jennings is going for the nuance that it’s OK to shove your fist in someone’s ass. I’ll save you the links and pictures, but if you’ve got the stomach or morbid curiousity, the pictures of the kit can be found here.

OK fine, that’s weird enough and it deserves your attention. To add to the weirdness, LGF (which was still on my RSS feed) steps up an accuses “The Right Wing Smear Machine” of going after Jennings. If there is a smear machine, LGF would firmly be in that trench. Here’s the problem – the kit is out there and there’s pictures of it including the weird little comic that comes with it and the rubber glove. Why would you defend it?

Fisting Kit

Lowrez Fisting Kit

OK fine, we have a kit, we have a comic, whatever. I think there probably is an ignorance in the American media that this is going on and I think it’s a travesty that more parents clearly aren’t involved enough with their children to notice what they’re bringing home. It’s likely that there’s no conspiracy here on either side – the fact of the matter is the European media tends to shy away from violence, and the American media will shy away from sex. It’s likely that articles about fisting and gay boyscouts can’t get past the editors. Instead of going along with that, though, Charles Johnson elects to publish the personal details of those reporting on the article and both sides are failing to make the topical observations on the differences between acceptable reporting in different cultures.

Apparently the original article is in Bulgarian, if you’re wondering. Since I can’t read it and babelfish makes a rotten mess out of it, you’re on your own if you really want to see what’s going on.

At the end of the day, who could possibly support this in public schools?